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Hi there, everyone! We're currently looking for moderators for Pokémon Anime & Pokémon Mobile! If you're interested, please take a look at the information and fill out the application to send to Dragon via PM! You can apply for one, or for both. Up to you!

Pokémon Anime

Do you have a passion and interest in the Pokémon Anime? Well, now you have the opportunity to apply to be a moderator for the Pokémon Anime section! If you’re accepted, you’ll be a new staff member for the Pokémon Anime board. All you need to do to apply is answer a few questions:

1. How long or often do you watch the Pokémon Anime?
2. How comfortable do you feel in participating in many Pokémon Anime related topics within the community?
3. If promoted, how much time do you feel you can dedicate to your role?
4. Feel free to include anything else you feel would be relevant to this application.

Pokémon Mobile

Do you have an interest in the Pokémon Mobile games? Well, now you can have the chance to become a moderator for the Pokémon Mobile section! All you need to do to apply is answer a few questions:

1. What makes you sure you're a good fit for the section?
2. What Pokemon Mobile games do you play?
3. What changes would you make to the section, if any?

Once more, when completed, please send your answers to the above questions to Dragon via Private Messaging! Feel free to asks any questions you may have too.