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I know this will be a huge ask, but I have been trying to decide if I want to sell my entire collection of pokemon cards lately to pay off some debt. I have a spread sheet made up where I tried to sell to a local shop but they said it would cost them more than they could spemd at the moment, but never gave me a rough idea of the value.

All my cards are fresh from the packs into penny sleeves and topp loader hard cases. All have been stored in card boxes as well. When I say all cards are in sleeves and topp loaders that includes even the commons and uncommons as well as the rares, reverse holos, and all. Most of my collection is from the Sun and Moon expansions and the expansion just before that.

I'm hoping someone here will be interested in giving me a rough figure of the worth so if I do decide to list on ebay or try to find another local shop and can go in with more information about the value than I have now.

Here is the spread sheet I have saved on my PC listing the cards by set and their condition as well. Most are in fresh out of the pack condition, but I did make a few trades online for other cards that are not in the best shape.

I understand if no one is willing to look at the attachment so if interested in helping me out feel free to message me and i can perhaps email the file to you instead.

Thanks in advance for all the help,

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I've no experience with pricing whole or nearly complete sets. The best I can suggest is looking at the "recently sold" prices on eBay for each individual card (or at least your holos) to get an idea of what they've been going for on average and adding up those averages. Be sure the cards are in similar condition to yours, legit, and not graded (unless you plan on having yours graded).

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