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Film What do you look for in a film?

Started by Fletch August 2nd, 2019 6:45 AM
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I’m probably not the biggest film fan, and often on those “100 films you must see!” lists I’ve only ever seen 5 max. That being said — I will always nearly be drawn into films that have elements (but not too overbearing) of fantasy, horror, action or mystery, or any combination of those! Instant turn offs for me seem to be period films, or this new wave of musical biography films (Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocket Man etc)

I always find myself gravitating to actors I’m familiar with from films I used to watch when I was younger — Femke Janssen, Emma Watson, Drew Barrymore etc etc

What about you guys? Are you a film geek who just watches anything or are you rather particular?


faint attack

the dream world
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yeah, I'm not the biggest film-watcher, either. in fact, I actually rarely ever see films, and the ones that I watch tend to be dramatic or have flashy action scenes. that'd be about it. :x

...i think watching scary movies might actually be my guilty pleasure as much as i despise the jumpscare element of it.



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Honestly? I just want to watch a film with a plot that keeps me interested. You can have all the A list actors/actresses you want, all that fancy and expensive cgi, etc but if the plot is boring who cares? As long as the plot keeps me interested, it doesn't matter what genre. I'll watch anything if interesting enough.
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