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Discussion Anubeon: Ghost Type Eeveelution; Feedback Wanted

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Black Temple Gaurdian Black Temple Gaurdian is offline
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So I've been working on Anubeon, a ghost type eeveelution for about an hour or two now. First off, thoughts? Second off, thoughts about how to make it's hind legs look more natural?

I tried to go for a jackal-like head, the stereotypical egyptian headdress, and a was-staff for the tail.
Probably going to go for a muted gold and purple colour scheme. With bright red eyes of course.
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I think you need to make what I assume is your golden headress a little more apparent. Is that just an outline of the shape or is it a thin wire itself?

For the hind legs issue, you need to look at it's position and how it relates to the ground itself. If it's sitting evenly on the ground, the hind legs and front legs should both be level. The back should either curve downwards to show that the hind legs are down in a sitting position like you have them drawn, or the hind legs should be extending, standing up like the front.

While the perspective might not have the legs perfectly even, do you see the difference in hind legs when standing and sitting in these pictures, and how the shape of yours looks like it's in the sitting position?


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As for the concept, I like the Egyptian flair you're trying to give it! I think sticking with the gold color for the headdress and tail - possibly adding a few jewels to the design - would make those features stand out.

I do agree with Nina, I think you can do much more with the concept of the headdress. Those ancient Egyptian royals weren't minimalist when it came to style, and there's much more potential in this design to utilize their trademark features.
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Black Temple Gaurdian Black Temple Gaurdian is offline
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Currently the headdress is just an outline (that's been redrawn about five times since >:/ ).

For the posture I'm trying to go for that sorta sphinx/playful dog pose, but it's giving me hell.
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