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Old August 23rd, 2013 (9:47 PM).
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    This is not my deck but rather a friend of mine's. This was an idea he's been working on, and it is evil. This deck takes similarities to "Goth Lock" decks in that it keeps your opponent from using the Trainers they need. The difference is that "Scot Lock," or "Doghouse" as I've nicknamed it instead keeps your opponent from using Supporters, effectively stopping their draw power. Zebstrika can be moved in (and retreat for free on your next turn) if you think your opponent has items that they're planning to use next turn. Stoutland even has a decent attack to use. I made a suggestion to my friend that he add in some Hypnotoxic Lasers and a couple of Virbank Gyms to really make the opponent tear their hair out, but it worked well against my "Big Basics" deck without issues. I'm sure he'll appreciate any suggestions, which I'll forward to him.

    Pokémon – 16
    3 Blitzle NVI

    3 Zebstrika ND
    3 Lilipup BRC

    1 Herdier DEX
    3 Stoutland BRC
    1 Keldeo EX

    2 Mewtwo EX

    Trainers – 32
    4 Professor Juniper
    4 N
    3 Skyla
    2 Cheren

    4 Pokemon Catcher
    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Switch
    1 Max Potion
    1 Tool Scrapper
    1 Computer Search

    2 Skyarrow Bridge

    4 Rare Candy

    Energy – 12
    3 Double Colorless

    9 Lightning
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    Old August 24th, 2013 (11:20 AM). Edited August 24th, 2013 by Profen.
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      It seems like this deck is either focuses on forcing your opponent to either have no items or no supporters. The theory behind it is rather solid. Though there are a few problems you can run into. You have to choose carefully what you want to lock. I feel like ideally you want to consistently lock items over supporters. Since the supporter lock is only when it is in the active, there are a few ways to get Stoutland to switch to the bench. Catcher and escape ropes are the most obvious. There are also 2 pokemon abilities that i know of that also work as catchers, Ninetales and Genesect. It is also somewhat common for players to run Bicycles in their deck as well, which gets around supporter lock. Electrode with Magenetic draw is basically the same.

      The issue is also with stoutlands attack. It takes 3 energy to hit for 90 and 20 to itself. Now imagine you are up against someone who uses rocky helmet, rock guard, or even rough skin. One attack and you would put urself at 100 hp, then if they hit you on their turn an at least do 80 damage, you will be unable to attack or knock yourself out. Even without the effects of rocky helm or of that sort. One attack puts you in knock out range of a few key pokemon that are quite common in play. Luiga and Kyurem (PF) of the ever common plasma decks.

      Either way i still feel like item lock to be a much better option. With an item lock they are free to use a supporter to Juniper their hand away and draw 7 new cards. They may seem bad. but then out of those 7 cards, maybe 3 or 4 of them are item cards, 1 being a supporter, 1-2 energy, and possibly a few pokemon. What can they do? Place a pokemon and an energy down. There is also a good chance you will be fighting other 2nd step decks that rely on rare candy to evolve pokemon. They get the rare candy and the pokemon, but they can use them and it leaves them with 2 dead cards in their hand. Probably having 20 or so dead cards in their deck as well. In addition to that you are safe for 1 turn, no hypnotoxics, no tool cards, no catchers, nothing basically. Even if they manage to switch zebstrika for another pokemon, they are still item locked. The only problem is once the lock is broken, all the item cards that built up in their hand can all be used, giving them a huge turn that can be game changing.

      Anyway in terms of changes for this deck. If you do like locking supporters more than items. I would suggest a reliable way to keep Stoutland alive. A few suggestions i can make is. Add pokemon center as your gym. With Keldeo Ex and a float stone you can rush in every turn, heal stoutland, and then retreat out with float stone back to Stoutland. In addition to that you can change your energy to grass energy, and add Cherrim to your deck. This pokemon can heal 1 pokemon with grass energy on it for 20. Having one on ur bench will negate any damage done to yourself by attacking every turn. Having more will help reduce damage you take from opponents as well. Having 3 on your bench, Keldeo/float stone, and pokecenter you can heal up to 80 damage per turn, being more than half of Stoutlands max. You can increase its survivability by also equipping giant capes to stoutland giving it 160 hp. Also if really high hp is what you want to achieve, you can also add in Aspertia City Gym for an additional 20 hp to normal types making it 180 hp max. Though with this you forgo Pokemon Center heal, but you dont have to worry about getting keldeo/float stone out to to keep Stoutland alive. If you want you can also add in the new Virizion Ex to prevent status effects on anything with grass energy as well. Making your Stoutlands a pain to get rid of.

      These pokemon in your deck will also help alleviate your weakness fighting types as well. Since both Zebstrika and Stoutland are weak to fighting. Mewtwo does help by super-effecting fighting types, but not those that are ground/rock type. Grass energy also gives you access to the Tropius, a great grass type from PB. It both resists ground and can hit most water types for super effective damage. Its 2 attacks are quite good as well. 1 grass for 10 damage and the effect of Bianca, or 1 grass 1 colorless for 20+ 20x the number of energy on the defending pokemon. Basically a weaker version of Deoxys' attack. Its huge for a basic non Ex pokemon.
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      Old October 3rd, 2013 (6:14 PM).
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      Looking at this list and at Profen's suggestions, you probably wanna drop the two Skyarrow Bridges in favor of 2 Aspertia City Gym cards, if you're so inclined to focus on the supporter lock.
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