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Hello Trainers°!

Started by Leumas_6 August 18th, 2019 12:14 AM
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Posted August 18th, 2019
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Hi everyone! I'm Samuel and I'm from Italy, precisely from Rome. So I apologize in advance for my not perfect English😅 I decided to subscribe in this forum because every time I search something ralating to Pokémon I find something on this forum. So I think it's fair to sub 😁 Now, me like Pokemon's Player. I began when I was 7 with Pokémon Diamond, but Pokémon Platinum is the first game I'd finished. From then I explored various sides of the games. I'm in love whit the competitive side of Pokémon, I play in VGC and I love the breeding part of the game. This is for sure my favorite part of Pokemon Games. Sometimes I like to do Shiny Hunting too.
My favorite generation is Kalos. I know I know, it is not very common. I don't know why, but I love the region, the art style and the atmosphere. And not common probably is my favorite Pokémon. Infact it is Gogoat (and Skiddo too). I love that grass goat 😌.
Now, maybe this is sufficent. I hope to remain here for long time, and bye bye 😃


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Hey there Samuel! Welcome to the community! Don't worry, your English is totally fine. :)

My favorite gen is Kalos too! Well, that and Johto. But yeah, I always thought Kalos was such an interesting region and it came with the introduction of my favorite type! There's lots of conversation about Kalos in the Previous Generations section here, so I hope you decide to check it out! Feel free to ask if you have any questions and happy posting!



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Ahh Gogoat a great choice of a Pokémon when I was still in High a School or something when I was in one of my friends way they always said Gogoat Idk why they just said it it was pretty weird and my first game was Sapphire anyway welcome to the the community
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Hi Leumas ! Hope you're doing great. Even i'm new here. I started in sinnoh but mine was pearl version. My favourite region is Unova, because of the art style and the mix of nature and technology.
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