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Tutorial R/BY Pallete editing

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Old November 28th, 2007 (8:05 AM). Edited April 15th, 2010 by Spherical Ice.
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Yes I know you've all been waiting for this........Well especially R/B/Y hackers.

R/B/Y Pallete editing
Things you need:
-A simple hex editor.
Well thats all that you need

Getting started
Well load your hex editor at first. These are the offsets for the palletes:
Town Pallets

72668-7266F =Pallet Town
72670-72677 =Viridian City
72678-7267E =Pewter City
7267F-72687 =Cerulean City
72687-7268E =Vermeleon City

Other Pallets
726C6-726C7=white bacround
72604-72605=Bright blue bacround color
726E2-726E3=Purple bacround color
726FE-726FF=The white bacround color in the intro fight
72702-72703= Bright brown in intro battle
72704-72705= Purple in intro battle

Battle Pallets
72706-72707=Bright Yellow
7270A-7270B=Bright brown
7270C-7270D=dark brown
7270E-7270F=black 1
72712-72713=Bright green
72714-72715=dark green
72716-72717 black 2
7272A-7272B=Bright Purple
7272C-7272D=dark Purple
726D2-726D3=yellow in POKEMON after intro

What you do
Simply, just load one of the palletes in a hex editor that you would like to edit. Now for example load-7270C. There you'll see:
D5 25 43 08 BF 7F 54 43 89 2E 43 0A
(This is a battle scene)
Now you would like to change the palletes. Just mess around with the numbers XD. Well to make it simple:
BA 5A=Purple PINK
DE 47=Bright YELLOW
F5 5D=Bright Purple
43 08=BLACK
8B 7A=Bright BLUE
89 2C=dARK Purple
7A C3=Bright BROWN

Well there are more but i dont know much of the palletes
Just change the palletes of the things you would like to change and you're done.

Please do not steal.
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Old December 2nd, 2007 (5:13 PM).
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Might do some G/S/C tutorials....My eyes hurt from looking at the tutorial.
I know I use that color, but you should darken the color a bit.

Great Job on Tutorial. I Don't know of any r/b/y hackers that are still around.

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