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Old January 28th, 2014 (6:35 PM). Edited January 30th, 2014 by DLMuerte.
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    Seth: The Salesman... Junior? No, that's lame.

    "SETH, welcome to... the Fawkes-Cave!"

    "Um... hate to blow you over, but this is just a stand covered with a blanket with a post-it that says 'Fawkes-Cave.'"

    "Er... right. Wrong cave." Fawkes, nevertheless, held Seth by the shoulder and grabbed his own backpack instead, spilling out the contents. "What do you see here?"

    "Um, herbs, some weird shiny thingies, a few stones, a bag of white-"

    "You can stop THERE!" Fawkes says excitedly but almost nervously, sweeping everything back into his bag and looking over his shoulder. "Just doing a favor for the neighborhood boys. Anyways, that's not what I see. I see PROFIT." Seth blinked.

    "Uh, well, that too."

    "You gotta be trained. Look at that stone. What do you see?"

    "A mossy rock."

    "Wrong! That's profit."

    "How the heck would you-"

    "Kid, there are some weird people in this world who will buy very weird thing. You've ever seen them shrooms? The ones you see in forests and stuff? In Unova- and I know you're from there but bear with me- there's a chef's assistant who will buy this stuff for a ridiculous amount of money, no questions asked. You could practically screw them over, but if they want something they'll get it. That's GOLD right there. Pokedollars in the making! There's this other guy in a Pokemon Center who is said to buy rocks. And he would LOVE one of those. Get me now?"

    "...I think so."

    "Now, what's that?"

    "...That's a customer."

    "Oh. Um. Right. That's not what I meant. We're not allowed to sell people but we can sell Pokemon anyways, so ka-ching!" Fawkes pointed past the person to a leaf. "That."

    "Profit... maybe?"

    "Bingo. Now the thing a normal salesman does is buy things, scam people, resell things, and sell more things. But a traveling salesman is different. You get things from different places that aren't valuable, and sell them in places that are. Or, you find things that are valuable, and sell them wherever the hell you feel like it. It's usually the second one."

    "Alright!" Seth grinned. "I think I can do this. Now, how do I go about selling?"

    Fawkes shook his head. "Go about doing what? I can't teach you that."

    "Wait what but you're a-"

    "OH LOOK AT THE TIME." As much as this seems suspicious, Fawkes has a point; it's late. "Go home, get out early tomorrow. I've done everything I could, Seth. Now go travel and make your daddy proud!"

    "But my dad's an archaeologist, he'd be horrifie-"

    "CIAO!" And with that Fawkes more or less ran away. Professionally. In style. Running. Running professionally in style. His clothes stuck to him as he ran back to the Fawkes-Cave and huddled under it before reminding himself that he doesn't live there. Or that it's actually his, before being chased out by Kantonese people demanding that he pays them rent. Nevertheless, this leaves Seth alone. Really kind of alone. There's nothing epic to be put into words here, no frolicking or anything weird of the sort, and even if I told you a safe fell from the ceiling truth is it wouldn't be exciting enough, plus he'd be dead. Dead people are only exciting if they become ghosts, and really then he'd become a Yamask or something and...

    Seth walked towards a motel. It looked kinda deserted, y'know, the kind that you look in the mirror and there's probably a roach coming out of a crack in the top right. Which kind of disturbed him, and until he realized that he had more money he continued to walk towards it. After realizing he still had money left over from his father, he grabbed it, plucking it from his pocket and grinning. It was enough for a good start tomorrow. Finally getting a room at a place known as the Hoe-tel [for what reason it was named was speculated to be after the people who lived nearby], he found himself in a quaint, old fashioned room.

    The bed was nice and comfortable, and it looked amazing- Seth traced his fingers over it before jumping on it and rubbing his face in the quilt, possibly the most amazing part of all. It was only a moment later that he felt he bed disappear from under him and fell onto the bedframe, and groggily watched as Meloira rested the matress on the floor to get her beauty sleep. Deciding to keep the quilt that he still clutched in his hands fiercely, he walked towards the other end of the room, letting out Low who decidedly perched himself on top of a table before falling asleep immediately.

    "I'll take the couch."
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      GMs -

      The Ridiculously Overdue Update That Lacks Any Fancy Coding and Makes Up for Absolutely Nothing Pertaining to Recent RéBURST Endeavors

      Standing, watching. His meditating stance observing the wildlife of the cityscapes. Silent, his gaze being illuminated in curiosity at the every wonder of the everyday Hoe. The morning sun rising, his need for sleep long since gone. The bed sheets, untouched, perfectly aligned, new if you might say, as they have been for a long time now.

      His room, clean, neatly aligned, reeking a smell of flower petals and disinfectant. Furniture scattered abound, desks, tables, bookshelves, all neatly juxtaposed in an orderly fashion across the small apartment.

      The fan on the ceiling, slowly turning, soundless, as he doesn't like it when the fan makes a sound as it performs another turn over its edge.

      The walls, clean, unadorned, the color of white making its home in them. Alone, empty, nothing to distinguish them from the other walls of the nearby apartments.

      Everything so... uncharacteristic, of any being, but not from him.

      As far as he was concerned, this was all typical Thorke behavior.

      Wheels, traction, hornets, turns, twists, twirls, windows: vehicles. This many more a sound adorned his ears as he walked around the streets of Mauville City with seemingly no direction whatsoever. On any given day, the city is to be considered as calm as Castelia. Yet there was something different, over which he could not place his finger into. It kept slipping his mind, so he decided to not dwell much on such idle thoughts. After all, a bustling city of such sort was not the ideal place for straight thinking, or any thinking, to begin with.

      And as the additional ring of policewomen, running children, yellow rodents demanding to have their alleged god status confirmed, traveling salespeople missing many a screw in their heads and many other sights came into view in the far distance at one point or another, he realized it.

      It was actually stupid that it slipped his head for so long.

      After all, today is that day.

      Away from all city life, and where the loud city of Mauville was only an echo in the distance, by a very simple clearing that stood next to an equally simple town, in a simple table of simple chairs, next to a simple motel of simple services, she was sitting.

      In contrast to her fellow workers, she had a rather stern look all to herself.

      If not scary.

      Or cryptic.

      All at the same time, even.

      With people refusing to gaze her way in fear to be gazed back by her diabolical stare, she sat there, thinking to herself. They are late, and they knew they were. Chances are they are delaying their arrival to tick her off with that "elegant delay" bullcrap everyone talks about. Not a single thought that statement deserved. Not any of hers, at least. She hated their being pretentious just as much as she hates Growlithe.

      Do mind, that's a lot of hate.

      Tick, tock.

      Fifteen minutes late.

      Tick, tock.

      She hates it when they're late.

      Then again, when exactly have those two ever been early to anything. One would expect their goals to be fueled with the will to be early at their meetings. But they seem to sorely lack such motif. A bit. Kinda a lot, really.

      Tick, tock.

      She sighs. They really are being fashionably late, no?


      Actually, no, it's just one level each. The dreams of all your Pokémon have consolidated their battles for the previous day, and they are stronger than ever.

      For now, you all have full freedom to play around Mauville, and take care of any remaining business you have. However, the police have barricaded all land and sea routes into the city, and no one inside is getting out. They refuse to let you leave, but they will tell you that a creature of great power has made it into the city while you slept, and they are doing everything in their power to keep it from escaping. (They may also be trying to contain a dangerous young lady who managed to defeat Wattson by swinging her own Pokémon like a flail.)

      You can pass the time by visiting the many stalls and shops, or battling with the various NPCs throughout the city. Maybe you'll even come across the creature the police seem to be so frantic about.
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      The Title Vaguely Implying Another Exciting Adventure for Jeff and Anko

      It had been a very peaceful night. Jeff hadn't dreamed at all, but apparently he'd started spooning with his pillow while sleeping. Such softness, but wait... after a bit of movement he realized the pillow wasn't shaped like a typical pillow. When he opened his eyes it all came back to him and he prayed to himself he hadn't done anything indecent, because there in the recliner of the hotel room with him was his new, unspeaking companion Anko, the top of her head sweetly nuzzling his chin in her sleep, a whispered moan slipping from her lips.

      Jeff was painstakingly careful in lifting her just enough to slip out of the chair without waking her up, luckily she was absurdly light. Free from the clutches of berry-scented pure extract of adorable Jeff went on to climb out of the chair and set the comforter...well, comfortably around Anko and finally stretching his arms. What did I do? I'm supposed to be a gentleman! Can't just sleep in the same be—chair as a girl the first night you meet her! No matter how soft and cuddly! I should be ashamed! I know I am... Hey, what's that supposed to mean? It means you finally did something manly and you're complaining about it!

      You saved a damsel in distress, you put her up for the night with your hard erh...given-by-your-grandparents money! She came into YOUR be—chair and snuggled up to YOU and you're ashamed? PUFF UP YOUR CHEST, MAKE SOME COFFEE AND WHEN THE AMAZING SMELL WAKES HER UP, ASK IF IT WAS GOOD FOR HER TOO SHUT UP, YOU. Tell her it's time to hit the road and she's coming with you because SHE wants to and YOU'RE gonna tell her she wants to.

      Jeff shook his head viciously to try and rid his brain of the alpha-macho thoughts he's too lame to consider, but he decided the coffee wasn't a bad idea. He stepped over to the conveniently placed table with the coffee maker on it. Jeff didn't usually drink coffee but screw it. He needs caffeine, coffee's great and that's just what you do when you wake up with a girl in one of these places. Once the beautiful machine was doing its work Jeff opened the sensually shuttered windows and sat on the bed, just gazing at the light of a new day...

      Ugh. What am I gonna do with this kid?

      After having a few minutes to just sit and think Jeff figured he should probably get a shower, by no means did he stink but a man shouldn't smell of sweet berries and... well they way he'd slept left that scent on him. He dug through his backpack where it lay on the floor for a fresh set of clothes and wasn't sure how to take it. All of my spare clothes are sets exactly like what I've been wearing already, but wait I packed this myself and I didn't—I guess I shouldn't let anything surprise me at this point.

      He took his fresh set of disturbingly-similar-to-the-last-day clothing and headed into the spacious and rather ritzy bathroom, not letting himself dwell on why the shower was so big for fear of the likely reason. There was no beautiful Jeff-singing in the shower today, he was far too busy thinking about finally getting out of Mauville to go earn another badge. Clean, fresh, and ready for another day of training monsters that can conveniently be stored in one's pocket, Jeff dried off and slipped into his new-identical clothes; the new set seemed to fit a bit more tightly on his arms and legs, like they were hugging his body, but it must've just been the steam, and the fact that these were clean clothes. He could smell the coffee before he even opened the bathroom door and wondered if it had woken Anko up.

      When he looked out into the rest of the hotel room, Jeff heard a very satisfied "Munchlax". Stepping out of the steam-filled restroom, goosebumps quickly popping up on his arms from the change in temperature, Jeff found Romanov sitting in Anko's lap, her fingers behind his ears and holding him pleasurably hostage. Captain Beauregard was at her side, her only remaining hand occupied by the Growlithe's fur.

      The scene instantly put a smile on his face. "I'm glad to see you're all getting along." He poured some coffee into one of the cups right next to the machine and sipped it, not too bitter, but strong enough to wake you right up. "I set up some coffee if you're thirsty, and the bathroom's free if you want to freshen up." He sat down on the bed and sipped some more. Well, at least I ran into someone nice, and Romanov and Beauregard seem to like her just fine. Actually, it seemed like they were really enjoying themselves. Anko had found their weak points as easily as she breathed, and his Pokémon were lapping it up. He kind of wondered what he was missing.

      Soon enough, Anko decided it was a good idea to take a bath—the day before had taken quite a toll on her—and left Jeff's Pokémon to the trainer, much to their disappointment. Still, Romanov settled himself against Jeff on the bed in a matter of seconds and dozed off to the touch of his trainer's fingers in his fur, and la Fleur followed suit.

      When some-odd minutes had passed, and nothing but the sound of snoring and water had made its way to Jeff's ears, he might've gotten just a little worried about how Anko was faring. He knocked on the bathroom door and asked, "Anko? Are you doing alright?"

      The water was quickly turned off, and the doorknob twisted and turned. As the door slid over the bathroom tile, Jeff was greeted by a tiny smile and a bundle of wet hair strewn over the muteling's shoulders, nodding only once or twice. The rest of Anko's body was poorly covered by a fluffy towel, held up over her breast by the arm. Just as Jeff turned away, face redder than a Cheri, Anko returned to the bathroom to put her clothes on, which had been neatly left on the counter.

      He tried to keep any thought of what he may or may not have seen, but he could feel the more honest parts of his brain fighting to analyze the image however it could and save it. Jeff made sure to face away from the bathroom for a while longer just in case, at least to compose himself. Romanov and the good Captain were looking at him expectantly, like their beloved scratcher was about to return. "Hey, don't gimme that look; you guys can't be petted and snuggled all of the time. If you guys get too spoiled your battling could suffer." They both lowered their ears and gave him a look like he was scum for a moment, but shortly it went away.

      When he heard the restroom door open behind him he managed to stop himself from turning around without shouting some words behind him first. "You're fully dressed this time, right?" Anko gave Jeff a mumbled affirmation, and made her way to the coffeemaker.

      As she delicately poured herself some in a paper cup and took a sip, she shivered at the bitter taste. Jeff offered to add a sweetener to it, and promptly did so. Her hair smelled like sweet berries again, but he didn't think she'd dislike the bland taste in normal coffee so much.

      "Now that we're both 'fresh and ready for a new day,' are you hungry? I saw a cafeteria near the lobby, so we can eat there before heading out." Her stomach grumbled for a moment, and while Anko wrapped her arms around her waist, Jeff chuckled and took it as a yes.

      I just hope I've got enough money left for whatever else we may need after food. After digging around in his pockets for a few seconds he remembered Wattson had given him some prize money along with his badge, but when he took a second look his breath caught at just how much he received. Then again, when the gym leader is a borderline-mafioso-casino tycoon who may or may not be some kind of crimelord, I guess it fits.

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        Mia Farrow – The Hopeless Boss Fight

        The sun shone peacefully on the streets of Mauville whilst Taillow and Pidgey sung in unison. It would’ve been a great feeling to wake up to it. Unfortunately, something had to go and ruin the peaceful moment. A loud banging. Mia awoke with a jump, surprised that anyone would visit her this early in the morning. She drearily shouted “Coming…” and forced herself out of the hotel bed. Mia could feel her frizzy hair sticking up in strange places, but she was too tired to do anything about it. Working as a waitress for all of those hours really took the energy out of her. So when she opened the door to two police woman, Mia hardly even reacted.

        She attempted to ask why they were here, but what came out was a garbled mess of the English language. “What… you do want?” She yawned, not noticing how terrible the sentence she spoke was worded. As soon as she had finished yawning, the Jenny’s placed a pair of comically old hand-cuffs around her wrists. They were the kind that were made of two pieces of wood and had a single lock on the side. Mia’s eyes widened as she looked at the monster around her hands. “Uh… why did you put me in these?” She asked, trying to shake the cuffs off. One of the Jennys placed her hand onto the center of the medieval hand-cuffs. “Oh I get it… This is a joke, isn’t it?” Mia questioned, waiting for the Jenny to release her. “Y’know, I didn’t think you police officers did this kind of thing. Well, you got me real good.” She continued to wait for a reply from either of the two. A quick glance was shared between the two Jennys, before they collectively ripped her out of her hotel room.

        As she was dragged a long, Mia constantly bombarded them with questions, like “Don’t you think this joke’s been going on for long enough?” and “Where are you taking me?”. However, not a single question was answered by the two. In fact, they never spoke to her at all! Mia was eventually screaming her questions at the two, looking like a complete fool in front of the crowds of early-risers. Eventually, they stopped her in front of a rather unfancy building (well, at least compared to Casino de Bolts). “Why are we stopping here?” She asked, noticing a green duffel bag next to the building’s door. It looked incredibly similar to her bag. It even had her initials written on the side, M.F… Wait a second. That’s her bag! How did it get down here? Did they take it out of her room in the middle of the night?

        As she pondered this the two Jenny’s got to work on her cuffs. They frantically searched their pockets for the key but quickly discovered that neither of them had it. After a little bit of silent deliberation, the two started to wildly bash the lock. It took a grand total of 20 minutes to break the lock off. Once they had finished, they immediately pushed Mia into the building, throwing her bag in behind her. A loud click is heard from behind the quickly shut doors, as Mia realized that she was locked in. “Hey! Can you open this door? I think you locked it by mistake.” A brief laughter could be heard from outside the building, before silence befell Mia’s ears.

        As silence surrounded her, Mia was able to see just how dark the interior was. There appeared to be absolutely no light sources in the entire building! What would she be able to do in this pitch-black room? Mia remained sat on the floor, waiting for the two policewoman to return and reveal that it was all a joke. After 10 minutes of sitting in silence, Mia realized that they wouldn’t be coming back. She stumbled her way to where she thought her bag was and reached inside it, pulling out her Pokéballs and Pokédex. “I really need some light in here Chell.” Mia stated, releasing Chell onto the ground below her. The Chinchou briefly looked around the dark room, before emitting a faint light from her two antennae. “That’ll have to do.” She sighed, picking the small fish up into her arms.

        As Mia attempted to find an exit, a tiny, buzzing noise flew into her eardrums. As she walked closer to where she thought a wall would be, she began to feel a tingly sensation. “That’s weird, it’s almost as if there’s elec-” A jolt of pain travelled across her entire body at high speeds. She had walked right into an electrically charged wire and was now facing the consequences. Chell on the other hand never felt better. All the electricity running through her body completely re-energized her. After a couple more seconds of being shocked, Mia was able to break away from the electricity’s hold. Panting heavily, Mia’s body felt like a mess. “Let’s… not… do that again.” She said, dragging her body away from the electrified wall of pain.

        She continued her stumble throughout the room, managing to crash into 2 more electric walls before arriving at what felt like a door knob. “Finally… An exit.” Mia gleefully panted, grabbing onto the door knob. Unfortunately, another jolt of electricity ran up her arm and through her body. The door had been booby-trapped with electricity. “OH COME ON!” She screamed out of frustration and pain. However, instead of letting go like any sane person would, Mia turned the handle all the way round, flinging the door open with a violent shove.

        Five blinding lights switched on as Mia entered the next room, stopping her from seeing practically anything. She quickly shielded her eyes, walking slowly towards their source. But she stopped in her tracks when she heard a voice call out to her. “Wohoho… You’ve finally arrived. I heard you broke into my casino last night. How was it? Did you enjoy your stay there?” The voice asked. The voice sounded familiar to her, but Mia was unable to figure out where she had heard him before. “Where am I? And who are you?” Mia shouted, as the voice began to laugh again. “I believe this’ll answer both of your questions.” The five lights began to dim down, allowing Mia to see a rather… round figure in the distance. Catchy, repetitive music began to blare out of speakers hidden in the room’s corners. Eventually, Mia was able to see the entire room rather clearly, including the figure hiding in the back. He had a white beard and jolly smile, and wore a brown jumper and yellow pants. “Welcome to Mauville Gym! I am her Gym Leader, Wattson.” Wattson shouted.

        His hand reached into his pocket, pulling out a single Pokéball. “Now, let us have an electrifying battle!” Immediately after saying this, a Manectric materialized in front of the old gym leader. Mia returned Chell into her Pokéball and released Vincent in front of her. “Alright Vincent, this’ll probably be a lot more difficult than our last battle. So I’m going to use you to chip away at that Pokémon’s health until you are inevitably taken out!” She shouted, quickly realizing that what she said wasn’t exactly encouraging. The Manectric let out a brief roar, awaiting its master’s orders. “Let’s get things started with a Spark.” Wattson ordered.

        Electricity began shooting out from the dog-thing’s body, as it ran towards Vincent at a blinding pace. The Manectric smashed its electrically charged body into the Feebas’ feeble body, sending it flying into one of the room’s walls. “Vincent? Vincent! VIIIINCEENT!” Mia shouted, but it was too late for the poor fish. Before ever having a chance to react, Vincent was down. “Wohoho… Is that the best you’ve got girly?” The surprisingly cocky gym leader taunted as his Manectric returned to his side. Mia quickly pulled out her Pokédex in an attempt to learn more about the electric dog, but something was wrong with it. Scanning the Pokémon lead to a bunch of error messages, stating that the Pokémon’s level is impossible.

        The device’s screen went blank. ‘Did it… just crash?’ Mia thought, waiting for it to power back on. However, Wattson was getting impatient. “I don’t have all day, y’know.” He stated. Mia quickly put her dex into her pocket, thinking that she could battle without it. “Chell, this thing took Vincent out in one hit. Yes, I know that’s not exactly an achievement, but be careful. Now, surround yourself in bubbles!” Chell immediately began shooting bubbles in every direction, creating a defensive shield of sorts. “Do you really think that’ll stop him? Manectric, use Mega Punch!” Wattson’s Manectric began charging towards the wall of bubbles, leaping when it was right next to it. “NOW!” The Manectric reeled its front paw back, going straight through the bubbles without so much as wincing. Just before crashing into the ground, the Manectric sent its right paw into Chell’s body. The sheer power of the punch sent Chell flying… into Mia’s gut.

        The two fell to the ground, defeated. “Well, that was disappointing!” Wattson laughed, cruising his way over to where Mia lay. She had rolled onto her back with her arms wrapped around Chell. The blow had her momentarily winded, but she’d bounce back in a couple of minutes. The bearded gym leader stood over Mia, staring down at her. “Now then.” He spoke, sounding a lot more serious than a couple of seconds ago. “I’m going to ask you a few questions about your actions last night. Firstly…” The old man paused, either for suspense or because he had forgotten. “What did you think of the place?” Mia was thoroughly confused by his question. Was he seriously asking for a review of the place? Or was this all an elaborate scheme to get her to confess to some crime she never committed? “Uhh… I didn’t exactly get to see much of the place. I was too busy being a waitress. But what I did see was very lavish.”

        “Uh-huh uh-huh. What else did you think of it? Were the staff kind? Was the food good?” Before answering anymore of his questions, Mia looked to see what Wattson was doing. He had his face and hand pressed up against a small piece of paper, as if he were writing down every word she said. “Well?” The old man stared down at her again, expecting Mia to answer him faster. It took ten minutes for Wattson to finish his ‘interrogation,’ which was comprised of ‘very tense and important’ questions, like “What would you rate the Casino out of 5?” and “How clean are the air-vents?”

        He eventually helped Mia back onto her feet, leading her to the nearest exit. “Alright. Thanks for giving the place a good review.” The jolly gym-leader smiled, having healed both of their Pokémon with his magical gym-leader powers (a private healing machine). “No problem?” She confusedly responded, before being forced out of the gym, badge-less.
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          Seth Arosi & Mia Farrow: All for the money, all for the hair

          Seth woke up to multiple lights streaming in through the Hoe-tel, one of them not being the sun but a flashlight shining in his eyes. He closed them annoyed. "What the..." He looked to see a familiar Cubchoo; it seemed like it wanted him to wake up. "What do you want...?" He was annoyed by the sudden burst of light as she pointed to her stomach. "Are you a princess or something? Geesh..." He glared back at the flashlight as he groggily got out of bed and got dressed as well. He normally would just walk right out and grab breakfast without combing his hair, but today was a very important day. So important, in fact, that Fawkes took the day off apparently.

          He really had to figure out when and how Fawkes had snuck that note into his bookbag. Maybe that's why the windows were open...

          Removing Low from his perch and having Meloeira following behind in the prospect of food, he combed his hair well to the point where it was wavy but neat. It's blonde color stayed the same, but he thought he looked amazing. All he needed was a commercial called Dos Footprints, then maybe he'd be even more so. Yet again, he sighed and put on his jacket; he also thought that his amazingness was worth combing his hair every day for- not just for the first sale. After a hearty breakfast, he found himself outside, and looked through his bag for things to sell.

          He didn't have much, honestly. He had put a few things of interest, and it seemed Fawkes had, along with the note that he had now in his pockets, entered a few things as well... wait nevermind just the note. He did find, however, something slightly interesting. It seemed to be a spoon, bent by the force of his bag. Seth recalled that he had taken a spoon from the boat of le blargh that had taken him to Fairnorth, so he supposed that he had just left the thing in there and it had become twisted. Did it have the same effect as the actual item? Probably not. Would he enforce the no refund rule? Heck yes. With this in mind, he began to hunt for his first victim.

          Mia gently walked down the now bustling roads of Mauville, watching as people with more important places to be frantically ran through the crowds. She briefly thought about attempting to make contact with anyone, but then she remembered what city she was in. Mauville wasn't exactly known for being an inviting and friendly place. As she continued to stroll throughout the city, Mia noticed that people were occasionally giving her odd looks. Everyone she passed seemed to be staring at her head, but for what reason? Mia got her answer when a bunch of younger girls began pointing above her face, laughing as they passed by.

          Her hand's instantly flew above her face, only to be greeted by a mess of burnt, frizzy and wild hair. As soon as she realised what she was touching, Mia flung herself out of the main street. How could she've been stupid enough to go out without brushing her hair? Now it was a complete and total disaster. If only she was given time to brush it before being dragged away by two police-woman. And what was that about anyway? It's not like she won the battle, nor did she recieve any punishment for her actions the night before. Worst of all, both Chell and Vincent failed to recieve any levels from their beating. Heck, they gained more levels in their sleep! So was some god-like force putting filler into her actions now?

          As soon as she was out of public view, Mia threw her green duffel bag onto the ground. She began ripping every zip and pocket open, in an attempt to find her hairbrush before anyone else saw her.

          It would be a shame if someone saw her. Possibly the most shameful part was that Seth found himself listening to a frenzied opening and closing of the duffel bag; he exited the main street he had been frequenting to slip into a much less busy one. His exhibition hadn't gone very well so far. Maybe it was because people in the big city knew what a sc- I mean, didn't know what a good buy was. Then again, the city was so big that there simply had to be someone that would be willing to purchase his items, so he used the same, shameful-yet-efficient technique he had used on Fawkes as he watched the girl attack her duffel bag for something to fix her hair with.

          "Hrm, it seems like you need something..." He tried to impressively roll the words off of his tongue like silk; whether silk actually rolled he didn't know, so he just pretended it was a Voltorb rolling off of his tongue. That actually sounds like hurts. Never mind. "Well, you're in luck!" He grinned.

          "Y'see, I'm a traveling salesman. And I sell all kinds of stuff and probably just what you need! A herb? A PokeBall? A stone? Something cosmetic? And special today..." He took a small stool from under a saxophone player and found it relieving that the guy seemed to sit in the air now. "...Today, a TwistedSpoon! The item! 100% legitimate!" He procured the TwistedSpoon from his pocket and set it on the stool, hoping that it had caught the girl's eye. Something gave him the feeling that wasn't what she was looking for, though...

          Mia's eyes burnt as she stared at the Fawkes-in-Training, waiting for him to leave already. Unfortunately, it looked like he was hell-bent on selling her something. Travelling salesmen are very persistant after all. She was half-tempted to straight-up tell him to go away, allowing her to get back to her hunt for her hairbrush. But she didn't want to come off as a mean person, even if she was desperate for a comb or shaver (or lawn-mower). Putting on a relatively fake smile, Mia reluctantly spoke with the salesman. "Wow, what a super interesting spoon you have there, Mr... Aren't you travelling salesmen supposed to open with an introduction?" She asked, not caring about what he had to sell in the slightest. If the guy wanted to sell her something, he should at least do it right.

          "Eh, yes." He shrugged, but inside he was panicking and he wouldn't be surprised if there was a puddle of sweat or something forming on his shirt. Granted, there wasn't, but still! There was no way he was going to get a sale like this. It's a learning experience, you dimwit. Learning experience. Urm... ah, yeah. "I have a policy of not giving my name to my customers-" He made up a lie as quickly as possible- "so generally that's something I'd rather not give out freely. Items are for sale, not my name, although I can sell that too, y'know." He had a feeling this would go downhill quickly, but he did have to sell soemthing somehow. He had no idea in the slightest what he should've done at this point; it was aggravating that Fawkes made it look so easy. "However, if you're truly interested in the spoon-" she isn't, obviously, but what am I going to do?- "then you'd be glad to know that it raises the power of Psychic-type moves!" I think. I'm pretty sure twisted spoons do something...

          Mia's eyes fell on the 'twisted spoon', seeing absolutely nothing special about it. Sure, it may raise the power of psychic-type moves, but it's not like she had one to use it with. All it would be to her is a bent kitchen utensil. "Uh-huh. Unfortunately for me, I don't have any psychic types to use it on... Oh well." Mia faked a sigh, hoping that he'd go hunting for a new customer to sell to. But, after waiting a couple of seconds, Mia noticed that the boy would not be leaving without a sale. Once again, she thought about yelling at the sales-man, but that'd draw too much attention to herself, which would cause more people to see the monstorous thing Mia calls hair.

          Suddenly, an idea popped into her head. This boy's hair looked very well-groomed, so he had to have a comb or hairbrush on him somewhere. "Hey, Mr Salesman. I noticed that your hair is very well groomed. You wouldn't happen to have whatever you used available for sale, would you?" Mia asked, hoping to make some use of him.

          "Hrm?" Seth lost his demeanor for a moment. "I used a comb. The comb isn't for sale, 'else I wouldn't have one either. If you don't mind the used comb, you can use it, but not actually have it. There is something I have, though, that's for sale, considering I never really use it anyways I could get another one..." He put the spoon away quickly and brought out a tub of hair gel instead. "Don't know if you'd actually use this, though, but hey! I'm selling for, um..." She's desperate. Take advantage of this! "Let's go with a thousand. The whole thing."

          'One thousand dollars?' The price was ridiculously high for such a tiny tub. It almost seemed like she was being scammed. But, being so desperate for something to contain her monstrous hair, Mia had to accept the deal. She quickly ducked down to get her 'small' wad of cash, handing the thousand dollar bill to the wandering salesman. "Since I have no other choice... I'll take it. But could I also borrow that comb of yours?" Mia asked, putting extra emphasis on the word borrow for some reason.

          Seth took the bill with extreme satisfaction and stared at it in awe, made sure it wasn't a counterfeit, even thought of holding it up to the light for a moment to see if there was anything strange in it. My first sale. Today. I just had my first sale. What am I gonna say to Fawkes? What am I going to say to Dad? So many things to do... "Sure..." He said, almost like he just let the air flow right out of him. "Anything for the first successful sale. Just make sure to give it back." He gave it to the girl quickly, not bothering to wonder if anything was or could've been off, while Meloeira simply watched from the sidelines and thought about forcing Seth to use the money on her.

          "Oh, don't worry. You'll get it back... eventually" She said, muttering the last part. Her hands immediately grabbed the two objects. Strangely, the tub of gel was... lighter then she expected. But hey, a tiny amount of gel is better than walking around with messy hair all day. Mia first began combing her hair, ripping through each knot the comb came across. It was painful, but it would (hopefully) be worth it in the end. Once her hair had been pain-stakingly combed, she decided that now would be a good time to test out the gel. Mia briefly struggled to open the tub, but the lid eventually popped off. However, what was inside the jar was disappointing, to say the least.

          A very tiny blob of gel sat in the center of the tub. It barely looked like it'd be enough to gel half of her hair. But, instead of shouting at the man with accusations of being ripped off, Mia decided to play it cool. Besides, she wouldn't feel bad for stealing his comb anymore. Gently, her hands rubbed the gel into her fringe and scalp, before running out of the stuff. "Woah, Sales-guy. Something amazingly awesome is happening over there." Mia lied, pointing a sticky hand off into the distance.

          Seth turned quickly, not thinking too much about her claim. She wasn't exactly wrong, nor right; something was happening, but not really amazingly awesome. Generally the police in Mauville being panicked seemed like it had quickly become a normal sight. "Eh, nothing too interesti... hey!" He watched as she began to run, and quickly turned his heel to run after her. "Get back here! That's the only comb I have!" He threw his bag over his shoulder and chased her at full speed. Okay, not full speed, but close enough; Seth may have underestimated her innocence [kind of] and her speed.

          Unfortunately, Mia's distraction tactic didn't work as well as she had hoped it to. She was certain that it would've given her more time to escape, but he's already started to chase after her. And he seemed to be catching up rather quickly. However, Mia wasn't prepared to let him get his comb back after scamming her, so she quickly came up with... a weapon. Reaching into her back pocket, Mia pulled out a small, red and white ball. "Vincent, I'm going to need you to listen to me and do exactly as I say, otherwise he'll catch us and probably do horrible things to you." Mia released the large fish into her arms, slowing her down considerably.

          If she wasn't quick enough, the boy would probably be able to tackle her onto the ground and reclaim his comb. She did a 180 degree turn, running backwards as fast as she could. More interestingly, she was holding Vincent as if he were a tommy gun. "Say hello, to my fishy friend!" Mia shouted, pulling on one of Vincent's pectoral fins. As she did this, the Feebas began firing a stream of focused salt water towards the con-artist.

          "Dangit!" He yelled as the water hit him square in the stomach; he couldn't stop that, considering it was way too far away and spraying water at him continously. "...Alright, fine." He pulled out a Pokeball of his own as Meloeira followed not too far behind, trying to duck the stream of water- or at least get it away from him- while he did so. Pressing the button, he let Low out, and simply nodded to the bird as if he planned it all along.

          Obviously, he didn't, so Low looked at him like he was insane; Seth sighed. "Just use an attack or something! Take out the fish!" And maybe the girl too, while you're at it. Sheesh. He also saw Meloeira coming up from behind; it wasn't like she was going to do anything but she sure was running. Low went on ahead and attempted to perform a successful attack on the duo- is it a duo or is it just a Pokemon and it's trainer?- and charged at the fish at full force.

          Luckily for Seth, Low's attack was very successful. The bird crashed directly into the Mia/Vincent duo, sending them both flying onto the ground. She attempted to pick herself back up an blast the (persistent) con-artist, but Vincent had flown quite far from where Mia now sat. "Alright, let's try another strategy. Chell, you're up!" She shouted, returning Vincent into his pokeball and releasing Chell. Mia immediately grabbed onto the fish, using a similar strategy to her aquatic tommy gun."Chell, repeatedly use Thunder Wave!" Mia had started to run backwards again as Chell fired off weak electric blasts.

          "Gah!" Seth found it somewhat easier to dodge these electric attacks; they were smaller [although not in terms of pain] than whatever Vincent was dishing out. He quickly realized, however, that Low was useless; Flying-types were no good against electric attacks; the bird had fallen from glory and he returned it quickly. Meloeira wasn't likely to help him out; chances were he'd have to just deal with it. Or not; Meloeira had quickly run ahead already, jumping and trying to smack the Chinchou with the snot that seemed more solid than... well, snot usually is. This wasn't really helping Seth as much as he had hoped; maybe the frequency of attacks would decrease or something, but he wasn't seeing much of a difference in his situation.

          He knew she wouldn't respond to orders; if he yelled out a cry of Blizzard or something, it would quickly be ignored- instead, he let her do her own thing, as per usual, which currently was trying to smack the Chinchou.

          As she continued to sprint backwards, Mia noticed something. A small, white and icy-blue bear was jumping up in front of her. It appeared to be trying to hit Chell with it's... Icicle snot? Really? The tiny polar bear occasionally hit Chell, disrupting her thunder waves every now and again. She didn't have enough time to dispatch of the Cubchoo properly. So, in a move that could only be described as Pokemon cruelty, Mia briefly stopped and raised one of her legs, preparing to boot Meloeira into next week.

          Meloeira was keen-ish of the move coming to her, so she moved to the side a bit to avoid the full force of the kick but was still hit; she considered this move to be a big mistake. Which it probably was, considering that Meloeira wasn't really a fan of being punted. Or at least, partially punted. So she stopped, and Seth stopped as well, knowing very well what was happening next. Meloeira raised her paws up, and as quickly as she brought them down she unleashed Blizzard.

          A massive gust of frozen wind was immediately fired in the direction of the fleeing pair, pelting them with a chilly blast of air. Mia felt her movements start to slow down, but she managed to continue forward. However, she quickly noticed that Chell's Thunder Waves had completely stopped. And that Chell was heavier. And slippery. And cold. Mia faced her head at the Chinchou, discovering that she had frozen. "Damnit... I can't continue with her like that." Mia sighed, running out of the blizzard's path and placing Chell in the sunlight. Maybe if she could stall long enough, Chell could defrost and she could continue her escape.

          "Fine then, I'll make my stand right here!" She shouted to the con-artist, preparing to have a proper fight with her enemy. "Vincent, you're going to have to help me stall until Chell defrosts. So, start this fight off with a Mirror Coat!" Vincent shone a light pink, waiting for a special move to connect with his fishy body.

          "Fine by me, thief!" Seth grimaced, knowing full well he had scammed her, but mentally justifying his actions by thinking that there was a chance that probably he had forgotten there was one drop left. "Low, we gotta finish this one fast, or we'll be screwed." The bird picked itself up. "Use... um..." There wasn't much to do. Considering Vincent, which seemed to be the name of the Feebas, was just shining away and Chell was frozen, normally he would take this as a chance to attack. But then again, there seemed to be a lack of moves to be used.

          Knowing that Meloeira wasn't going to just listen to him right away- although he was working on it- he had only Low to work with. He bit his thumb for a moment. "Alright; Low, Peck on that Feebas!" He sincerely hoped Meloeira attacked Chell- which she didn't, preferring a Powder Snow on Vincent instead. Low moved out of the way quickly, but the inability to make the two work together was something Seth knew he would find frustrating. "Low... just attack the frozen one with Brave Bird instead... or something."

          The Feebas allowed himself to be hit by the cold sheet's of Meloeira's Powder snow. But for once, it wasn't out of laziness. As soon as the attack had finished, Vincent was ready to retaliate. The pink sheen aound Vincent's body quickly condensed into a wall of pink snowflakes. They were slightly bigger than the powder snow that Meloeira had fired earlier. Vincent briefly glared at the Cubchoo, launching the pink snowflakes towards the tiny polar bear.

          Meanwhile, Chell was having a great time. She was completely frozen and unable to move at all. Well, aside from being knocked around by Low's Brave Bird, that is. Mia had no idea how to stop the Tailow from attacking Chell any further. Vincent was pre-occupied with the Cubchoo and hitting a bird with her fist would be a lot harder than it sounds. If only she had another pokemon on her side... Wait a second. Maybe one of the Con-Artist's pokemon were female... "Vincent! Fire as many Attracts at his two pokemon as you possibly can!"

          It seemed that Vincent was trying to pull off the... attraction of the ladies. Seth was entirely appalled to how this would work with a Feebas, considering that it's... well just so ugly to begin with. The effect was 100% lost on Low, because he was male; so of course this didn't stop him from attacking [although now the attacking was limited to pecking]. The effect was also nonexistant on Meloeira- not because Attract would normally fail [although whether or not Meloeira would fall for a Feebas under normal circumstances I have absolutely no clue], but because her previous experiences with men led her to deny him.

          If she was a romanticist- wait, wrong word- then maybe she would be more interested in his... ahem, advances. But alas, she wasn't, so she continued with her onslaught. Seth, on the other hand, decided to approach the situation a bit differently. Why attack the Pokemon... when you could attack the trainer? Well, no, that was wrong. There was something beyond just about all morality that may have existed within Seth's brain to have Low attack the girl. He didn't even know her name. So instead, he decided to enforce priority number 1.

          "Low, forget the Pokemon! Retrieve the comb!"

          Mia was so certain that her plan would've worked. How could he not have a single female pokemon? It's not like female Cubchoo and Taillow were rare. The Cubchoo immediately went back to sending wave after wave of Powder Snow at Vincent. Oddly, the clanking of Low hitting the frozen Chell had stopped. Maybe it had tuckered itself out? Mia turned her head to look at Chell and Low, but stopped when she saw the bird flying right towards her. It was trying to reclaim the comb!

          The Taillow bit onto one half of the comb,attempting to fly off with it. Luckily, Mia still had a hand on the comb, immediately diverting her full attention to the tiny bird. "Vincent... Just do whatever." She ordered. Without a moment's hesitation, Vincent flopped onto the ground and played dead. After a brief struggle, Mia was able to grab onto her pokedex. She flipped it open, hoping that it'd have something about stopping Taillow from stealing a comb.

          Seth cringed before opening his eyes wide. If she had a Pokedex... were Dexes extremely rare? He couldn't help but think that maybe she could've gotten it from Tularosa. There was also the question of why she had it; which of course would be solved with just asking her if she had gotten it from Tularosa. Did he even have time for that? Maybe he should just take the Dex and the comb, like a double revenge sort of thing. But he had a dex as well... so there was no reason to. This devolved into an awkward spiral of thoughts, which were followed by him shaking his head and sighing.

          "Low, keep trying! Hey, you, comb thief!" Seth yelled, hoping he'd get a response. "Where'd you get the Pokedex? Was it the professor?"

          "Maybe I'll tell you if you stop assaulting me with your bird!" Mia shouted to the boy, having less of a grip on the illustrious comb. It was only a matter of time until the bird ripped it out of her hands and gave it to his master. But Mia wasn't prepared to go down without a fight. When her pokedex came up with no helpful answers, Mia decided to try pulling even harder than she was.

          "Maybe if you hadn't taken my comb, I wouldn't be assualtin-" He cut his words short quickly. Low was tugging at the comb harshly, like it was the biggest piece of buttered toast he had ever seen. Within a moment the bird was closing it's eyes and pulling at it even harder, until it felt itself moving backwards with the comb. Did he win? Would he get the buttered toast now? He opened his eyes in supposed triumph.

          The comb had snapped in half, right down the middle.
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