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Survey Favorite GBA hack game!! ? (your opinion)

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Old April 2nd, 2017 (1:06 AM).
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ArielFirefly ArielFirefly is offline
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    I've not played that many yet but my favorite is Pokemon Glazed. I like it because it has a good storyline and the graphics are really great. You also have 5 starter options and can catch Pokemon from Gen I, II, III, IV and V. It's an amazing game overall and i'm sure everyone would enjoy it. Pokemon Lightning Yellow and Liquid Crystal are also some of the best ones I've played so far.
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    Old April 2nd, 2017 (7:51 AM).
    quevonguyen quevonguyen is offline
      Join Date: Mar 2017
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      Posts: 13
      hi all, there are so much game here. im so confusing right now, please tell me a rom hack is: completed 100%, have mega evolution and gen 6 mechanic, many thanks
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      Old April 29th, 2017 (6:32 AM).
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        Pokemon Ash Gray. It reminds of the good old days I used to sit back and watch the anime...
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        Old September 19th, 2017 (6:33 PM).
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        Petuuuhhh Petuuuhhh is online now
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        I like Pokemon Kanto Black because it is Pokemon Fire Red with Gen 4-6 Pokemon replacing the original Pokemon.
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        Old September 19th, 2017 (8:49 PM).
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        Sawsbuck Sawsbuck is online now
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        Flora Sky, mainly because I can have a Sawsbuck in Emerald but it's also a pretty cool hack
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        Old September 22nd, 2017 (3:39 AM).
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          Kidding, has to be Pokemon Fire Red: Rocket Edition. The features of the hack are incredible, graphics are good and the story is very well written.
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          Old September 23rd, 2017 (12:02 PM).
          csdc csdc is offline
            Join Date: Sep 2017
            Posts: 2
            Are there any hack roms where you can catch ALL pokemons?
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            Old September 23rd, 2017 (2:04 PM). Edited September 23rd, 2017 by Ravieli.
            Ravieli Ravieli is offline
              Join Date: Mar 2014
              Posts: 2
              Hello everyone,

              Ive played so many hacks since 2013. The best was Pokemon Light Platinum. Second Glazed.

              Now, i'm searching another complete hack to play with new gen 6 mechanics, especially moves and abillities, any sugestions guys?
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              Old September 24th, 2017 (3:40 PM).
              Heemi's Avatar
              Heemi Heemi is offline
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                I like Touhoumon Purple by Agastya the best out of all ROMhacks.
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                Old September 24th, 2017 (9:24 PM).
                peter McLightning peter McLightning is offline
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                  Location: House of richest persons
                  Age: 15
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                  Posts: 314
                  Ruby destiny series.
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                  Old September 25th, 2017 (10:24 PM).
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                  A noob
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                    Pokemon Unbound is my favorite rom hack.
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                    Old October 8th, 2017 (11:14 AM). Edited October 8th, 2017 by Juvia Milotic Lockser.
                    Juvia Milotic Lockser's Avatar
                    Juvia Milotic Lockser Juvia Milotic Lockser is offline
                    Juvia Was Here (Poké-Master)
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                      Posts: 3
                      My favorite roms are as follows:

                      *Ruby Destiny: Life Of Guardians
                      *Pokemon Blaze black
                      *Pokemon Cloud White 1-3
                      *Pokemon Light Platinum
                      *Pokemon Dark-Rising Series
                      *Pokemon Storm Silver
                      *Pokemon Sacred Gold
                      *Pokemon Prism
                      *Pokemon Emerald Moon
                      *Pokemon Ultra Violet
                      *Pokemon Victory Fire
                      *Pokemon Glazed

                      (AND more, I just forgot... Lol)
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