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ASM & Hex Byte Tutorial for Advance Map?

Started by bannabudder April 2nd, 2019 10:02 PM
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Bonjour everyone, I'm new to Rom hacking and had some trouble when editing tiles. I'm asked to choose Bytes. On online tutorials they are never asked to do so. I can't seem to find help online. Any help is appreciated.

ps: is there an undo button on Advance map?
The purpose of that is to search for free space, just in case you didn't know. If you go into "Settings" you should come across an option "Automatically look for offsets". If you tick that, you shouldn't get those pop-ups anymore =)

Also nope, no undo button unfortunately =(


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I thought this would be a good place to ask a question, because it is somewhat of a follow up.

I'm having an issue where a warp is only working when I use a 15x20 map. If I make the map 15x25 the game crashes on map load. I repointed this manually with no luck. What's recommended? Can I just create a new map and point that to any given offset? Or is generally frowned upon to create new maps instead of editing old. I'm worried about the rom's stability and haven't found any tutorial that gets into the inner workings of how A-Map writes to the rom.


So I inserted a map at a custom offset, Do I need to be aware of anything that could go wrong? Any insight would be highly appreciated. I wouldn't want to destroy my work.
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