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Character Nationality

Started by Estrello May 29th, 2015 5:00 AM
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How do you play characters from different cultures than the setting? Do you use it to add a special quirk? Do you vary from the setting? Does your character have certain view of different people? How would you convey this in to a tool that you can use for developement?

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In most of the roleplays I've been in, actual nationalities are not an option. Most of the time I'm using a made up location on a map with a small paragraph or two description to go on.

Kariyai is the closest thing to another nationality and culture - since the Titans roleplay embraces alien life it seemed logical. Hers is obviously vastly different, which is why it's somewhat of a plot device - but mainly because it introduces her goals in life.

Ordinarily I don't think it adds 'quirk'. I'd also be weary of using real cultures in a roleplay that didn't specify that its canon - even if based on Earth.


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I guess I just don't really consider culture overly much? When I create characters I tend to think of them as an individual rather than as a part of a whole. So unless the character's culture is particularly relevant to their backstory or personality it doesn't factor in much.
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