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Kudos to Characters! (Local Edition)

Started by Vragon2.0 April 17th, 2018 6:11 AM
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So, for the reason overlapping, "for no good reason." and "Vragon are you high?" I'd like to dedicate this thread for peeps here on the forum to say a character(s) they like from other users' stories here on PC! So if you're a depressed writer of fanfiction and/or originality which I think is safe to assume at least over half or are just a writer that writes cause "heck why not I'll press my keyboard how I want to!" Then come down here and for no reason other than time usage, leave one or more characters from other people's works here and if you can put it into words unlike that chapter you've been stuck on for the past 15 days despite having coffee to stir the thinking atoms in yah brain.

Structure it like this.
I like [user]'s [character] from [fic] Or however you do it, but at least make sure to include the three boxed stuff.

And like any generic science book I'll provide and example.

From Cavespider_17's Coltar - the Prophecy I like the character James, for his reckless and dare I say a mixture of amusement and personal vendetta against anything telling him what to do or just be like "down south" It's funny cause accent, so shut up. I also enjoy how the character has developed over the course of the story and has shown a more diverse side in emotion while still keeping to his roots. The freakin Red Head (or dark red head) that causes trouble.

Also, Cause apparently I wish the method I acquire arthritis be from my keyboard cause only it can own my fingers right now is Rick Gastly's character of [self insert name] from Changes the original and the sequel. For this character, I enjoy the mix of narration and real time events and catastrophes that follow a guy undergoing some changes PUNS!!! but not like the ones mom tells you when you're getting older. His character is the enjoyable musician that would make some sweet ass tunes, if you could hear through text also google speech you don't count!.

So give it up for subjectivity!
Thank you both for writing characters I can enjoy reading about when I can't seem to figure out how to make mine work.
Have fun peeps!


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Oh this seems like a cool thread! I would also suggest to recommend/give kudos to writers that do canon characters because writing canon characters isn't easy either!

Now, I'll give a shout out to icomeanon6's characters in Will Somebody Stop These Kids. In particular I really like Derek and Krissy. Derek and Krissy has some interesting backstories and nice character development throughout the story. The other characters in that story are cool too.

I might give more shoutouts (and maybe remember any authors that does canon characters) next time haha.

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