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Old February 7th, 2016 (3:07 PM).
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This is fine.
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"Little behind schedule" depends on what day you wanted, haha. If the start is on the 7th, then perhaps, but then if we have 20 days, starting on the 7th takes us to the 26th for the 20th entry, not 27th. May need to throw in a few token images to break up the spaces between entries as well imo. Easiest format is probably...:

Entry (username, entry itself)
Image relevant to above entry
Entry (username, entry itself)
Image relevant to above entry

What will be day 2? Gen 2 games, or a spinoff, or a non-game entry? May be best making the thread for this sooner rather than later for more time and then try and have days done ahead of time so we have a buffer.

Skim reading entries posted within the thread, idk if you want to use everything there or not, but in the spoiler:
Pokémon Blue was my first game, followed by Yellow version after handing Blue version to my brother. On both versions, I had trouble progressing through the game because of that old man blocking the road to Viridian Forest, and I had no idea what to do since I never paid attention to the text for instructions. I eventually got him out of the path and progress, only to get stuck on beating Brock because of the lack of Water and Grass types that were available in the beginning. My brother traded me a Ghastly to beat Brock and went on my marry way. To this day, I still haven't beaten the Elite Four in Yellow despite getting all 8 badges, while my brother did in Blue version. I had never experienced any of the famous glitches throughout my playthrough, as I never knew they existed up until I started using the internet more often.
"progressed" over progress, "...Brock, and I went on my merry way". Last sentence maybe could be cut as it doesn't flow well.
Sometimes I'm still reminded of the times when my cousin is playing several Pokémon titles like Red and Blue. As a kid who grew up when Pokémon anime was booming back then, I'm interested in it. So I asked my cousin to borrow his Gameboy Color to me, and as I picked one of these games, I'm starting to get interested in 2 particular titles, and one of them is Pokémon Yellow. It's pretty cute when I'm walking alongside with my Pikachu, talking with him as he speaks "Pikachu" in his anime voice, commanded Pikachu to show its moves as he yelled the "Pika!" battle cry, and managed to get several Gym badges together. Even though I didn't progress further to the game because I didn't owned it just yet, given that I enjoyed playing Pokémon Yellow, I've decided that when the original Pokémon main games will be released, Pokémon Yellow will be the first of the three (or four, if you counted Green) that I'll be getting, unless if I managed to get the New 3DS Pokémon bundle soon.
"...back then, I was interested in it.", "two" over "2" (numbers < 100 should be written out), tenses are inconsistent in the fourth sentence, "own" over "owned".
Third post - Otter's
" (such as Team Rocket's Pokémon and Bug Catchers' Weedles)" - Weedle rather than Weedle [canon confirms that use of plural for all Pokemon),
"When I finally read about how to execute the MissingNo Old Man Glitch " - I'd just refer to it as the MissingNo glitch.

Best post of the thread imo.
I have so many experiences with these games, I remember being creeped out by the Golbat sprite for some reason. I have memories of encountering Pokemon in the underground path for some reason (probably a dream or glitch). Whenever I went to Spain I would always take my Gameboy and play it there a lot.
I would always drop the Gameboy on the floor around the 4th gym and have to replay it all over again.
I would always train Pidgeotto into Pidgeot at Digletts cave.
I eventually completed the game with a level 100 Blastoise but that save has been gone for ages sadly.
I used to think mega punch was the strongest attack in the game and I had an Alakazam on pokemon yellow but I wonder how I got it since I never traded with anyone.
This needs minor re-formatting with paragraphs and etc. Game Boy, Pokémon, Diglett's Cave, Mega Punch, Yellow in that order. Also I'd chuck in the Golbat sprite next to this, haha.

When it came to my experiences of the first Gen Pokemon games, here is what I remember:
The first game I played was Blue
I admit that it took me a bit to figure out how to leave the starting house.
I also admit that the first time I ever battled the Champion after beating the Elite Four, I ended up losing.
I recall it took my IRL best friend to show me the Missingno glitch.
Again formatting with paragraphs, can join some sentences together. One full stop (after "Blue") is missing. Maybe write out "IRL" or just skip it ( took my best friend to...)?
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