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Sports Olympic Games

Started by Fletch August 10th, 2019 5:05 PM
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I’m very preemptive with this thread — but I’m super excited to watch the olympics next year. Probably the one sporting event I enjoy sitting down and watching start to end!

I do remember feeling rather... proud? Of the 2012 Games, and watching how the country wanted to show itself off.

Who else enjoys watching the games? Which events do you watch? Will you be watching next year?


magical leaf

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Man, I used to be super pumped watching Olympic games. I'm not a huge sport person or anything, but it's just the thrill of seeing each country putting their best people forward in all of these competitions that excites me the most.

that said though it's a shame because there isn't one event that comes to mind.. it's been so long since i've properly watched the Olympics. I've usually been too busy to dedicate time to it, but I'll make sure to do so next year. n.n


New Horizons
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While I don't mind having the summer Olympics on as background noise, I'm just really not all that into them. I actually don't mind watching table tennis or handball, but they're usually not covered as main events, so I don't go out of my way to look for them.

The winter Olympics is an entirely different story, though. Maybe it's because Canada's historically a lot better at the winter sports, but whether it's hockey, speed skating, ski jumping, curling, bobsledding, etc., I love watching all of it. Having the Olympics here in Vancouver back in 2010 was crazy too, though I'd been able to go to some of the events. Seeing the running of the torch was pretty cool, and I've still got a few souvenirs from that day on display right now.
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