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Interest Check Elder Scrolls Roleplay

Started by Jegretis May 20th, 2019 6:51 PM
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Posted May 20th, 2019
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Been playing around with the idea of an Elder Scrolls RP for a while. It played with the idea of taking place on an island in the north off the coast of Skyrim (similar to Solstheim), that's been forgotten for many generations. Most of the Role-play would take place on that island, with the chance of maybe continuing it onto the mainland if it gets that far once the main plot point is done.

Would anyone be interested?

Simply Dunsparce

The Middle of Nowhere
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I personally haven't played an elder scrolls game yet, although Skyrim/whatever the next installment is happens to be is on my "list of games I would like to get around to playing one day".

I am interested and may join if I don't have commitment issues.
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As I'm not big on medieval style fantasy RPs, I'll likely not join myself. However, I think the idea sounds good and I think you should go for it! Perhaps use a Workshop-thread to flesh out some ideas and mechanics :)
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