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Hey guys!
So I recently got Shiney570's Quicksave script, thinking that it would give a more authentic, emulated experience in my fangame. But I ran into problems right away
Whenever I load a previously saved state, my dependencies get messed up.
Like, if I have a pokemon following me when I have saved a state, when afterwards I load that particular state, the dependent pokemon is miles away from me and when I move, it moves too, but it moves int its particular region. Here's a screenshot-

Before I save my state, it's like this-

But after I load my state, it's like this-

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Oh, and one more question! There may be an easy to answer to this, but whenever I talk to anyone, the textbox appears on top of the screen. How do I make it appear at the bottom?

Thank you!
I am still learning!