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Ok so, i want to install the MrDollsteaks 1.5a rombase into a pokémon fire red rom so i can start editing it and make a simple rom, just changing the pokémon into being my own fakedex of fakemons. But there's a problem. I installed the ips patch, patched into that 1636 squirrels rom thing, and then i tried to check the rom through g3t but it doesn't work as expected. Everything IS decapitalized, old moves ARE updated to their current settings, Pokémon HAVE their new level up learnsets, yada yada yada. But what's been bugging me is that i *cannot change moves into the fairy type, and the moves and pokémon that became fairy type now have "23" at their typing instead of just displaying the name of the type like everything else. I'm a big, huge, enormous, tremendous, humoungous noob, and with that, i mean that the only thing i did was mess around with yape in an attempt of making an advanced difficulty romhack(of which i cancelled because of this new project). I am pretty lost on like everything, so please have patience with my dumb brain. Is the problem g3t? The fire red rom? the dollsteaks rombase? Please help :,)