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Old December 5th, 2008 (2:26 PM).
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    alipeewee: Looks like Leo's learned a lesson about being cautious :D
    Rocky leveled up to 6!

    Old December 5th, 2008 (5:34 PM). Edited December 7th, 2008 by Eucliffe.
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    |Chapter Two, Part One - Enter Azurill! Is it Really Worth It?|
    |Dai 2 Shou, Paato 1 - Ruriri o Nyuuryoku Shi te Kudasai! Kachi ha, Sore ga Hontou na no Ka?|

    What else could Lake Verity be but the serene place Gale had only heard about in fairy tales? Staring at the amazing view, she figured it was about time that she call out her Shinx. As she got out the PokeBall, she immediately remembered a set of stickers she had picked up not long ago. Taking the pack out, she immediately chose a blue lightning bolt and stuck it on the red part of the PokeBall. Maybe I'll paint the ball later to match the color, she thought, as she pressed the button in the middle. A white light came out, and it seemed to form some sort of creature. When the light faded, a blue-and-black lynx-like Pokemon with radiant topaz-colored eyes and a topaz shuriken-like thing on its tail stared up at Gale curiously. Gale immediately took out her PokeDex and looked the creature up.

    "Shinx, the Flash Pokemon.

    All of its fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blinded," Gale read, the creature still staring at her with its bright topaz eyes. Gale then proceeded to look up the creature's data, along with its moveset and gender. "Female... Knows Tackle and Leer... Has a Calm Nature... Which benefits in Sp. Def. and is hindering the Attack stat... Likes Bitter food; hates Spicy food... Great..." Gale sighed. "How am I gonna enter a contest with her if she hates the type of food that she would work best with?" The Shinx looked up at Gale with a worried look, as if she were to be released. Noticing the Shinx's sad gaze, Gale sighed again.

    "I'm not going to release you, don't worry..." Gale reassured. "But... You need a name. I'm Gale Sapphire, so you're... Hmm. Electric type... Hikari! And for middle name... Topaz! Because of your eyes and thing on your tail. So Hikari Topaz, Hikari for short!" The Shinx seemed to like her given name, and thus smiled, eager to move on. Just then, from out of the bushes, a bird-like Pokemon suddenly attacked Hikari without warning. Jumping back startled, Hikari growled at the bird, and immediately it seemed... intimidated... Gale had forgotten to look up Hikari's ability.

    "Intimidate... Well, comes in handy..." she muttered, proceeding to look up the bird's data.

    "Starly, the Starling Pokemon.

    They flock in great numbers. Though small, they flap their wings with great power." It didn't seem to be the case. This one was all by itself. Angry that it just attacked Hikari without any reason to, Gale began to command Hikari.

    "First, Leer! Then, Tackle!" Hikari proceeded to give a menacing glare at the Starly, which shuddered. The Shinx then arched its back like a cat would and dashed at the Pokemon with a burst of speed. Hitting the Pokemon on target, the Starly fell back, but it hadn't given up yet. Flying at Hikari with great speed, Hikari tried to get out of the way but was hit again. Giving the same orders as Gale had given Hikari before, the same pattern occurred, and eventually, the Starly fainted. Kicking it back into the forest, Gale sighed. Hikari gave a blank stare, and Gale assumed she was drifting off. Sounded like a calm Pokemon.

    "Ah-zu!" A sound so minute but audible, Gale turned her attention to the lake again. A small water-type was staring at Gale, and Gale noticed it was using its tail as a float.

    "Azurill, the Polka Dot Pokemon.

    Azurill spins its tail as if it were a lasso, then hurls it far. The momentum of the throw sends its body flying, too. Using this unique action, one of these Pokemon managed to hurl itself a record 33 feet." Gale stared at the small creature, surprised that it was able to go that far. But, looking at its attacks, Gale sighed. Is it worth it? she thought. Hikari seemed eager to add it to the team, so Gale decided to go on the defensive until she determined whether the thing wished to fight back. The Azurill hopped onto the land, and bounced on its tail for a bit. Finally, giving up all hope of deciding against capturing it, Gale gave a sly smile.

    "Hikari, you know what to do," she said modestly. The Shinx glared at the Pokemon menacingly like she had done with the Starly, but instead of just being intimidated, the Azurill began crying, and immediately, Gale's guard went down.

    "You're...scared, aren't you?" she asked it. The Azurill nodded. "Well, I won't go hard on you. Hikari, Tackle it LIGHTLY." Looking at her trainer with disbelief, Hikari jogged towards the Azurill at a slow enough speed and knocked it to the ground. Gale then threw a PokeBall, and as it opened up, a red light surrounded the small Pokemon and it immediately went into the ball. The PokeBall shook back and forth, the button flashing some red every half-second or so...

    (I couldn't get a female pic of Platinum Shinx off of Bulbapedia, so I used the male image. And also, if she does catch it, its name will be Hydro Turquoise if male; Reyn Cobalt if female.)
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    Chapter 2: Chris Vs. Kyle... Round 5

    Chris looked out at the lake... and stared at the island in the middle, feeling a strange feeling in his stomach. "Hmm... there's something about that island that makes me feel... happy, but what?" Chris stared out at the lake before hearing a voice.

    "Heh, it looks like you have arrived... I challenge you once again!" Yelled an eerily familiar voice. Chris looked over and it was Kyle. "Are you afraid to battle me or something? I'm ready."

    "I'm not afraid to battle you... but why do you want to battle?" Asked Chris... confused on the whole thing. "I mean, we raced around a city just around two weeks ago... isn't that good enough?"

    "No, I want a pokemon battle... we haven't had one since the bridge... and... there's a bridge here... it makes the perfect battleground!"

    "Hmm... fine. I will battle... one on one sound fine?" Asked Chris. Kyle nodded at that. "Good, now we may begin our battle... come on out Eevee!" And out came a brown fox-like creature.

    "Come on out Skorupi!" Yelled Kyle as he tossed his pokeball. And from it came a scorpion-looking pokemon, a Skorupi.

    "Eevee." (T: Whoa... What the-? I can't fight that thing!) Yelled Eevee. Chris sighed, hearing what his pokemon had said.

    "If we don't win... then that boy will gloat... do you want that?" Asked Chris, trying to bring out her fighting spirit. "I mean... he will brag. I beat him all of the time, but now... you need to fight with me... because you're my pokemon."

    "Eevee." (T: Like I really care about that.) Said Eevee, but Chris misunderstood the response, before getting back up. "Vee..." (T: Maybe he's calling it off?)

    "Eevee, use Tackle!" Yelled Chris. Eevee's eyes widened, but she went in anyway, tackling the scorpion, sending it back, but Kyle smirked.

    "Scorupi, use Bite!" Yelled Kyle. Scorupi smirked as best as you can with pinchers before rrunning up. Eevee tried to dodge, but Skorupi bit down on the leg, watching as the Eevee struggled to get free.

    "Eevee, shake it off!" Yelled Chris. Eevee flailed around in pain until she hit her opponent's eye, causing it to reel back in pain, Skorupi glared at the Eevee, but it wasn't so intimidating with only one eye.

    "Skorupi, use Poison Sting!" Yelled Kyle, now mad at Chris and his Eevee. "Send as much as you can!" Skorupi fired the attack, but with one eye, it's accuracy was decreased far enough to actually make each and every one of them fire into a tree.

    "Umm... we're over here." Said Chris before turning to his Eevee. "Now, use Tackle again!" Eevee sighed before slamming into the Skorupi.

    "Eevee!" (T: Oww! My head hurts from that thing's shell...) Yelled Eevee, but Chris could not understand pokespeech, so he lost the meaning. "Vee, Eevee..." (T: Why am I even with him? Oh, right... now I remember...)

    "Skorupi, use Bite!" Yelled Kyle. Skorupi went up to bite Eevee, but the fox-like thing moved out of the way before the scorpion could hit her. "Now, use Poison Sting!" Skorupi then fired the barrage of needles, but they all fired into a tree... again. "NO!"

    "Eevee, finish off that Skorupi! Use Tackle!" Yelled Chris. Eevee slammed into the scorpion, knocking it out. "Good job!" Eevee ran back to Chris before slamming into his leg, tripping him.

    "Grr... I'll beat you next time! I will, as I am the ultimate bug catcher!" Yelled Kyle before returning his Skorupi. "Oh, and I'll see you at my birthday party in four months."

    "Right, I'll see you again soon... I know that much..." Said Chris, referring to the times they battled in the Viridian Forest, and remembered the Mankey who stole his glasses. "Well Eevee, let's go... we have a long day ahead of us."

    "Eevee!" (T: What? Does this mean more battling!? Noooo!) Yelled Eevee before being returned to her pokeball.
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      Chapter 2: Not him.....

      Lake Verity. It brought beck many memories, and not any good ones either. All the memories were bad memories. Platinum was currentl sitting on a tree branch next to Lake Verity staring beyond the lake. He thought back to the first time he was here, it was also the last time he came here.

      He had just gotten out of trainer's school for a week and came here alone. Some bullies from school secretly followed him, and oncee they all got here they surprised Platinum by pushing him into the lake. Platinum didn't know how to swim then and he started drowning. He blacked out. The next thing he knew he was laying on dry land next to the lake with a blue pokemon with a huge tail looking down at him. It had been an Azurill. Plaitnum played with the Azurill and in a few hours they became best friends, but then something horrible happened. The leader of the bullies came back and scared the Azurill away and left after beating Platinum up.

      Platinum sighed. The memories hurt. He had been sitting in the tree for about 2 hours now wondering if he would see the Azurll, and he hadn't. Then, he heard something rustling in the bushs. He quickly stopped breathing and stopped moving as a young boy about his age came walking out of them.

      Oh no. This can't be happening! Platinum thought to himself as he realized who the boy was. It was the leader of the bullies on that drastic day, Mitchell, or Mitch(seeing as how he would hit you hard if you called him Mitchell).Mitch (not realizing Platinum was in the tree) slowly walked below the branch of the tree Platinum sat on. Then, a leef fluttered down from the branch above Platinum. He quickly tried grabbing it, but kept missing each one. Then, the leaf lightly touched Mitch's nose. He slapped it off and looked above him.

      "Oh, well look who we have here." he said realizing who the person above him was with a smirk on his face "My old pal, Platinum."

      Platinum moaned and jumped off the branch. "Leave me alone Mitchell." Platinum said. Platinum slowly turned around as Mitch came bursting up and grabbed him by his shirt and lifted him off the ground.

      "It's Mitch." He scowled.

      "Put me down. I have a pokemon now and I'm not afraid to use it." Platinum said trying to sound itimidating.

      "Yeah? Well me too." Mitch said.

      Mitch threw Platinum to the ground. Platinum looked up at Mitch who threw a pokeball from hsi belt onto the ground. It bursted open and in a blinding white light, popped out a blue toad pokemon. Platinum took out his sky blue pokedex and scanned it.

      Croagunk, the Toxic Mouth Pokemon. Its cheeks hold poison sacs. It tries to catch foes off guard to jab them with toxic fingers.

      Platinum gritted his teeth, as his eyes grew a bright red. He had finally had it. His whole life Mitch had been stepping and trampling on him. He grabbed his pokeball and threw it on the ground. This was going to be the first of many battles between him and Mitch, and he woulld win them all....

      ((OOC: That is the first part. Hope you liked it. The second one will be about Plat. vs. Mitch.:)))

      Credit to banner/avy PC Family
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        Sorry for the lateness!

        Chapter One: Twinleaf Town

        Verena stuffed the rest of the pancake in her mouth. She had to admit, after years of practice, she had become a decent cook. Of course, the house maids would think it 'unproper' for a 'young lady' not to know how to perform such a 'feminine' task. Verena grimaced, draining her milk in one fast gulp. Her nerves tingled excitedly, and she knew why.

        She glanced at the calendar hanging above the fireplace, in the large living room, next to the dining room, where she was finishing her breakfast now. One date had been marked brightly in red. The day she would receive her Pokemon in Twinleaf Town.

        That day was today. Verena stood up, opening one of the cabinets, and took out a map. She unfolded it. Come to think of it, Twinleaf's pretty far from here... She put her finger on the round dot that represented Twinleaf Town. Aha! So, if I take Ashfur, it should take somewhere between fifteen to thirty minutes…
        She glanced at her watch. That gives me about twenty minutes to prepare everything...

        She folded the map and held it firmly in her hand. She then ran up the long staircase, bumping into a maid as she passed. The maid looked around in astonishment.

        "Sorry, Laurence," Verena murmured, though she was not sure Laurence had even heard her. She rushed past her parents' rooms, sliding to a halt in front of her room.

        "I'm going to have to get myself new slippers," she muttered. "These ones are way too slippery."

        As she turned the doorknob, she had the strange sensation we were watching her. Turning her head, she saw a large Pokemon standing in the hall, eyeing her silently. Its white fur was streaked with grey and its amber eyes glittered maliciously at her.

        "Hey, Ashfur," Verena whispered. The Abosl always awed her; just the way it was standing there, in front of her, gave her the impression she was out of her place. No...this is my house...I should be here...

        "Good morning, Miss Verena," greeted another voice.

        Verena saw Gabrielle, another one of her parents' housekeepers, appearing out of the shadows of the her sister's room.

        Cleaning, no doubt. Don't these people ever do anything fun?

        Remembering her plan, she asked, "By the way, Gabrielle, do you think I could bother Ashfur for the morning? You go to Twinleaf? Please?" she added hopefully.

        Gabrielle stiffened. Her nose twitched as though it had detected a suspicious smell. "Of course," she said with a sniff. "You may borrow her."

        Verena stayed silent. She knew Gabrielle had always been against her becoming a Trainer. She thought a 'young lady' should do 'proper lady-like things', like needlework, tapestry, cooking, cleaning, attending tea parties...hence, everything Verena hated.

        Gabrielled took out a small, red ball from a pouch in the apron she was wearing. She placed it on the floor, then walked away, saying stiffly, "I wish you a good trip, Miss."

        And she disappeared from view, into Verena's parents' room. Verena approached the Pokeball slowly, aware of the Absol's unflickering gaze resting on her. She took the ball uneasily, now feeling a great need of privacy.

        "Ashfur, get back in your Pokeball," she told it. She held the ball in front of its dark face.

        The Absol closed its eyes lazily, before disappearing into a flash of light and returning to its Pokeball. Verena let out a sigh of relief. She did not enjoy the Pokemon's company; it always gave her the extreme sensation of having done something wrong, even when it wasn't necessarily true.

        Now alone, she entered her room, closing the door quietly behind her. She plopped herself on her bed, finally letting go of the map that she was clutching tightly in her left hand. She also placed Ashfur's Pokeball on her desk, then removed a small, blue knapsack that was hanging on a coat hanger placed in the corner of her room for a reason she didn't know.

        She knew that she would receive her Pokemon, Pokeballs and Pokedex from Professor Rowan. That meant that she wouldn’t need much. She simply threw the map, two bottles of water, a vest and some bug spray. That’ll be all I’ll need…at least, I hope.

        She glanced at the clock resting on the wall. Time to go. She flung the knapsack over her shoulder and left her room. Heading down the winding staircase, she saw Laurence, the maid she had bumped into earlier. She tried to make an apologetic face, but the maid simply continued looking in front of her, as though determined to ignore the ‘Miss’. Verena shrugged, annoyed, and ran down the rest of the stairs. In the front hall, she changed her fluffy slippers with her usual high-heels. Then, she opened the door and rushed outside.

        She took out the Pokeball that held Ashfur. She tossed it into the air, excitedly, because she knew that when she would be doing this often as a Trainer, and managed not to twitch as Ashfur’s eerie figure appeared in front of her.

        “I need you to take me to Twinleaf,” she told it. “Can you do that?”
        The Absol looked at her. Verena had the frightening impression that the Pokemon was amused. Its amber eyes shone dangerously. Verena gulped. Then, slowly, Ashfur nodded, though it did not take its eyes off her. Heart pounding, she climbed onto its back, gripping the sides of its fur-covered neck quite firmly, but she didn’t dare grip it any harder than that.

        Without warning, the Absol pounced forwards. Verena, unsettled by the sudden surge of speed, lost her balance and could only hold on tighter than she would have dared onto Ashfur as they rocketed through the city. Passer-bys jumped out of the way in alarm.

        So this is why Gabrielle keeps Ashfur. She hates Pokemon normally, but this is one fast messenger when you need one!

        Before she even noticed it, the landscapes around them changed. Buildings and parking lots were replaced with fields and trees. Then—suddenly—they stopped. Verena, looked up curiously, wondering why they had halted. Glancing around frantically, she saw, to her disbelief, that they had already arrived at Twinleaf Town. Staring at her watch, she realized how alarmingly fast they had traveled. The trip had taken barely seven minutes!

        “T-That was great,” Verena told Ashfur. “Y-You can return to your Pokeball now….”

        She put the red-and-white ball on the soft grass. Ashfur looked at her once again, with piercing amber eyes that seemed to drill into Verena’s head. It flicked its front paw, and disappeared in another flash of red light.

        Verena, now feeling uneasy, even though the Absol was gone, picked up the ball nervously and dropped it into her knapsack. Her heart was beating fast. She knew why. She was aware that people were now staring at her. People from this town. Gulping, she headed towards the bridge that led to Lake Verity. Unfortunately, it was at the exit of the town, and she felt people’s gazes resting on her as she walked towards the bridge.

        And she walked. She walked, and walked…until she was facing Lake Verity right in the face. She felt a bit better now that she had left Twinleaf. Dozens of people were no longer swarming around, looking at her curiously. But things weren’t that much better. She didn’t know Professor Rowan, either. And what she didn’t know, she didn’t like.

        “What are you doing there?”

        Verena blinked. She turned her head. She spotted a large man amongst the tall grass, with a bushy white mustache, wearing an equally white lab coat. I take that old man is Rowan.

        Effectively, the man was indeed Rowan. He walked over to her, and led her towards the grounds of Lake Verity. There, in the plain middle of the field, she saw a table had been set. A boy, only a bit older than she was, was standing around, carrying a suitcase.
        Another unpleasant-looking woman with a thin mouth was also there, with a big bag.

        “Those are my assistants,” Rowan explained. “That’s Lucas, and there’s Ms. Mar.”

        Verena nodded. Her throat was throbbing painfully.

        “So…” Rowan led her to the table. “You’ve decided to become a Pokemon Trainer.”

        She nodded again.

        “Well then,” Rowan said. “I think you’ll need one of these.” He took one of the red devices on the table. “A Pokedex.”

        Verena nodded once again. She had seen people with those smart little machines. They were one of the most important things a Trainer had, apart from his or her Pokemon.

        Rowan raised his eyebrows. “Now, shall I explain the technical features of the Pokedex, or is this familiar for you.”

        “Yes,” she managed to say.

        “Ah,” he said. “Good. Then take this, girl, and don’t take it out of its case unless you need it. It’s quite fragile.” He took out a black case-like object.

        It was Verena’s day of nodding. She took the case and dropped it into her knapsack. She looked questioningly at Rowan.

        “Yes,” he said. “Lucas has the Pokemon and Ms. Mar has the Pokeballs you’ll need. Go see them, please.”

        Verena raised her eyebrows. Okay, I don’t mind the guy, but…I have to go and talk to that grouch?

        As though she had read her mind, a sharp glint flashed in Ms. Mar’s eyes.

        “All right,” Verena mumbled. She walked over to Lucas, who hastily opened the briefcase he was carrying and took out a small, round ball like Ashfur’s. She accepted it nervously. Then, half-heartedly, she stalked over to where Ms. Mar was standing. The latter sniffed, then reached into the bag and dropped five Pokeballs onto the grass. Verena, fuming, bent over to pick them up, then placing them in her knapsack along with her Pokedex.

        “I see you have everything,” Rowan said mildly. “If you don’t mind, you will leave. I expect others, you see.”

        Verena nodded. She paced quickly out of Lake Verity’s gate. Once outside, she let out a breath that she didn’t remember holding. She stared at her right hand, which was gripping her Pokeball tightly. Closing her eyes, she tossed the ball in the air. She heard a faint popping sound, and when she opened her eyes, the sight of it made her stomach lurch.
        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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          Pikataro: That was a great post! By the way, I tried to make your Shinx with a girl, but they didn't have it either, good thing they had an Azurill for it :D And you just caught one!
          You captured a level 4 Female Azurill (Reyn Cobalt)!

          Rubii Naruto: LOL, Kyle's back once again! At least you won the battle! I feel sorta bad for Eevee :O I guess Eevee's a female then
          Eevee leveled up to 7!

          Pikalover10: School memories... let's see how thi battle will turn out with Larvitar against Croagunk :D

          Neiko Star: That was an excellent post, I guess it was worth the wait! Can't wait to see her reaction to a Feebas! :3
          You recieved a level 5 Feebas!
          You recieved a Pokedex!
          You recieved 5 Pokeballs!

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          2. A Rough Start
          Isaac sat upon a ledge, staring down at the Poké Ball in his hand, “I wonder what kind of Pokémon it is?” he asked himself, running his fingers over the button. “What if it doesn’t like me?” he questioned, raising his head up and looking out over the lake, “No! It will like me, why wouldn’t it?”

          With that, Isaac pressed his finger down on the button and in a blinding flash; a small Pokémon appeared in front of Isaac. It was about one foot tall, had a blue “hat” atop its head and the rest of its body was a light pink. Isaac blinked at the strange Pokémon and quickly pulled out his Pokédex, which burst to life and began to identify the Pokémon.

          Mime Jr.: the Mime Pokémon.
          It habitually mimics foes. Once mimicked, the foe cannot take its eyes off this Pokémon.

          “Mime, Mime!” chanted the little Pokémon, causing Isaac to jump back in surprise. “So, Mime Jr.” he started, moving closer to his new Pokémon, “What’s up?” he asked, not knowing exactly how to talk to Pokémon. Mime Jr. jumped and spun, ending up facing away from Isaac, without even looking back... the Pokémon went running off through the grass.

          “Hey!” called Isaac, hoping that his Pokémon would stop... but he didn’t, Mime Jr. just kept running though the grass. “Come back!” shouted Isaac, chasing after the evasive Pokémon with all his might. After about five minutes of running, Isaac found himself all alone... he had no idea where Mime Jr. had gone and now he was lost.

          Isaac sighed and walked over to the ledge that hung over the water, “Great...” he muttered, letting himself drop slowly onto his backside, “I only just got my first Pokémon and I’ve already managed to lose it.” He lifted his head slightly and saw a man standing on the other side of the lake; he had spiky blue hair and was wearing a strange silver outfit.

          As Isaac stared at the man, looking as confused as ever... a blur of pink came flyover his head. Isaac looked up and saw Mime Jr. sailing through the air, “Hey!” he screamed, reaching his hands up in an attempt to grab the small Pokémon. His plan didn’t work too well; Isaac lost his balance and fell down into the water below, followed closely by Mime Jr.

          Isaac and Mime Jr. popped their heads out of the water and stared at each other, suddenly... Mime Jr. burst into laughter, but Isaac simply glared at his mischievous Pokémon. “What did you do that for?” he asked, wiping the water off of his glasses, “Were you trying to get yourself killed?”

          Mime Jr. could hear the anger in his trainer’s voice, his little head drooped and he tried to swim back to the shore... which wasn’t very easy for such a small Pokémon. Isaac saw his Pokémon struggling, so he picked up Mime Jr. and helped him over to the shore, “I’m sorry I yelled,” he apologized, pulling himself out of the water.

          “Mi, Mimey,” replied Mime Jr., as if to say ‘I’m sorry’ as well. Both Isaac and his Pokémon smiled at each other, their Journey had gotten off to a bumpy started... but they both knew it would only get better.
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          |Chapter 2, Part 2 - Mysterious Man Cyrus! Can He Be Trusted?|
          |Dai 2 Shou, Paato 2 - Nazo no Otoko Cyrus! Kare ha Shinrai sa Reru Koto ha Deki Masu Ka?|

          The ball finally stopped shaking, and ended in a "pinging" sound. Gale calmly picked the ball up, and immediately turned to her Pokedex to look up her new Azurill's data.

          "Hmm... Female... Guess I'll call her Reyn Cobalt. And let's see... Mild nature. Level 4, knows Splash and Charm... Mild's dominant stat is Sp. Atk, hindering is Def. Likes Dry food, hates sour food. Well, works for me..." Gale muttered, closing up the Pokedex. She then brought out her sticker set and picked out a sky blue rain drop, placing it on top of Reyn's PokeBall. She decided to open it up, so Hikari would get to know Reyn. When the Azurill came out, she took one look at Hikari, then hid behind Gale.

          "Reyn, don't be scared..." Gale said softly, patting the little mouse's head. "Hikari means well, I promise." The Shinx nodded in agreement, and Reyn looked over at her. It seemed as though the two made a connection, because the small Azurill walked over to Hikari, who nudged her gently. The small critter smiled, and hopped of Hikari's back, her tail up in the air. Reyn then swung her tail around a couple times, and flung it at a nearby branch. Contact was made, and Reyn held on tight to Hikari as they flung into the air. Suddenly, they hit what seemed to be something, or rather someone, and Gale immediately ran up to see if the person was OK. He seemed to have rathe spiky sky blue colored hair, and he seemed to have an evil impression on his face, though Gale wasn't too sure. Even though he had gotten hit, he was still staring at a cave in the middle of the lake. Gale found it rather peculiar, but nonetheless, he didn't seem to have any interest in her, so why bother?

          "Hello," the man said, his head turned towards Gale, but his eyes still on the island. "Have you come to see this island too?" Gale shook her head. "It seems there might be a powerful Pokemon living in that cave over there." Gale turned toward the island, then back at the man. "Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet. I a Cyrus. I have an interest in this sort of thing." The man, Cyrus, gave an eerie smile, causing Gale to shiver a little. With that said, Cyrus turned his attention back into the island, and at once Gale realized his expression showed that he was...looking for something... Reyn and Hikari looked at the man too, surprised they didn't upset him, then at Gale. Gale nodded at the two, and they sighed.

          Near the exit of Verity Lake, around where Gale had first gotten Hikari, a bunch of Bidoof were staring at Gale and her Pokemon curiously. Suddenly, one of them charged and knocked Reyn into the water.

          "Hey! You can't do that!" Gale exclaimed. Reyn started crying, and Gale rushed over to where she was and pulled her out. Hikari then turned to the bunch and glared at them, causing them to shudder. Then, arching her back out, the Shinx rammed into a couple of them, knocking them back. But, they seemed to have a hardy demeanor, and were able to get back up immediately. Gale then put Reyn down on the ground.

          "OK, Reyn, I need your help," Gale sweetly said to the scared Azurill. She nodded a little bit, but then gave an unsure look to Gale. "Well, then, Splash!" With an even bigger confused look on her face, the Azurill did as told. She hopped over to the Bidoof and began bounding uncontrollably, hitting the lot of them with the large blue sphere attached to her tail. They didn't seem to be hurt too much, but they were quite dazed.

          "Now, finish them off, Hikari!" The Shinx nodded, and charged at them again. The Bidoof were yet again knocked back, too dazed to even respond. As the group fell to the ground, Hikari smiled, sure it was over. But, after a minute or so, the Bidoof got back up, which ticked Gale off.

          "Hikari, Tackle until they faint! Reyn, use Splash again too!" It seemed like a mini Battle Royale, because as soon as Gale's two Pokemon began charging, so did the Bidoof, until a cloud of dust formed. When the cloud faded, the Bidoof were out of site, and Hikari and Reyn were still standing, but it seemed as if Reyn were barely able to continue. Gale picked the two up and looked in the direction the Bidoof has possibly run off to.

          "Well, at least you beat them..." Gale said, sighing.
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