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Pokémon: Project Philippines

Started by Purple Mage May 10th, 2018 2:49 AM
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Purple Mage

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Posted May 10th, 2018
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Hello, I'm Purple Mage, who can also be found on the forums of Serenes Forest under the same username. I have an idea for a Pokémon hack set in the Philippines. The original idea can be found on the Serenes Forest Forums, which I have pasted here, because I can't add links yet:

I'm planning for a Pokémon hack set in a region based in the Philippines. I tried to gather all the Pokémon that seem to fit in the country, and the result is found below. Keep in mind that some of the legendaries at the bottom of the list are placeholders. As for the setting:

The player starts in Digos City, a small city at the southeastern part of the map. Here, they will get a starter Pokémon: Turtwig, Torchic, or Totodile. (I just noticed that all three start with T. The theme was supposed to be Philippine turtles, cockfighting, and crocodiles.) Route 1 will be going south to General Santos City, where the first gym is found. After that, you'll head north to Route 2, which goes from Digos to Davao City, the largest city in the southern part of the map. The second gym will be there. Then Route 3 will go northwest, to Cagayan de Oro City, the second-largest city in the south where the third gym is found. The player will have to go west to Zamboanga City (I'm not gonna bother adding links anymore) for the fourth gym, then take a boat from CDO to Cebu. The southwestern part of the map will be converted into a desert full of Ground tyoes, as that is where all of the kebab (if you know what I mean) live, and they came from the desert.

Cebu is the first place in the middle part of the map, and where the fifth gym is found. The middle part of the map will mostly be filled with areas that are not gyms, possibly something plot-related. The northern part of the map starts off in the city of Naga in the southeast of the northern map, where the nearby volcano has inspired the locals to use Fire types and make spicy food, and also home to the sixth gym. After that, a train will be used to head to Manila, the capital, home to the Pokémon League and the seventh gym, which will be Poison type due to the pollution. After that will be a hike up north to the mountain ranges surrounding Baguio City, the coldest part of the map due to its elevation. It is not cold enough for snow, but hail occurs uncommonly, making the locals, including the eighth gym, use the few available Ice-types.

After the gyms, the player will finish up the evil organization subplot, go through the Elite Four, then beat the Champion, finishing the game.

Now, all I need are some people to help me with ideas, such as Pokémon availability (maximum of 250), trainer teams, location themes, and sprite and artwork. I have an idea of a trainer class that paces around, sells ice cream, and uses the Vanillite line (Vanillite will be one of the few Ice types available because we have Sorbetes), and a Farmer trainer class which uses grass types. I also need someone to help with enemy team composition, as I'm planning for a Bonus Boss involving (MASSIVE SPOILERS BELOW)

Thanos in the mountain area, disguised as a farmer, with a full team of six Pokémon representing the Infinity Stones. This is because his final scene in Infinity War was filmed in the Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines.

Aside from the main rival with the starter advantage that you can name, I'm planning for a secondary rival whose main Pokémon is Vanilluxe. I'll need some help with the script, although I will lay down some guidelines on words: Swearing will be limited to less offensive curses such as "crap" and the occasional "bastard/dastard", and some coming from the local language and its dialects, such as "buang" (look it up). These are the same basic rules I apply to my fanfic writing.

I haven't decided for half of the Gym types, although the latter half (in order) will be Water, Fire, Poison, Ice.

So can you guys supply me with ideas? I'll need help from my fellow Filipino users.

I'm using FireRed as my base rom, alongside MrDollSteak's Decap and Attack patch. The biggest challenge this project faces is the lack of Trainer/Overworld Sprites. I think I can get by with the vanilla tilesets, as I don't really need a snowy area. To be honest, I would have used Emerald, if only there was a suitable rombase for the job.

So can you guys help me?
I'm also on with the same username.


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Some suggestions:
  • Add other places such as Vigan, Boracay, Corregidor, Siquijor, etc. for some rare Pokémon or plot spots...
  • Perhaps add some references/inspiration of some characters to some Pinoy figures such as Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Fernando Amorsolo, Manny Pacquiao, etc. to add some twists...
  • Base some stuffs of the storyline from Pinoy folklores and legends...
  • You can use drug or kidnapping syndicates or rebels as the villains...
  • 250 species is quite small for an archipelagic setting, perhaps add at least 50 more...
  • First 4 types are: Grass, Ground, Dark, Flying (in any order)...
  • Add Mega Evolution and Primal Reversion (and Ultra Necrozma)...
  • If you use Emerald, Battle Frontier would be in Batanes...
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This is an interesting concept. I was actually thinking of doing the same thing, except I wasn’t completely set on it yet. It seems like you have it much more fleshed out. The only thing I was a little concerned about is that it would be a little similar to Alola, but even then, this would be a gba Version so it would be unique regardless.

Good luck on this, I’d love to see it move forward.
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