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    Update - 19/9/2018

    "It was a time of chaos..."

    Project Introduction

    Pokmon Conquest: Shogun's Path, is a fanmade revamped version of the original Pokmon Conquest game.

    An expanded and detailed storyline with a more serious content, combined with a different

    enviroment than the other Pokemon games. Through the history of the legendary Sengoku era.

    The gameplay style will be Black/White (Gen5) based on RPG Maker XP - Pokmon Essentials.


    The story takes place on the Sengoku/Warring States era of Japan (Region of Ransei in the game).

    Ransei Region, a land of Warriors and Pokmon and the ties that bind them together...
    Through years, the region, was on an endless scale of wars and long lasting battles.
    These increasingly brutal battles were the Warrior's own Pokmon to grow weary.
    Each Kingdom with their respective Warlord/Ruler had it's own truths and ideals
    to protect but also their own ambitions and desires to achieve.
    Most of them were seeking the elusive...
    Legendary Pokmon, while some others wanted to use their power in order to preserve peace.

    But there was a certain man, whose ambitions were aiming higher than just that...
    His skill and determination surpassed every person in Ransei.
    But that man chose a darker path in order to achieve his desire.
    He brought destruction to anyone who stood against him...
    His one goal was to unify all Kingdoms and become the rightful ruler, the Shogun!
    Once called "the fool", he gradually spreads his army along with the the powerful
    Dragon-Type Pokemon by his side through the region and rises to power!
    It was a time of chaos...
    The region was separated in two and the great battle of Ransei had begun!
    Two great Warlords gazed each other preparing for their grand battle...
    This is when a new page in the future of Ransei will be written, as an ancient legend of the past,
    was brought back to life... The war for Ransei was far from over...

    Game Description

    Experience the legendary history of the Sengoku era

    from the reign of Oda Nobubaga to the Ieyasu Tokugawa's Edo Period
    through the RPG style gameplay of Pokemon Conquest: Shogun's Path features!

    Battle lots of great, notable warriors and warlords, join forces with them,

    explore and uncover the secrets of Ransei
    and meet with all Pokemon up to 7th Generation!

    Show the world of Ransei your path for the title of the Shogun!

    The gameplay experience will be separated in three different chapters
    with a unique story each, following the flow of the historical events!
    However, the game project will include all chapters on the single release (Not episodes style)


    World Map


    Here are some features this game will replace compared to the original games

    ? Pokdex will be the Gallery instead, which
    will serve as alternative.

    ? Linking with Pokmon instead of using Pokballs.

    ? Some HMs will no longer included.
    Cut for example will be replaced with a key item,
    a sword which the player will use to get past trees and other obstacles.
    Surf, Fly and a few more will remain as HMs.

    ? The player will be able to change Pokmon(Deposit or Withdraw) from his/her party at any time as there will be no PCs
    the linking system will include this (of course without healing them on the transfer)

    ? No Badges (The Kingdoms will play a good role regarding the "Gyms and Badges" of the original
    games). This feature will be added after you finish the main storyline.

    ? Almost all Pokmon available up to Gen 7
    including Legendaries and Mega Evolutions however,
    (Some Pokmon like Porygon, Mewtwo or Type:Null,
    which were created by humans with the use of advanced technology will not exist.
    Instead there will be some Fakmon to replace them.

    ? New moves and TMs

    ? Lots of new custom items

    ? Rideable Pokmon

    ? Pokmon Conquest style dialogues

    ? Tons of events and different things to do both in the main storyline and after the completion of it.
    PWT System, minigames, Battle Frontier and many more.

    ? Cinematics

    ? More than 40 unique characters (Some custom)
    with their own role and storyline within the game.
    (Rivals, friends, antagonists, allies - lots of roles included)

    What may be added later.

    Multiple choices/decisions that will affect the gameplay experience

    Quest System

    Level Cap 100+ (due to long storyline)

    Character Ranking (Like on Pokmon Conquest)

    Bond Pokmon Tranformation (Ash's Greninja style) within the linking

    Bushido Forms (New Ransei Pokemon Forms (Like Alolan)

    More Revamped Conquest Characters

    Dynasty Warriors Post-Story chapter

    We're open for your own suggestions as well! Feel free to share your thoughts on how we
    can improve the game project! New features will be added, so don't forget to check for further updates!

    Cinematic Trailer

    If the video is not playing you can watch the trailer through this Link

    Attention: The scenes within the cinematic trailer are originated
    from the original Samurai Warriors games made by Koei,
    as well as the Pokmon games and movies.

    Gameplay Trailer


    Noteable Characters

    Motochika Ch?sokabe

    Notable Quote: "The sounds of our rebellion will echo through the panels of history!"

    Motochika Ch?sokabe, is an artistic and mature leader
    who is deeply moved by the loyalty of his men.
    He is the Warlord of the Kingdom of Fontaine, and is encountered early within the game.
    Motochika challenges the main Hero/Heroine to prove themselves to him
    with an invasion at the Kingdom of Aurora. After your first encounter with him,
    he joins the heat of battle through his desire
    for revenge and a true rebellion against Nobunaga.
    Connected to the tides of history,
    he wants the lost lives in the war as well as his name to never be forgotten.
    Though seemingly quiet and introverted, he is a rebel who feels he should never
    accept an intangible fate. Motochika is a veteran of Water-Type Pokmon.

    Lady Oichi

    Notable Quote: "For my love, I will go to the ends of the earth and back!"

    Lady Oichi is a kind individual who believes in her loved ones.
    She is the sister of Oda Nobunaga, the ambitious man who begun the Conquest of Ransei!
    She once enjoyed Nobunaga's company since he was kind and gentle,
    but once his behavior soured, she distanced herself from him.
    Oichi misinterprets her brother's ambition and fears he wants to destroy all of Ransei.
    To escape the war he commits to waging, Oichi runs away from her home,
    Dragnor, with her beloved Pokmon partner Jigglypuff.
    She plays an important role within the game, as she happens
    to appear from the first scene, in the Kingdom of Aurora and meet with the hero/heroine.
    When Motochika's men invade the Kingdom, she team up with the player in order to repel the attack.
    Lady Oichi is married to Azai Nagamasa, Warlord of the Kingdom of Spectra.

    Date Masamune

    Notable Quote: "The Dragon of the North has come to conquer!"

    The One-eyed Dragon, one of the most powerful and arrogant warlords of Ransei,
    Masamune rules the Kingdom of Avia.
    Masamune recognize Nobunaga to be his superior in military power and strength.
    Although he desires to conquer Ransei for himself,
    he is rational enough to acknowledge
    that he is currently too weak to overthrow Nobunaga.
    For the sake of his ambition, Masamune surrenders to Nobunaga
    and schemes to one day have enough power to claim the land in his own name.
    Though labeled as an upstart by his enemies, he is actually quite clever
    and is capable of turning the tides of the battle with his plots.
    He uses Dragon, Flying and Electric-Type Pokmon.

    Sanada Yukimura

    Notable Quote: "My warrior's spirit burns with the flame of justice!"

    Yukimura is a valiant warrior who fights until the bitter end.
    Under the training of Takeda Shingen,
    a legendary class warlord of Ransei, and ruler of Terrera.
    Yukimura is a man who values duty above all else.
    He possesses unforeseen bravery even when he's faced with overwhelming odds,
    passionate in his task to defeat the enemy.
    He is the second in command of the Sanada clan,
    and has an older brother, Sanada Nobuyuki who is the current head (of the clan).
    Sanada Yukimura will face the main hero/heroine many times
    within the storyline, as part of his ultimate training in order
    to become the most powerful warrior in Ransei!
    Yukimura couldn't use no other than Fire and Fighting-Type Pokmon
    which resemble the burning spirit of his character.

    Progress -
    How Can You Help

    Story (Writting): 70%
    Events (Including NPCs): 30%
    Dialogues (Including NPCs): 15%
    Maps (Overworld) 90%
    Maps (Interior & Caves) 25%
    Mechanics (RGSS - Scripts): 20%

    Trainer Sprites: 90%
    Fakemon Sprites: 30%
    Overworld Sprites: 100%

    UI & Music
    Graphics (Custom Menus and related stuff): 40%
    Audio (Music and Sound Effects): 80%

    How can you help?

    Scripter - We are currently experiencing some issues regarding the graphical interface,

    we need someone experienced enough in RGSS
    who can help with the creation of a custom graphical UI
    in the needs of the project as well as in general scripting (Mechanics)

    Eventer/Writter - Also, we only have one "eventer" for the game building process,

    resulting in slow progress. Anyone who's familiar with RPG Maker XP - Pokemon Essentials
    and have basic knowledge of it can help as an eventer for the project.
    We also need a good writter who can work on the "script" part
    in order to improve the quality of the text and dialogues...

    Mapper - The final position we're looking for your help, is mapping.

    We've done quite intresting progress on this part,
    but still, we intend to improve the already existing maps of the project.
    So, we would appreciate your help as a mapper
    who can create some complexed and detailed overworld and interior maps.
    I will provide you with all the neccessary tilesets for you to begin with.

    If you're interested to help in any of these ways, you can add me on discord
    my ID: Raios#6009

    Project Development Team

    Raios: Lead Writter, Mapper, Eventer
    Wystogan(SnakeMasterz): Mapper
    Kirlial: Mapper
    Jobless Tuber Music: Music

    Spriter Team
    Healz4Diamond: Spriter (Overworlds)
    Duncapham: Spriter (Overworlds/Trainers)
    Mid117: Spriter (Overworlds/Trainers)
    Jikaroriginal: Spriter (Overworlds)
    ThXVthmember: Spriter (Overworlds)
    Tox_Shadows: Spriter (Overworlds)



    Koei Temco Europe Ltd
    Nintendo Gamefreak
    Luka S.J
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter

    Stay Tuned For More Updates!

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    Old November 24th, 2017 (8:06 PM).
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      This seems really cool. I really love the focus on the story. I was a big fan of Pokemon Conquest so I'm curious to see how this turns out. Good luck!
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      Old November 26th, 2017 (2:27 PM).
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        well you do any cameos of dynasty warriors players...even for a segment...or post play? loved both series either way don't forget about katoro hahahah
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        Old November 27th, 2017 (12:08 AM). Edited November 27th, 2017 by Niteslayer.
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          Originally Posted by supereffective View Post
          well you do any cameos of dynasty warriors players...even for a segment...or post play? loved both series either way don't forget about katoro hahahah
          That would be very interesting, something like Warriors Orochi games where both Samurai and Dynasty Warrior characters were included.
          Yeah possibly this should do as a post-story chapter encountering characters from the "Three Kingdoms" era of China (Dynasty Warriors games).
          I'll consider your idea on the extra (What may be added later) features.
          As for Katoro, you probably mean Fūma Kotaro, if so, yeah he will play some good role within the storyline.
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          Old November 27th, 2017 (4:19 PM).
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            yeah that's what I meant, gonna be amazing
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            Old December 6th, 2017 (8:12 PM).
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              wow those cut scenes would be amazing in a game, can it be done? if you could find a way to make your sword or weapons in general enhance your pokemon, that be a good touch. sword that makes it rain, enhances stats, coveted by thunder pokemon, or even a specific pokemon likes the weapon.... be fun to search and build for the best weapons like in the sw games. cant wait to see your guys beta!
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              Old December 28th, 2017 (1:39 PM).
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                just a dumb idea, idk if u guys want the dynasty warrior sammuri warriors ps2, xbox 360 feel to the game in the big battles , but have 5 6 npcs scrableing , fighting your way to the bosses....they can have weaker pokes or whatever like the extras are easy to kill in the samurai warriors games . and have the officers have strong ones. look forward to this one!!! shocked im still the last post after 2 3 weeks lol
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                Old December 28th, 2017 (5:35 PM).
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                  another idea, if its at all possible, who knows if you can sneak and hit a pokemon trainer before they see you , have a thunder swoerd, paralyze them, poison sword , poison do etc etc. okay that's enough tonight lol have a happy new years
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                    hey i just found this and ame really interested because pokemon conquest best spinoff so is this still in development or was it cancelled because if still going i would love to know how compelte
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                    Old February 14th, 2018 (7:11 PM).
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                      Wow, this looks vastly different from any of the other fan projects I've seen. Looks like Dynasty Warriors meets Pokemon.
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                      Old March 3rd, 2018 (2:48 AM).
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                        This is looking really nice and original. Both your current and future feature lists are pretty amazing. You are doing some great work there =)

                        I will continue to keep watch on this game so I don't miss any updates or demo releases xD
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                        Old August 7th, 2018 (3:37 PM).
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                          I am really looking forward to this! I hope to see an update soon!
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                          Old August 27th, 2018 (12:38 PM).
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                            Sadly I think this game is dead we haven't heard anything since the New Years.
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                            Old September 18th, 2018 (1:54 PM). Edited September 19th, 2018 by Niteslayer.
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                              It's been a while everyone, we've been experiencing some issues due to lack of game developers (we're still in need for a scripter, graphic-UI designer and someone experienced in RGSS Eventing.) Due to that the game progress slowed us down all these months. Still there's no giving up, as we do not intend-plan to abandon the project. We have already planned some future updates and new ideas so stay tuned for more!
                              The first gameplay trailer will be released, next month.

                              Main Post Changelog - 9/19/2018

                              - New Game Screenshot Content (Images)
                              - New Title Screen
                              - Project Progress (Progress - How Can you Help)
                              • Most of Overworld Maps Completed
                              • Overworld Sprites Completed
                              • Most of Trainer Sprites Completed
                              • Game Music and Sound effects progress almost Completed.

                              What to expect soon...

                              - First Gameplay Trailer
                              - New Game Content

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