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Seen April 3rd, 2023
Posted March 31st, 2023
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Hey there friends, and happy April Fool's Day! Today I am sharing with you the alpha release OST of a planned Pokémon ROMHack, Pokémon Delta. No, it is not a prank! I figure you will all enjoy this on a day otherwise filled with pranksters and jokes.

(if the embed is broken, the link is here:

So am I actually developing this game, or am I just an ideaguy with music? Well, I have been programming an engine known as the "Modern Ancient Engine" now for a while along with a group of ROMhackers known as Team Protostar, and it is expected to be usable sometime late this Summer. You can check the video for the links to the Discord and the GitHub, where you can keep track of development! Like all Pokémon Crystal hacks should be, as soon as it enters development, the source will be open for all to see and enjoy.