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Started by WackyTurtle March 20th, 2013 6:08 PM
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I have played through Legend of the Arena 1.2 and did it very quickly. This is a awesome game with different but very engaging storyline. The little sidequests are also very nice. Now I am at the end where a police is blockng a cave to Glacier village.

With that said, Sucker Punch is indeed bugged. It always hits no matter whatever move opponent uses. Waiting for the next release while hoping that my save game will be valid for that release.
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Wow. I didn't expect Legends of the Arena 1.3 to be released; that came out of left field. A pleasant surprise indeed.

For anyone who wants to update and continue their game, the new demo link is on the official Reddit.
Thanks for telling me this. I watched shofu from Youtube play through the newer parts of the game and decided it was finally worth checking out.

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Till Where does the current demo go? How many badges?


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is it a dead game?
Maybe not..... if i remember correctely thre was at least a couple of years between the last update and the one before it. So it's hard to tell. Also given the changes be tween the alst two I wouldnt be suprised if it's taking a bit of time again.
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Hey can someone help me out, I was playing the game and my computer froze so the game saved and closed itself, I opened it again clicked on my save and it froze again on a black screen it saved again on the black screen. Opened it again try to load my save this error pops up '' Script 'PScreen_Load' line 399: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'updateMap' for nil:NilClass" is there to load a previous save or something I dont want to start over
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why you haven't add pokemon,move and abilty from gen 7 and 8 ????
perhaps they didnt want the game to have any gen7 or gen 8 mons? as the creator they have full rights what they do or dont want to put in their game, and if you dont approve of their decision then whom are you to argue it?
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