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Hello everyone!

I am back to Pokemon games (started as a kid with Red, then Yellow, Gold and a bit of Black) with Shield.
I just finished the main story and the 2 DLCs. Now I am ready to go online.
I tried a few friendly battles without problems, but once I try to go to the ranked ones it tells me my team is not valid.

-Incineroar NOT VALID
-Primarina NOT VALID

I understand I can get only one legendary (Lunala or Zekrom) right?
But I still can't get why I cannot have nor Incineroar nor Primarina

Please help!

Thank you


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Ranked battles in SwSh have a bunch of little rules regarding what Pokemon and things are allowed, and they change every so often. You can see a list of rules for each season here: (click on the one that is for the current time period/season)

If I had to hazard a guess as to why Incineroar and Primarina are not allowed, you probably transferred them from the last generation, and most Pokemon not born in Galar are not allowed to be used in ranked battles until they have some thing done to them at the Battle Tower.
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