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PokéCommunity Daily is recruiting!

Hello! We are looking for the next wave of budding writers to join PokéCommunity's own writing outlet, PokéCommunity Daily! We cover just about everything from breaking Pokémon news, battling articles, guides (including for the upcoming Sword and Shield games!) and even a few articles on picking the perfect husband for you. As you can see the potential is limitless when it comes to content, so if you've been bursting to highlight some cool fanworks, tell us what the best gen 8 Pokemon is, or why Kanto truly is the best region, then apply today!

Here is the article with full instructions on how to apply. If you have any questions ask here, or send me a PM.

Remember as well - even if you don't feel like being part of the Daily team itself, you can still propose articles and write them if they are accepted! Make sure to check out the Daily section here on the forums.