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Old June 3rd, 2008 (6:39 PM).
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    xD! I've finally finished that sign up. Thanks for allowing Aerodactyl, by the way. I have beautiful visions of Caleb flying on him. *_*

    I'm slightly stuck-up and aesthetics-obsessed, so it's highly unlikely you'll see me use anything but shiny Pokemon.
    Deal with it. :]

    Relevant Advertising!

    Old June 4th, 2008 (3:10 AM).
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    prepare yourself pls
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      Name: Lilac Ros
      Age: 17
      Gender: Female


      The young girl stands at an average height for most females her age, with a toughened and fair build due to the athletic challenges she strains herself through every now and again. Her skin is of a tan pigment due to the long hours under the Sun’s exposure. Her long, scarlet red hair falls to the middle of her back in messy, unkempt tufts that require a dire need of trimming. These locks frame her oval face nicely, allowing her pair of radiant, dark blue eyes to stand out. She is usually seen with a smug grin on her face and has a habit of standing on one leg (not literally, she just likes to lean her weight on one leg instead of standing with a straight posture).

      Lilac has always been as tomboyish as her current state. However, due to the effects of war, her baggy grey pants no longer fall to her ankles. Tattered and not to mention extremely dirtied by the hardships the girl has had to endure through, her knee-high shorts now resemble the colour of the night. She is also the owner of a short-sleeved shirt of a purple shade with no intricate patterns of details imprinted on it. Previously falling to her waist, the edge of the clothing has been worn out and torn beyond repair, now hinting a small rectangle of pale skin whenever Lilac stretches her arms over her head. The pair of initially white coloured sneakers she wears now is the shade of gravel, and possesses multiple holes; their soles threaten to peel off soon. The only articles of her attire remaining fairly intact are her
      leather belt, hanging loosely from her waist and clasping tightly onto her Pokemon’s Pokeballs, as well as the pair of clover-shaped earrings she wears on her ears.

      Her revolver hangs from a holder attached firmly to her belt, and her dagger in its own small sheath. Though the tiny blade looks harmless as it is only as long as the palm size of a grown man, it is known to be extremely sharp and incredibly handy for cutting through obstructions. Lilac’s revolver can only fire up to six rounds at once, before she needs to reload.


      Despite her graceful name, Lilac was born to be a tomboy. She relishes getting dirty and finds the idea of wildly shooting off bullets and utilizing guns a very entertaining game. Though she comes off as childish to most because of this part of her attitude, due to the state the world is in currently, the girl promised herself to take things more seriously. Over the years, only a small portion of her once childlike nature is retained. Though she still enjoys firing off bullets randomly, her smile is a rare and elusive commodity in the world today. However, she still has the habit of telling sarcastic jokes and making light humour out of a conversation now and again. This is probably due to the fact that she dislikes heavy atmospheres, and though Lilac has come to the realization that now is not the right time to be fooling around, she hopes that a slight hint of joy amongst friends may do wonders to the mood.

      The female is someone who prefers to have fun, and one who is also known to be a show-off, wasting bullets on target practice when she has the time and an audience. However, the dark cloud and all that it has brought in tow has also made Lilac a slightly paranoid person who people may find hard to gain trust from. Cold and aloof to the ones she does not consider friends, she never lets her guard down around suspicious people and wields a courageous heart in combat. Though her weapons may not be the toughest or deadliest, she has full belief in her capability to survive. She utters harsh and bitter words when she suffers from frustration and irritation, and does not hesitate to give a stinging comment to anyone who would be a distraction in the battlefield.

      However, once you have earned her friendship, her personality changes a fair bit, Lilac loves nothing more than opening up to new companions. Her favourite phrases are, “The more the merrier,” as well as “There is strength in numbers”. The girl finds herself worrying less and feeling more secure in a big group of trustworthy people, where she knows she is protected and loved.

      Weapon: .22 Revolver and Dagger.

      - Ariados [Female/Rui]


      Lilac grew up in Ercuteak City, where she would venture to the neighboring National Park every Sunday of the week with her parents to see the greenery and the lovely flowers. The young child was especially delighted to see violet lilacs growing in the flowerbeds, and would pick one of said flowers and bring them home whenever a kind person of the garden staff allowed her to do so. The girl kept her lilacs in a beautifully crafted vase with the imprint of a majestic Suicune painted upon its ceramic surface.

      Her parents were both incredibly caring, and loved their only daughter with all their hearts. The mother and father’s only wish of their treasured child was that she would grow up and develop into a lovely dancer, hopefully claiming a place in the Kimono Girls’ dancing troupe. The ladies’ flawless routine captured the hearts of both parents as they watched on, awestruck at the sheer beauty of their dance. Though Lilac found them to be pretty, as a young girl, she didn’t find them as captivating as her parents did. Both of them were distraught when their daughter refused to take up dancing lessons, and even more furious when she told them she didn’t want to get involved in anything ladylike. They reached their boiling point when Lilac said that she preferred to go exploring near the Tin Towers.

      Though mother and father decided to hide their disapproving thoughts, from then on, they never spoke to the ten year old with the same compassion and warmth. It seemed as if an invisible wall had materialized between the parents and their child. Lilac did not bother to question them about their new personalities, instead, asking them if she could get a Pokemon.

      The parents managed to grab hold of an extremely classy Flaffy with silky wool and shiny fur. However, their daughter shook her head at the pink creature, telling her parents she would go out and capture her own Pokemon with said Flaffy. The girl had no idea how she had pierced her parents’ hearts, neither did she seem to appreciate their care.

      One day, when she journeyed to Goldenrod with her mother and father to purchase items from the Department Store, did the life changing situation take place. As the girl rejected the pair of earrings her mother had just bought for her, a dark cloud blanketed the sky. People started crying out in different voices, but all possessed the same quality in their tones, everyone became frantic and frightened.
      Wild Pokemon started attacking random people, the horrible sight befalling in front of the young girl’s eyes. Her parents shielded her all the way as they desperately looked for shelter. “Don’t worry, its okay, we’ll be okay.” Her mother and father constantly assured her, a sense of certainty in their calm and composed voices.

      Lilac finally realized, after a long period of years, how she did not properly treasure and cherish her parents for all the wonderful things they did for her. Tears carelessly rolled down her cheeks, screaming cries in the background, as she began crying at all her wasted years, overlooking the ones that loved her the most. While she ran alongside her mother, she pried open the woman’s hands, taking the box that contained a pair of earrings both parents had specially picked out for her and tightly grasping onto it. She would never disrespect anyone who she loved ever again.

      Other: Lilac likes to sit on Rui's back.

      t e n h e r o e s

      Old June 4th, 2008 (3:45 AM). Edited June 4th, 2008 by Shadowfaith.
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        darkhaven: Completely missed that XP. ACCEPTED

        Kat: As allways, great sign up. ACCEPTED

        EDIT: You just got it up ion time Ibu XD. ACCEPTED.

        Not that one more person can join, but I expect a sign up strait away. No more reservations.

        Anyways, I will start this now, so get ready peoplez!
        Old June 4th, 2008 (5:31 PM).
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          i will post in the rp thread very soon. im sorry, im writing a history essay >.
          laurenlovestoned <3

          thanks to fluffy kitten hugs for the awesome trainer card

          <3 paired with ~Swish~<3
          Old June 7th, 2008 (2:07 PM).
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            And here arrives your neighboroud mad killer ^^
            I've taken for granted that I signed with a false name (Manuel Croven), 'cause I don't think a murderer would show up and yell his name ^^
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