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Pretty much what the title says.
Well,for example:
I have a buddy who has a thick beard and cares a lot about his friends. If someone messes with us(his friends) he straight up launches chaos ! Hence I can't help but compare him to Emboar (basis is 'dex description).
Do you have any such comparisons you make in your life ?

Entei Fan

Canine pokemon fan

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Everytime i see a cat walking i say Vaporeon
As for my friend Arthur i use to call him Gallade (My first Gallade was named Arthur )
My pokemon omega red trainer card

Original nick - BH
Name - Bartek


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I actually don't think I ever did? Maybe here and there on very rare occasions when something Pokémon-related that's especially similar pops into my head. Wish I could remember those few instances. @_@

sheep x bobandbill 5ever
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