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Know of any spooky content?

Kakurenbo/Hide & Seek is short, but I think a masterfully done piece of horror anime. I love it. Who'll play and seek with me? Everyone has been caught...

Boogiepop Phantom is one I consider underrated. The series is a little slower-paced and may be hard to follow at times, but it's got some hair-raising creepy moments.

Your turn to name some anime and manga that goes bump in the night!

Edit: The movie Paprika is another anime that got my attention. It's more of a psychological thriller, but there are some downright nightmarish scenes that I'll admit disturbed me a little.

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Another, if you ignore the last couple of episodes. The pacing is pretty fantastic up to that point...shame it couldn't stick the landing. The first two seasons of Hell Girl have their moments, too...I mean, it IS a show about sending people to Hell in an ironic fashion. Things get particularly out of hand when an entire village stumbles across the site and start sending each other to Hell in retaliation...

But the crown for this for me at least is Rikako Oryo's episodes in Psycho-Pass. The girl seduces her fellow students, processes their bodies, and then makes sculptures like this out of them. Without a single change in expression. The show itself is more of a cop show than anything else but the criminals in it really go the extra mile in being downright disturbing sometimes, although none more so than her.

Also I have to be honest...the Titans in AoT creep me the psyduck out. I mean, seriously. Why. Just why.

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Higurashi isn't exactly outright scary, but it has a very creepy and spooky atmosphere throughout. It's also amazing and everyone should watch it.

Serial Experiments Lain isn't really horror or anything like that, but a few episodes do lean into this direction a little bit and it certainly has some unnerving moments. Conversely, early episodes of The Promised Neverland are firmly routed in the horror genre but it later switches to a more thriller direction as it ups the tension and focuses more on the plans of the kids rather than introducing the terrible world they live in. Still has its moments though.

Paranoia Agent fits but like... I can't even try to explain that show to you. It's weird. I think it's the same guy who came up with Paprika. I'll also second Hell Girl, it's not really scary but it's very Halloween. I'll toss in Gakkougurashi! too.
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