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Which of these is your favorite type?

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New Horizons
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Favorite Pokémon Type Competition
~ Final Round ~

Hey there everyone, and welcome back for round 4, and the finals of the Favorite Pokémon Type Competition!

After a lot of back and forth earlier on last week, we've been left with just 2 final types up for contention as your favorite- Dark and Ice types! Electric came in at 3rd place, though it was leading earlier on the week, but that's why every vote counts! Grass, Ghost, and Dragon types put up a good showing too, making all the way up to the penultimate poll.

Unlike like past weeks, you are limited to just a single vote this time around, since there are only two options. And while I don't expect it, if there happens to be a tie at the end of the week, we'll refer to the voting of the previous rounds to determine who the winner will be.

Happy voting everyone, and best of luck to the two remaining types on becoming the champion!


Age 25
Weather Institute in Hoenn
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Posted 23 Hours Ago
Ice please


hymn of the fayth

the dream world
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Posted 4 Hours Ago
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voting ice


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Posted 15 Hours Ago
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These polls have each taken a really surprising turn! If only dark-type didn't make that sudden comeback. :p

Voting for ice!
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Let's go Ice!



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>dragon type doesn't make it to the finals

Nah ンン
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Laverre City
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Posted 4 Hours Ago
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Oh this is not easy.. :'(

As much as I love my Ice types, I think I have to go with Dark on this. They were my babies before the Fairy type and I gotta stand with them. <3


eepz, come help pwease!

Age 33
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Posted 1 Day Ago
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love both
do love Umbreon a bit more... dark typing gets it from me
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Ice one of my all-time favorites is that type
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Cape Town
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Ice ice ice! Such a gorgeous type!!
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Age 25
Weather Institute in Hoenn
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Posted 23 Hours Ago
Ice wins yaaassss


hymn of the fayth

the dream world
Online now
Posted 4 Hours Ago
4,953 posts
14.3 Years
It sure has been a wild few weeks, huh...?

Winner of Round 1: Psychic
Winner of Round 2: Dark
Winner of Round 3: Ice

Winner of the FInal Round: Ice

I gotta say... you'd honestly think that the winner would be one of the starter types, since those would ordinarily be the popular ones. But this goes to show that even the most underrated types can come out on top! Brendan and I both had zero idea that Ice and Dark were both going to make it this far (especially Dark, for some reason it has quite the following around these parts).

Thanks for participating, everyone! We hope to see you around in the next series of contests that we do. n.n
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