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    Hello my name is Melissa, but everyone calls me Mel. I am at the beach with my friends.
    “Why didn’t you wear your bikini to the beach?”One of my friends asks.
    “I was in a rush and I almost forgot it Lindsy,”I replied.
    “You’re just lucky there’s a clothes changing booth,” remarked my other friend.
    “Shut up, the other reason is that boys will be all over me.” I said
    So once I changed I met up with my friends and layed on the beach with boys starring at me.
    “Hey I’m thirsty is anyone else?”I asked.
    “Yeah get me a cola,”Lindsy replied.
    “Get me a beer” Other friend added.
    “Mindy you know we’re only 18.”I remarked.
    “I was just joking, get me a sprite.”Mindy replied.
    So I went to get our drinks. On the way back I ran into this really good looking guy, he is also so nice.
    “Hey girl would you like to go out Friday night?”The guy asked me.
    “I’m busy with my friends then but maybe Saturday?”I replied
    “Sounds good to me here’s my number.”He said as he hands me his number.
    I went back to my girls and gave them their drinks. I was starting to tell them about the cute boy when a sail ship came to view.
    “Girls do you see the ship?”I asked them.
    “Yeah but why is it a sail boat, they don’t get used anymore?”Asked Lindsy.
    “True, it looks like a pirate ship.”Mindy announced
    “But pirates don’t exist.”I said.
    The pirate ship came to shore and someone came off it. The man looked like a raggedy person, grey hair, peg leg, and a pirate hat.
    “You three girls come with me,” the pirate said.
    So we came with him onto his pirate ship, then he threw us into the “pirate” jail. We were there for like a week until one day someone came down.
    “Girls I’m here to save you.”The strange boy said.
    “Who are you?”I asked.
    “The boy I gave my number to.”He replied.
    “Oh, but who are you?”I asked.
    “I’m Brad, a former pirate.”He replied.
    “You used to be a pirate?”I asked.
    “Yes now follow me.”Brad replied.
    So we followed Brad onto the deck, we went to his captain’s boat. We were almost home free until that weird pirate came onto board.
    “Don’t steal my girls!”The pirate said.
    “You can’t just pick people and put them into your jail.”Brad replied.
    “I can do whatever I want because I’m a pirate captain.”Pirate said.
    “I may not be a captain, but I am a first mate!”Brad yelled.
    “Ha, first mates have no ruling, they are useless.”Captain announced.
    “That may be true but he is still my best friend.”A stranger said.
    “Captain, I rescued these girls.”Brad said.
    “Good, now take them back to Florida and protect them.”Captain told Brad.
    “We can help captain.”I said.
    “No this is between me and Grey Beard.”Captain replied.
    “Come on girls lets go.”Brad says as he walks onto the raft.
    I’m getting tired on all this, but as long as we don’t get killed I’m fine. I still have no clue what is happening, but I’m just glad someone rescued us. Wait I just realized why did I say that we can help? I have no clue about anything of pirates.
    While we were getting onto the raft Brad winked at me. I was like whoa, and my cheeks went rosy red. I have never blushed at anyone before. I’m kind of surprised that he was a pirate because he doesn’t even look like one. He is cute though.
    Once we got to shore we followed him to his house where he had a room that had surveillance. He told us to sit down and calm down and translate on what just happened. My mind is like blown still on what just happened. But I must put that aside now, but what are we going to do to solve this?
    We were in there for about what feels like a week, I’m sure my parents are very worried by now. We thought about sneaking out so we don’t have to deal with this but Brad has surveillance.
    “Brad can we leave?”I asked Brad.
    “No, you must stay here or you will 90% dead.”Brad replied.
    “That I don’t care.”Mindy said.
    “You will when you will be captured again.”Brad replied.
    “Why is he after us not you?” Lindsey asked Brad.
    “He kind of is but he will go after anyone I like and love.”Brad said.
    “Huh, I don’t get it.”Mindy said.
    “Well I met up with... whats your name?”Brad asked me.
    “My name is Melisa, everyone calls me Mel.”I replied.
    “Only her friends.”Mindy added.
    Once Brad heard that he turned back around and watched the survailence cameras. I wish I was home with a boyfriend. But I don’t have one.
    “I wish my birthday ended better.”Mindy whispered to me and Lindsy.
    “Too bad, but we have a bigger problem.”Brad replied.

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