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Hi all, I used to use PokeCommunity back in 2006 or so. Here is my Post from another Thread I was writing to someone else:

I cannot say the new UI (User Interface) is as good as it used to be. In fact, it's quite a Brain-Strain. It's using this new kind of style of the big Border-less Shade-less Buttons, that although do minutely change when you Hover over them, do not really change enough! And, the sizing of things is just too much. I don't think it's my Screen Size, but it's just the way it's structured makes it too big. And, some of the...what do ya call it in Web..."Floating" Nodes or "Frozen Nodes" of the User Controls (where my Avatar is, the Search Button, the Mail Button, etc.) tend to get a bit in the way, along with the little few rectangles that show "Community", "Meet & Greet", are not well made.

In addition the main Portal of the Forum could use a lot of work, and I'm only able to really read what's on the Page with the Black Theme, the "Johto Elite" one. The ability to Quote a Post isn't clearly visible, and to even see the "Respond" is a big Eye Strain. It would be good if we could get the ability to colour the Fonts as we see fit, and if some of the Icons for the Formatting Controls could be more clear. They're mostly just the same looking thing at first glance, even on a massive Widescreen Monitor it's still too hard to tell; and they're all coloured the same Light Gray colour.

Also the irritating Advertisements on the bottom make the Page Footer too big, and the positioning of the "Staff", "Rules", "About Us", "Contact Us" buttons are not good, as they end up being scrunched into a Right-Align with the Forum Theme getting put on the same Row as it. That should NOT be happening! Other things like the fact when I'm searching Posts by Me or Threads by Me, if a new one has been made by me; it will not be able to show them with just a simple Reload of the Page. I have to go back and reclick the Hyperlink on my Profile of "View Previous Posts".

Other little tidbits like Centering and positioning of Titles and Buttons are just a big massive headache. I actually cannot even read most of the things written in the Forum (and my vision is good; albeit with Glasses) for the Topic List. The little grey text of the most recent Post is UNREADABLE without a massive nausea attack.


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Regarding your issues with the layout, would you post a screenshot of what the index and this thread look like for you? Just to confirm what you're seeing on whatever your current screen size (and possibly browser zoom level) is.
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Oh good! I'm glad you posted this, I was going to forward your comments to the dev team. Hopefully we can find a resolution for you. :)


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I will say that we are still running vBulletin which a very old software, so you have to do quite a bit of clicking to get to where you’re going.
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