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✒️ Character Creation Monthly Event ✒️

Hello, hello. I'm Bay, one of the last Writer Lounge mod here bringing you another edition of the Character Creation event! We all know the drill here, so let's get right to this month's prompt.

One of my favorite things about character creation is coming up with how they live their day-to-day lives. They can be a doctor with a family, an athlete training for a sporting competition, or a college student that has a part-time job but still parties every so often. They have friends, family, and loved ones that they contact, letting them know what they've up to and that they doing fine for the most part.

What if they have a second life that you don't know about? Perhaps you have a teacher that you then see then work at customer service to get money for school supplies, a friend that has a day job and is a superhero at night, or you have a loving family but kept your "side job" as a magician at the back alleys a secret. You can even be an undercover agent that does that for a living and is good at it. Characters leading a double/secret life can also be fun scenarios to come up with and makes for great conflict.

For this month's prompt, let's see your character's "secret identity!"


If you're feeling a bit stuck and aren't sure where to begin, here's an optional template similar to what we often use for RPs!
🍀 Name:
🍀 Age:
🍀 Gender:
🍀 Appearance:
🍀 Personality:
🍀 History:

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I know this might be like the last one I posted but this is my one and only character I've made as I tend to have a hard time coming up with different things. But she is the one I have for any wrestling fan fics I write. I've worked many years on her and tweaking things over the years and usually say she's my opposite.

* Ajay is a character that belongs to a friend of mine we've worked together when writing and she is Madeline's cousin.

Name: Madeline Rosemarie McIntyre
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Appearance: Madeline is 4'10'', fire red hair that goes to her shoulder blades, and bright blue eyes. She usually dresses high class and sophisticated. Not one to show off skin per say or anything to revealing.
Personality: Madeline is rather shy and will keep to herself if she's not reading a book. She doesn't typically speak out as she is the seen and not heard type.
History: Madeline has 3 older brothers (Felix, Maximus and Lucas) with Felix and Lucas being in the music industry and Maximus being an MMA fighter. She is closest to Lucas and Maximus even though Maximus is the most serious of the three brothers. Her father is very strict and is a high-class businessman in the auto industry. This is where the seen and not heard comes from.

Secret Life: She has a cousin Ashton (Ajay) Reso who is in the wrestling business and Madeline would hang out with her when Ajay was in wrestling school. She was use to it with her brother Maximus being in MMA and all of his training. For someone so prim and proper you would think being around sweaty and stinky guys would be a huge turn off but it doesn't bother her one bit. While her brothers knew about her wrestling life her father knew nothing about it as she knew he would disapprove of it in no time flat.

Not gonna lie I have a hard time making new characters as I have worked years on Madeline to the point where she was originally named Molly Franklin. The closest thing to other characters I would have would be her brothers but even then they haven't been worked on as much as her.
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