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Essentials Script FRLG UI/Menu Pack

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silentgamer64 silentgamer64 is online now
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    As the title suggests, I've recreated various UI and Menus seen in FRLG. Some of these menus actually used to be available in Essentials, but have since been long gone due to the menus not being properly scaled for the newer default screen size.

    This pack contains the following UI/screens:

    - FRLG Battle Screen

    Notice how the move's PP changes color the more it is used:

    The party preview has also been changed to reflect the FRLG style:

    - FRLG Box Storage Screen

    FRLG never displayed abilities, but I felt that info was too important not to show:

    Here's what a filled box looks like, as well as a held item on a Pokemon:

    I've also included almost every box wallpaper from FRLG as well as the ones from RSE.

    - FRLG Move Tutor Screen
    This is just a more simplistic screen, nothing too fancy:

    - FRLG Party Screen

    Swapping Pokemon:

    And yes, the screen supports double battles:

    - FRLG Summary Screen

    Resources for each screen are located in separate folders. This is mainly for organizational purposes but also allows people to pick and choose which screens they want to use.

    Each folder contains pictures that go straight into your picture folders. It also contains text files with contents that you can copy/paste directly into your script sections. The text file names match the script sections they are to be copied to.*

    If you are using the summary screen, the script titled MoveDescFix can be pasted into a new section above Main. This script is required for the summary screen to work! Shoutout to Marin for providing this script as a fix for the offsets of move description lines in the summary.

    - For some reason choosing a Pokemon from your party outside of battle will sometimes make the screen think there is a double battle. This bug is mostly harmless and only appears in specific instances like for the Daycare and Move Tutor.

    - While not shown in the provided screenshots, I have also included the type icons from Gen 3 for the Box Storage, Move Tutor and Summary Screens. Fairy type icon is not included.

    - These scripts have ONLY been tested in Version 16. Attempting to implement them into Version 17 will be done at your own risk. That being said, the image resources can still be used but scripting will have to be done separately if compatibility is an issue with later versions.


    - MoveDescFix created by Marin
    - Essentials scripts modified by SilentGamer64
    - Images pulled from Essentials 2012 and re-scaled by SilentGamer64
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    NeoPlayerX NeoPlayerX is offline
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      Are you can do it for Version 17?
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      Old 2 Weeks Ago (4:46 AM).
      silentgamer64 silentgamer64 is online now
        Join Date: Feb 2015
        Posts: 92
        Originally Posted by NeoPlayerX View Post
        Are you can do it for Version 17?
        Possibly in the future, I started with v16 because that's what I'm using for my own game and upgrading to v17 would be too much extra work with all the script changes I've already made.

        Fortunately half the work (the menu images) is already done, so all I would have to do is look at and change the scripts.
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