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Old May 23rd, 2017 (3:19 AM).
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It's only recently discovered, the Antimonia region, as it's been dubbed by researchers. Cracks between our dimension and Antimonia causes people from our world to be dragged into the other, and creatures from that one to appear in ours. The cause is still not explained, but what most scientists agree on is that it has to be stopped - or it might mean the end of both our realities. For the time being, a few relatively stable portals have been established.

Antimonia seems to be an Earth that has evolved drastically differently to our own. Pokémon are present in large amounts, but while the species seem similar to ours, they also in ways are their complete opposites. Generally, pokémon from Antimonia are called anti-pokémon, antimon for short. These creatures were discovered first, and their homeworld subsequently named after them.
At a first glance, Antimonia can be strikingly beautiful. At least if you end up in the right places. Other parts are treacherous and perilous. Generally, Antimonia's geography seems more drastic and dramatic than Earth's. It's been theorized that Antimonia's version of the world is younger than our own, perhaps even at the ancient dinosaur age when the world looked different.

The borders of Antimonia are not yet known. Its inhabitants don't seem to have a concept of countries or regions, or owning land. So far, the science community on Earth have just been calling anything beyond the rifts and portals Antimonia, regardless of what the landscape where they enter is like.

map will come!!
Something speaking against this alternate world being at the dinosaur age, is the existence of indigenous humans - Antians. They live in tribes and either fear or respect the antimon. It has so far seemed like each tribe has a strong or mythical pokémon as their main point of worship, deity if you will. Their technology is very limited, but the tribes that have learned to respect and communicate with the antimon seem able to use their powers for growing crops and making life easier in other ways. Much like early humans did in our world.
The creatures in Antimonia have been shown to have many similarities with pokémon - so much that they might as well have been existing in our world as alternate forms. They are classified as pokémon rather than Ultra Beasts, but since no normal pokémon have so far been found in Antimonia, they are still called antimon to distinguish them from pokémon from Earth. Antians just refer to them as beasts.

pictures of antimon (fakemon) will come!!
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