Fourth Generation Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum kicked off the fourth generation of Pokémon. Two years later, fans of the Johto region were treated to a remastered adventure in HeartGold & SoulSilver. Discuss the games, explore the features, share your experiences, and help other players out!

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This is a compliation of the old HGSS/DPPt FAQ threads in the on place. Naturally, info may need to be updated or corrected in places, so if you have anything like that to point out (or something to add!) then please PM me! Note the other parts will be added later - for now it'll just be this post.

This guide has contributions by The Hunk and other contributors. To make it readable and actually presentable, Hiroshi Sotomura and Matthew put their muddy paws on it. Try the Control+Find feature (Ctrl + F for Windows) to quickly find the question you are looking for if it is covered in here thus far.

Old HGSS FAQ thread

Old DPPt FAQ thread


  • DPPt/HGSS FAQ - this post!
  • more posts to be added later! (basically the same ones from existing threads)



What's to 'soft reset' and how do I do it?
To soft reset is to reset your game without turning your DS off and on again. Just press L+R+Start+Select at anytime and your game will reset.

How do I get SHINY Pokémon?
Shinies appear randomly, either in the wild or via eggs. Any Pokémon without set characteristics can be shiny, including starters. The chance to get one is about 1/8192. The chances do not increase if you breed two or more shinies with each other.

What are the orange dots trailing me on the Sinnoh Town Map?
The orange dots indicate your recent movements between areas. There are five dots that mark the places you've moved between.

Where is the 3rd gym leader? She won’t go back to her gym!
Fantina isn’t the 3rd gym leader. You must proceed from Hearthome and arrive at Veilstone City – the third leader is there. Fantina is the 5th leader – she does not arrive until you learn about Sinnoh’s history in the Celestic Town Shrine.
In Pokémon Platinum, you can battle her as soon as you arrive in Hearthome.

Why do I need the National Dex? How do I get it? How do I get to the remaining parts of Battle Zone?
The National Dex is required to capture the remaining legendaries, and see Pokémon that can be collected when Game Boy Advance games are inserted in Slot . It is required to get into further areas of Battle Zone as well. You can get the National Dex after seeing 150 Sinnoh Pokémon (Manaphy, Sinnoh Dex’s 151st Pokémon, is not included) by visiting Professor Rowan's lab.
In Pokémon Platinum, you need to see all 210 Pokémon in the new Sinnoh dex, Manaphy's data can be obtained, after beating the Elite Four, from the book on Mr. Backlot's desk. (on Route 212)

How do I get the Poké Radar?
You must have already obtained the National Dex (see above). By visiting Professor Rowan's lab, Professor Oak will visit and give you the Poké Radar.

I can’t catch Dialga or Palkia in my game to complete my Sinnoh Dex! Where do I find it?
After you see all 150 Sinnoh Dex Pokémon, the old lady living in a house right atop the Celestic Town Shrine will show you a picture of the Pokémon you need. Either Dialga or Palkia will then be registered into your Sinnoh Dex.
In Pokémon Platinum you can catch both Dialga and Palkia after beating the Elite Four.

How do I get my Pokémon from Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen or Emerald onto Diamond or Pearl? How do I get to Pal Park?
Read the instruction manual yet? You should have the National Dex first. Then, go to Pal Park at Route 221 and learn about it there. To upload a Pokémon from a GBA game into your DS card, connect a GBA cartridge into Slot 2 of your Nintendo DS. On the main menu, you are given the option to download Pokémon from your game. This only works with Pokémon GBA games that have the same language as your DS game. The Pokémon you download into Pal Park will be taken off the Game Boy Advance game and will not be transferable back into your old game.

Remember you can't transfer Pokémon from Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver or Crystal in any way to Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.

Where do I get Eevee?
Bebe, the PC System owner, is sent an Eevee from a friend from Johto after you get the National Dex. Her house is next to Hearthome’s Pokémon Center. Eevee can also be found in the mansion backyard at Route 212.
In Pokémon Platinum, you can get Eevee as soon as you arrive in Hearthome.

How do I get Eevee's new evolutions?
To evolve Eevee into Leafeon (grass-type), go to Eterna Forest. You'll see a strange rock near the exit to Eterna City, the Moss Rock. Level up Eevee near the rock and it should evolve into Leafeon immediately. In the case of Glaceon (Ice-type), go to Route 216, and you'll see another similar rock at the north. Again, level up Eevee there, too, to evolve it into Glaceon.

I need to track Mesprit and Cresselia!
The Pokétch's "Marking Map" app is used to track them down. Talk to the Pokétch Company's president to obtain the app.

Where do I get my Friend Code?
Once you have beaten the first Gym Leader in Oreburgh, go down to the basement of the Pokémon Center. Teala, the attendant at the basement, will explain the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection system and give you a Pal Pad. After connecting to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for the first time, your Friend Code will be assigned to you, which you can see if you open the Pal Pad and choose the respective option.

Where do I find the Move Deleter?
The Move Deleter is located in Canalave City (the city with the harbour), in the house below the Pokémon Center.

Where do I find the Move Tutor?
The Move Tutor is located in Pastoria City (where the Great Marsh is), in the house next to the little lake. A Heart Scale is required for the exchange of teaching your Pokémon a move. Some Pokémon can additionally learn attacks such as ThunderPunch and Fire Fang.

Where do I find the Name Rater?
The Name Rater is located in the tall building, next to the Pokémon Mart in Eterna City.

HELP! My Pokémon has a smilie in its stat screen!
That smilie indicated that your Pokémon has been infected with and cured from the Pokérus, a virus that helps your Pokémon grow faster.

Are there any special or hudden box wallpapers?
This link contains detailed information, but it varies with each player's IDNo.

HM locations
  • HM01, Cut is given by Cynthia in Eterna City.
  • HM02, Fly is found in the Team Galactic warehouse.
  • HM03, Surf is given at the Shrine in Celestic Town.
  • HM04, Strength is found on the top floor of the Lost Tower just outside of Solaceon. (In Platinum it's on Iron Island)
  • HM05, Defog is found in Pastoria Great Marsh.
  • HM06, Rock Smash is given to you by a Hiker in Oreburgh Gate.
  • HM07, Waterfall is given to you by Jasmine in Sunyshore City.
  • HM08, Rock Climb is behind the house on Route 217. The guy inside the house mentions dropping an HM.
Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

Dialga or Palkia

You should bring Poké Balls before you arrive at Spear Pillar. You will encounter Dialga or Palkia depending on what version of Pokémon you have once Team Galactic’s Boss awakens it. Your rival will arrive to heal your Pokémon, but you should have items prior to climbing the mountain. Dialga or Palkia are found at Level 47.

Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie

After battling against Dialga or Palkia, these Pokémon are located at Sinnoh’s three lakes. All three are found at Level 50 in the caves of the lake. Mesprit runs away and must be tracked with by the Marking Map app (see the Pokétch Company’s president for the app).
The Pokémon below require the possession of the National Dex.

Once obtaining the National PokéDex, you will be able to access the entire island of “Battle Area”, which can be accessed by taking a boat from Snowpoint City. Between Survival Area and Resort Area is Stark Mountain, where Heatran may be found.

As you browse Stark Mountain, you team up with Buck, a trainer owning Claydol. Help him through the mountain’s largest crater until you reach the northern exit. There, he’ll pick up an item and leave.

Buck will be staying at a house in Survival Area. Speak to him for a moment before he runs off again. Heatran will appear at the northern end of Hard Mountain, waiting for a battle.


There is a temple in Snowpoint City made inaccessible if you don’t have a National Dex. Once you do, you can enter it. Bring Regirock, Regice and Registeel with you. Browse down the temples of the floor until you find him. He will only battle if you have the legendary trio with you.

To battle Regigigas, you need Regirock, Regice, & Registeel in your party (which means that you have to transfer them over via Pal Park first). Once you do that, you can enter the Snowpoint Temple and go through a few ice puzzles to reach Regigigas. The first puzzles are easy, and get increasingly harder as you reach Regigigas. It will be at Level 70, but has the trait Slow Start, cutting its Attack & Speed in half for a few turns, so use that to your advantage. If you don't have the other Regis then Regigigas will still be there, but it will be asleep and unfightable.


When browsing Route 214 (south of Veilstone City), a bunch of trees in the east direction at the southern end of the route should clear out. You should then be able to access Turnback Cave. After using Rock Climb to get up this mounted lake, get into the cave and browse the numerous exits to get to the room where Giratina lies.


In a house near the port of Canalave City, a sick child needs a Crescent Feather to allow him to get well again. After speaking with the residents in the house, a sailor will volunteer to sail you to Full Moon Island. Cresselia is found there, but it flees upon sight of you, leaving the feather. Deliver that to the sick child. Cresselia flies around the region and can be tracked using the Pokétch’s “Marking Map” app.

Pokémon Platinum specific

Dialga and Palkia

You can meet both Dialga and Palkia at Spear Pillar once beating the Elite Four and obtaining the National Dex.

Giratina (Origin forme)

In Diamond/Pearl where you met Dialga/Palkia at Spear Pillar, in Platinum, you instead go into the Distortion World, where after exploring it for a while, you'll run into Giratina (in it's Origin forme), if you don't catch it now it'll be available at it's Diamond/Pearl location inside Turnback Cave. (in it's default forme)

Regice, Registeel, Regirock

If you trade over a movie/Toys R Us Regigigas, three caves open up in Sinnoh.
  • Regirock is in a cave located in the middle of Route 228.
  • Registeel is in a cave located inside Iron Island.
  • Regice is in a cave located in Mt. Coronet, just before the entrance to route 216.
Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres

After getting the National Dex, talk to Professor Oak in Eterna City, he'll tell you that the birds have been spotted in Sinnoh, after which they'll be roaming around and you'll be able to track them on the tracking app.

via Mystery Gift

(only reflecting Pokémon which are currently/have been obtainable in the US/EUR/AUS.)


From August 3rd and September 13th, 2009 the Member's Card is available for download (over Wi-fi) via Mystery Gift. Afterwards go into the previously-locked inn at Canalave City, once inside you'll be transported to Fullmoon Island and be able to catch Darkrai. (You have to have gotten the Lunar Wing from the Cresselia sidequest first)



General Questions

What are HeartGold & SoulSilver?
They're the latest Pokemon games in the main handheld series by Game Freak! They are also remakes of the 2nd Generation games Gold and Silver (with events from Crystal also added in), now with updated gameplay, updated graphics, remixed music, and so forth.

When were the games released?
Japan: September 12th 2009
Korea: February 2nd 2010
United States: March 14th 2010
Australia & New Zealand: March 25th 2010
Europe: March 26th 2010
Are the games only for the DSi?
No. These games are compatible with both the DS, DS Lite and DSi.

Will these games work on my DS if I import?
Yes. The DS is not region coded. However, you will not be able to connect the games with Wii games from a different language. (For instance, English versions of Pokémon Battle Revolution will only connect to English US and English PAL games, where Japanese versions will connect with Japanese games only.)

Will I be able to go to Kanto in these games? What about Hoenn and Sinnoh?
Yes, you can go to Kanto. As with Gold and Silver, to access Kanto you must first obtain all eight Johto League Badges. (To fully access Kanto, you must defeat the Pokémon League.) No other regions are accessible.

Can I trade with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum? If so, when?
Yes, you can. You can do so once you get the Pokedex - i.e. very early in the game.

My game keeps crashing.
Buy the game rather than pirate, then!

In-game Questions & Details

Does my mom save my money for me again?
In the beginning of the game, you have the option of allowing your mom to keep a saving for you or not. If you deny at the start, you can always enable it again through a call on the PokéGear or going to see her at New Bark Town.

How much of my earned money gets sent to my mom?
Every time you receive money from a battle, 25% of that goes to your mom for savings. Whenever you need it, you can always go to her for the needed money. You may also deposit money if you choose to when you go to see her.

My mom buys me items? What items can I use to customize my room?
Yes, every so often your mom will go into your savings and buy you a items (some actually quite useful). Every time she purchases an item she will give you a call on the PokéGear. However, she does not purchase any room customization items as this feature has been disabled compared to the originals.

Where can I pick up the items my mom bought me?
Whenever you are ready to pick up the items your mom has bought for you, then you can visit any PokéMart. A delivery man in a red suit will give them to you. Keep in mind he can only hold five items for you. If you have not picked up these items at anytime, then your mom will stop spending your money.

Here you will find a list of items purchased by your mom.

Where is the PokéRadar, I haven't gotten it as yet?
The PokéRadar, first introduced in DPPt, was never brought back to HeartGold and SoulSilver. Hence, no one has given it to you.

How can I hunt for shinies then?
While the PokéRadar did allow players to hunt for shinies through chaining, HG/SS doesn't have that ability. It's basically up to luck and chance to encounter one now, except for the obvious Red Gyarados at Lake Rage.

What is the PokéGear?
The PokéGear, like in the original G/S/C is like your handy-dandy gadget. It holds many needed features for you to use along your journey - including the Phone, Map Card, Radio Card, and Customization ability.

Click here if to learn more detail on the PokéGear and its features.

Where is the Itemfinder?
Go inside the house in-between Ecruteak's Gym and Pokemon Centre and answer yes (top option in Japanese) to the man's question to get it. It is touch-screen operated.

Is the Day Care people back again?
Yes. They reappear in the same places as they did before, and will give you a type-boosting item if you talk to them on their day (e.g. Frida of Friday will appear above the Pokemon Centre south of Violet City/by Union Cave and give you a Poison Barb if you talk to her).

Is the Game Corner accessible outside of Japan?
The Game Corner has been completely revamped outside of Japan. Instead of keeping the Slots in the US version it has been altered to be parallel to that of European versions of the game. Instead, the slots have been replaced by a new concept called, Voltorb Flip. Along with the removal of the Game Corner Slots, the coin exchange has been removed as well; you can no longer purchase the coins in order to play the game.

The two locations in which you have access to the new Game Corners are in Goldenrod City and in Celadon City.

Okay, so the Game Corner is changed. What is the Voltorb Flip?
The Voltorb Flip is the newly introduced game replacing the original slot machines. The basic idea of it is quite similar to Mine Sweeper and Picross. "You have to flip tiles and you get a variety of bonuses of multipliers (x1, x2 & x3). However, in addition to that, you may also find Voltorbs which are placed randomly in each set. You get shown how many Voltorbs are in each row and column and your task is to get the multipliers and not hit any Voltorb tiles. As you progress without hitting Voltorbs, the levels get harder, more Voltorb tiles appear and the higher coin multipliers become more abundant. If you keep hitting Voltorbs, you will end up back at the bottom level."

Details on the Non-Japanese Game Corner and the Japanese version found here.

What is the Shining Leaf? How do I get it?
The Shining Leaf is a rare item found by your Pokémon. It is not a standard item or accessory, and can only be seen through your Pokémon's status screen. You can only get the Shining Leaf by talking to your partner while in a grass area. However, finding the Shining Leaf in a certain are depends on the nature of your Pokémon and the specific locations.

What's my reward for finding a Shining Leaf?
Once you obtain one Shining Leaf, then you should go see Ethan/Lyra in New Bark Town. Here they will explain more to you about the Shining Leaf and how he/show wants you to collect five of them (on the same Pokémon). Once you've done so, he/she will reward you with a star for your Trainer Card.

If you wish to learn more on the natures and areas to find the Shining Leaf then you can visit here.

Are there any secret bases? Where can I go Underground?
No, unlike RSE and DPPt, there are no secret bases nor is there an Underground. These features were never implemented into HeartGold or SoulSilver.

The Battle Frontier is back? Where is it and who are the Frontier Brains?
Yes, the Battle Tower like in Crystal plus the rest of the known Battle Frontier is back. The entire area is located north of Route 40 and it is identical to the Battle Frontier from Pokémon Platinum.

More details on the Battle Frontier and the different buildings and Brains will be found here.
The Battle Frontier & Brains:
Battle Tower Tycoon - Palmer
Battle Arcade Star - Dahlia
Battle Factor Head - Thorton
Battle Hall Matron - Argenta
Battle Castle Valet - Darach
Where can I exchange my Battle Points for prizes? What are the prizes and how much do they cost?
Right within the Battle Frontier there are Frontier Shops located in the center plaza. Here is where you can exchange your earned points for prizes.

List of Prizes with tagged price can be found here.

Is the Bug Catching Competition back?
Yes, like in the originals to HeartGold and SoulSilver, the Bug Catching Contest has made a return. The same principle applies in which you enter the contest with 20 Competition Balls trying to capture the best Bug-type Pokémon seen. You may only enter with one of your Pokémon and must battle with that one Pokémon only.

The Bug Catching Competition is held on specific days of the week. Like before, these days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

What Pokémon can I catch in the competition? What are the prizes for the different places in the Bug Catching Contest?
A list of the available Pokémon in the Bug Competition will be found here along with a list of the prizes based on placement. Once you have earned the National PokéDex, then more Pokémon will be available in the competition from the other generations.

What is this I hear about the Pokéathlon?
You compete with 3 Pokemon - some games with one at a time, others with all 3 at once. It runs on a points-based system, and points gained can be used to buy items, such as Apricorns, Healing items and Evolution Stones.

Minigames are as follows:
  • Dash Hurdles - you control 3 Pokemon in a race, tapping them to jump hurdles as they compete against the rest (who are off-screen). Timing jumps well increases their speed, running into hurdles slows them down. You can see obstacles coming from the top screen. The aim is to take out the top three placings, or close to that.
  • Bounce Field - aim is to make your 3 Pokemon bounce upwards into the top screen by pulling the stylus down and then flicking it up, to hit lights above. The more you hit in a row, the more points you get.
  • Ring Out Fight - you control one of your Pokemon at a time, and fight it out with others in a sumo-like game - basically, use the stylus to keep your Pokemon in the ring and knock out other Pokemon.
  • Shooting Snow - you control your three Pokemon in a snowball fight - you try to hit other Pokemon by throwing snowballs at them via the Stylus, while avoiding snowballs thrown at you (which can temporarily daze them).
  • Charge Relay - a race where you control one Pokemon at a time and try to achiceve as many laps as possible. Obstacles populate the cource, and from time to time you have to switch Pokemon when your current one gets tired.
  • Break Block - you control one Pokémon at a time. Aim is to destroy as many blocks as possible by tapping them as quickly as you can, while getting into a rhythm. From time to time you may have to switch Pokemon.
  • Catch Saucer -you control all three of your Pokémon at all times to jump and catch the saucers being shot over the field. Where you catch them determines the amount of points you get. You can also push off opponents from the stage, as well as get pushed.
  • Push Circle - aim is to have your Pokemon occupy circles that appear on the field to gain points. These circles vary in size and points given out, and you have to get your Pokemon in them to score points at the end of each round while pusing out opponents so they don't gain points themselves. You control 3 Pokemon at once.
  • Steal Flag - basically a 'capture the flag' game. You switch between your Pokemon to collect flags, and steal from opponents, and bringing them back to the finish line to switch with another Pokemon and 'save' those flags. Aim is to collect as many as possible. Max your Pokemon can hold is 9 flags.
- For more details you can visit the link here.
- Information pertaining to the Pokéathlon stats and Pokémon, you will find further explanation here.

So, where are Pokémon Super Contests?
With the Pokéathlon around, Super Contests were not brought into Johto or Kanto. So, it will not be found anywhere in the game.

Was the Safari Zone kept out of these games too like they were in the originals?
Actually, no, the Safari Zone has made a return unlike before and is located in a different area. It will now be found west of Cianwood City. It runs quite similar to any other Safari Zone. It contains six areas each holding different Pokémon.

How can I get to the new Safari Zone?
Once you beat Cianwood Gym Leader Chuck you can go west of Cianwood through the cave to route 46/7. Keep heading up and north and you'll get there.

Is there any difference in the new Safari Zone?
Yes, the Johto Safari Zone does hold some new features unlike before. This involves area customization and items used to draw in Pokémon. Much details on this new information can be found here though.

So if there is a new Safari Zone, what took the place of the old closed one from before?
Now that there is a new Safari Zone, back in Fuschia City the Pal Park has taken its place. The Pal Park runs exactly the same as it was in DPPt. However, the rule on only being allowed to migrate only 6 Pokémon from one game ever 24 hours has been uplifted.

If the Pal Park had made a return, what about the Global Trade Center (GTS)?
Yes, like the Pal Park, the GTS has also made a return and runs very much similar to that of the one in Pokémon Platinum. It is situated in the new building of Goldenrod City.

For more details on the Pal Park & the GTS you can visit the DPPt FAQ.

HM Locations

  • HM01, Cut - Ilex Forest, after catching the runaway Farfetch'd
  • HM02, Fly - Cianwood City after defeating Chuck
  • HM03, Surf - Assistant Kimono Girl in Ecruteak City
  • HM04, Strength - Hiker located on Route 42
  • HM05, Whirlpool - Rocket Hideout in Mahogany Town, given by Lance
  • HM06, Rock Smash - Hiker located on Route 36
  • HM07, Waterfall - Ice Path
  • HM08, Rock Climb - Given to you by Prof. Oak in Pallet Town after collecting all 16 Badges
What HMs are needed to reach the Elite Four?
Surf and Waterfall to get to the Victory Road gate (which you can fly from and to so you change your party by going back and forth), with Whirlpool optional for items/a trainer battle. In Victory Road itself, you need Strength, and Rock Smash for the many items there.

How do I get to Mt. Silver/West of Victory Road to battle Red? Oh, and what HMs might I need?
Beat all of the Kanto Gym Leaders first. Then, talk to Prof. Oak in Pallet Town, who will activate the way and give you the HM Rock Climb. Go to Mt Silver by heading west of Victory Road gate and climb to the top to battle Red. You'll need Rock Climb, and Stength/Rock Smash (optional for items).

To re-battle him, first battle Lance and Clair in a double battle with your Rival by talking to him in Dragon's Den, and then beat the Elite Four's new teams to re-activate him again.

Where can I find the game's Move Tutors?
There is a Move Tutor in Ilex Forest who teaches you Headbutt. This will come in handy for headbutting trees for Pokémon. Another Move Tutor will be found in a house in Blackthorn City and he provides you the Elemental Beams - i.e. Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, and Hydro Cannon.

For a list of the other Move Tutors (located in the Battle Frontier) you'll be able to find them here.

Where is the Move Deleter? Where is the Move Relearner?
Located in the same house as the Elemental Beams Move Tutor in Blackthorn City, you will find both the Move Deleter and Move Relearner.

You mentioned headbutt trees, are they back?
Yes, the headbutt trees are back while the Honey Trees are out. However, these trees come with a new twist in HG/SS. First off, every tree is able to be headbutted to find an available Pokémon. If the tree you headbutt contains a Pokémon, then keep not of it as it will always have available Pokémon. On the other side, if you shake a tree and no Pokémon appears, then this tree will NEVER have any available Pokémon.

More details on the headbutt trees found here.

What are Apricorns good for?
Apricorns are good for a few things in these games. You can have Kurt turn them into special Pokeballs, and turn them into Juice to give to your Pokemon to increase their Pokethlon stats.

List of PokéBalls made from Apricorns by Kurt will be found here; includes details on Apricorn Juice and Pokéathlon stats.

How do I get Apricorns?
Talk to the man inside the first house you see walking north of Cherrygrove Town (2nd town in the game) to get the Apricorn Case. Then examine Apricorn Trees to get one. (There's one right by the Apricorn Case Man's house for reference). You can get one Apricorn per tree per day.

How do I grow berries and get them?
You get the Berry Planter during the storyline which replaces soil you put berries in, meaning you literally carry the berry trees with you (no need to roam the region to check them!) - after getting/beating Sudowoodo (the dancing tree north of Goldenrod/west of Violet City), the girl there will give it to you. Then you can place berries in the pots (select a pot and then the 2nd option, and then choose a berry), and water them (select any pot and the 1st option to water. Tap other pots/press left/right to water them as well to save from doing it individually.

Your in-game mother will frequently buy you berries, which you can pick up from the delivery man in any Pokemon Mart - the type-reducing-damage berries. Also the man by Violet City's Pokemon Centre gives you some (such as Oran berries, Lum, other early ones), and the man by Fuchsia's Pal Park (the old Safari Zone) will give you others (such as the PokeBlock/Poffin berries, and the EV-reducing berries).

I remember in DPPt there were PokéSeals for our ball capsules. Where do I get the case and where can I get more seals?
You can get the case from the girl by the sick Miltank once you heal it up by giving it plenty of Oran Berries. You'll also get a few seals, and can get more from there.

How do I get the Magnet Train to work?
First, beat the Power Plant side-quest in Kanto to get power up and running again. Then, talk to the Copycat girl in a house just south of the Magnet Train station in Saffron City. Then go to the Pokemon Fan Club south in Vermillion City and get the Clefairy Doll by talking to the man sitting next to it. Give it back to the Copycat Girl and she'll give you a Magnet Train pass, allowing you to go on it.

What is the GB Sounds? Where and when can I get it?
The GB Sounds is a newly introduced Key Item that allows you to revert the game music back into the original sounds from G/B/S with only little to no changes.

To get it, beat all 16 gym leaders, and then go to Celodon City mansion. Talk to the man by the globe, and he'll give it to you. Simply use it to change back and forth between HG/SS music, and GSC music. Also, on Sundays the music channel will play GSC tunes, including ones you can't normally hear like the old title screen music.

Can I have rematches against the Gym Leaders and Elite members?
Yes. Their teams get updated to a full part of 6, get a level boost (level 50-60s) and can be rebattled infinitely. You must obtain their phone number by finding them around Johto/Kanto at a specific day and time, and then call them for a re-match in another specific day and time period (they can be battled as many times during that period, though). They will appear in Saffron City's Fighting Dojo.

- Gym Leader rematch information found here. [Including how to set up the rematch and where to find the leaders outside their gym, etc.].
- Elite Four & Champion rematch details here.

EV Training Details

I'm pretty much new to EV training and would like to know how and what I need to do it correctly?
EV training is relatively simple to do once you understand it enough. It is time consuming, but there are ways to fasten the progress of your training including various items and more.

Here is a full guide on how to EV train your Pokémon.

I'm interested in EV Training, what are some good locations and Pokémon I can train against?

  • HP
    • Hoot-hoot (1pt)
    • Location: Basically everywhere, and quite common. A few areas, Route 1-6.
    • Bellsprout & Ekans (1pt)
    • Location: Route below Violet City
    • Geodude, Onix, Rhyhorn (1pt)
    • Location: Rock Tunnel, Dark Cave, Union Cave
    • Metapod and Kakuna (2pts)
    • Location: Ilex Forest
    • Ghastly (1pt)
    • Location: Sprout Tower
    • Tentacool (1pt)
    • Tentacruel (2pts)
    • Location: West of Cherrygrove City - Surf on water
    • Magikarp (1pt)
    • Location: Fish in any body of water using the Old Rod

Obtainable Pokémon

Legendary & One-Off Pokémon

A large number of legendary and rare Pokemon, including the starter Pokemon can be obtained in HGSS. The list and methods to obtaining them, plus other info if any are as follows:

  • Johto Starters (Chikorita/Totodile/Cyndaquil) - Chosen at the start of the game. For shiny-hunters, you can actually see if it is shiny in its preview-picture rather than having to get it first to check - meaning you can check three at once!
  • Togepi - after beating the 1st gym you will receive an egg, which contains Togepi which is yours to keep once it hatches. Show it to Prof. Elm for an Everstone.
  • Sudowoodo - Encountered during the main quest. After getting the third gym, talk to the woman in the flower shop next to it to obtain the Squirtbottle, then head north beyond the National Park to see it obstructing the path. Use the Squirtbottle to battle it (lv 20).
  • Johto Beasts Raikou and Entei - Once you activate them in Burnt Tower (necessary to do to begin the 5th gym challenge), they can be seen roaming around in the wild at random in Johto (in grass + water, but not caves) at level 40. Be aware that they try to flee, so use a Master Ball, trap them (Mean Look, Wobbuffet, etc) so they can't escape - beware Roar however - or just be lucky.
  • Suicune - Different from Raikou and Entei in that you chase it around (along with Eusine) in the overworld first around Johto and Kanto before you can battle it. In order, you must encounter it:
    • North of Cianwood City (followed by a battle with Eusine)
    • Route 42 (need Cut)
    • Vermillion City
    • Route 14
    • Route 25 (Cerulean Cape, past Bill's House), which is when you can finally battle it. Level 40.
  • Red Gyarados - Encountered in the main storyline at the Lake of Rage at level 30. It is a shiny Pokemon, and beating/catching it yields a Red Scale, which can be traded for an Exp. Share with Mr Pokemon.
  • Extremespeed Dratini - Obtainable in Dragon's Den when you do the quiz to get the 8th gym badge. Although regardless of how many wrong answers you get in the quiz you shall still pass it and can get a Dratini later (for the question merely gets repeated), you can get a Dratini with Extremespeed if you get the answers right first go (i.e. in order: Top option, Top, Bottom, Top, Middle). Then talk to Clair and get a TM from her (go back to the gym if necessary), and then go back to Dragon's Den for the Dratini.
  • Ho-oh (Level 45 HG, Level 70 SS) OR Lugia Level 45 SS, Level 70 HG) - Obtainable once you get all 8 gym badges, necessary to see before you are allowed to head to the E4. First go to New Bark Town and talk to Prof Elm and get a Master Ball. Then head to Ecruteak Town's Dance Theatre and battle the 5 Kimono girls in a row. After that, if you are playing HG, go to Tin Tower in Ecruteak and head to the top to encounter Ho-oh. If it's SS you are playing, go to the Whirl Islands, enter the North-Eastern island, take the north-eastern-most route and keep going that way (down a ladder) to encounter Lugia.

    For the other legendary bird, in Pewter Town in Kanto, an old man there shall give you a Silver/Rainbow wing which then allows you to go and get the other legendary Pokemon.
  • Kanto birds Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres (Level 50) - Once you obtain all 16 gym badges, you can encounter these Pokemon. Articuno is within the Seafoam Islands, Zapdos outside the Power Plant (route 10), and Moltres in Silver Cave.
  • Kanto starters (Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle) - You can choose from these three which one you want by talking to Prof Oak in Pallet Town after you get all 16 gym badges.
  • Hoenn starters (Mudkip/Treecko/Torchic) - You can choose from these three which one you want by talking to Steven in Sliph Co.'s building after you have beaten Red, and provided you have done the Copycat girl/Magnet Train side quest, and talked to him in Pewter Town's Museum first.
  • Mewtwo - You can battle him at Level 70 in Cerulean Cave once you get all 16 gym badges.
  • Groudon/Kyogre (Level 50; SS/HG only respectively) - Once you get the Kanto starter from Oak, talk to Mr Pokemon north of Cherrygrove. He'll give you a Red or Blue orb, depending on what game version you have. Head to Route 47 and find the Embedded Tower, where you will encounter Groudon/Kyogre.
  • Rayquaza (Level 50) - Groudon & Kyogre must both be obtained first, so trading of the other legendary is required first. Show them to Prof Oak and obtain the Jade Orb. Then go back to Route 47 to battle Rayquaza.
  • Latias/Latios (HG/SS respectively) - During the Magnet Train side quest (talk to the CopyCat girl in Saffron once you get the Power Plant running again, go to the fan club in Vermillion and get the Clefairy Doll, and give it to the CopyCat girl) you will encounter Steven, and afterward can encounter one of these roaming in Kanto depending on the game you are playing at level 35. The other can be caught via getting a Key Item in an event - so far only done in Japan.
  • Snorlax - complete the Power Plant sidequest in Kanto first. Then go to the Radio Tower in Lavender Town, and talk to the owner. Now you will be able to play radio channels in Kanto. Go to Snorlax (outside Diglett Cave, Vermillion City side) and manually select the Pokeflute channel on the Pokegear Radio - it is towards the top, and a touch on the left side. Exit the menu and examine the Snorlax, which will awake and battle you at level 50.
  • Lapras - On Fridays, head into the Union Cave (Azelea Town-side) and head to the eastern side and surf towards a ladder. Explore onwards - basically, head down as much as possible once you reach a large room you can surf in and battle multiple trainers. Lapras shall be surfing about in the southmost lake/pond, at level 20.
  • Dialga/Palkia/Giratina - Choice of the three at level 1 when you transfer Arceus over to HGSS and take it with you to the Ruins of Alph and talk to an NPC there, who will take you to the Sinjoh Ruins, the location of the three Pokemon.
  • Spiky-Eared Pichu - Transfer the Pikachu-Coloured Pichu (shiny event Pokemon) over to HGSS and take it to the shrine in Ilex Forest, to make the SE Pichu to appear and hence get it in your party. Note that it cannot evolve or be traded, but the PC Pichu can.
  • Eevee - Once you encounter Bill in Ecruteak's Pokemon centre, head back to Goldenrod and talk to him in his house - he will give you an Eevee at level 5.
  • Tyrogue - Explore the middle entrance of Mt mortar via Waterfall and work your way north, to encounter the Fight Dojo's master, who upon defeat will give you a Level 10 Tyrogue. (Have a spare spot in your party before going to him).

Other Pokémon

The following is a list of Pokemon which can only be found via certain methods in HGSS.

Swarm Pokemon - you can check what the Swarm Pokemon of the day (and their location) is via Oak and Daisy’s radio talk through the PokeGear in order to find their locations:
  • Chansey: (Route 13)
  • Ditto: (Route 47)
  • Marril: (Mt. Mortar)
  • Yanma: (Route 35)
  • Dunsparce: (Dark Cave)
  • Snubbull: (Route 38)
  • Qwilfish: (Route 32)
  • Remoraid: (Route 44)
  • Poochyena: (Route 1)
  • Wingull: (Vermillion City)
  • Ralts: (Route 34)
  • Sableye: (Route 9; HG only)
  • Mawile: (Route 9; SS only)
  • Gulpin: (Route 3; SS only)
  • Swablu: (Route 45)
  • Wiscash: (Violet City)
  • Baltoy: (Route 3; HG only)
  • Clamperl: (Route 19)
  • Relicanth: (Route 12)
  • Ludvisc: (Route 27)
  • Kricketot: (Viridian Forest)
  • Buneary: (Route 25)
PokéWalker Pokemon: The PokéWalker-exclusive Pokemon are as follows:
  • Skitty: (Hoenn Field)
  • Carvanha: (Warm Beach)
  • Wailmer: (Warm Beach)
  • Feebas: (Quiet Cave)
  • Castform: (Tree House)
  • Kecleon: (Tree House)
  • Tropius: (Big Forest)
  • Snorunt: (Cold Mountainpath)
  • Shellos: (Rough Sea)
  • Spiritomb: (Quiet Cave)
  • Finneon: (Rough Sea)
  • Snover: (Cold Mountainpath)
  • Pikachu: (Yellow Forrest; Pokemon Event activation required; Also, note that these Pikachu can be found with special moves such as surf, fly, volt tackle, etc.)
Version Exclusive Pokemon:
  • HeartGold
    • Mankey line
    • Growlithe line
    • Spinarak line
    • Gligar line
    • Mantyke line
    • Phanpy line
    • Sableye
    • Baltoy line
    • Kyogre
  • SoulSilver
    • Vulpix line
    • Meowth line
    • Ledyba line
    • Teddiursa line
    • Delibird
    • Skarmory
    • Mawile
    • Gulpin line
    • Groudon
Radio 'Sound' Pokemon: Some Hoenn and Sinnoh Pokemon can only be found via the Pokegear's radio. The radio plays the “Hoenn Sound” and the “Sinnoh Sound" on Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively. These stations allow the player to find Pokemon not native to Johto/Kanto across the region.

The Pokemon that can be found with “Hoenn Sound” are:
  • Zigzagoon
  • Whismur
  • Absol
  • Makuhita
  • Minum
  • Plusle
  • Numel
  • Spoink
  • Spinda
  • Meditite
Pokemon that can be found with “Sinnoh Sound” are:
  • Bidoof
  • Shinx
  • Budew
  • Buizel
  • Chingling
  • Bronzor
  • Chatot
  • Carnivine
Click here for full details.

In-game Trades:
  • Your Bellsprout for an Onix [Violet City - house]
  • Drowzee for Machop [Goldenrod City - Dept. Store and comes with Macho Brace!]
  • Krabby for Voltorb [Olivine City - house]
  • Dragnair for Dodrio [Blackthorn City - house]
  • Haunter for Xatu [Pewter City - Pokemon Centre]
  • Dugtrio for Magneton [Power Plant and comes with Metal Coat]
  • Pikachu for Pikachu [Saffron's Magent Train station - from Lt. Surge after rematch]
  • Forretress for Beldum [Saffron City - Sliph Co, from Steven after sidequests]
  • Bonsly for Rhyhorn [Diglett Tunnel - Pewter City side, from Brock on Saturdays between 17:00 and 20:00]
  • Any Pokemon for Steelix [Olivine City's gym, from Jasmine after rematch.
Click here for full details on where to find the Pokemon.

Unobtainable Pokemon:
  • Mew
  • Celebi
  • Regis
  • Jirachi
  • Deoxys
  • Sinnoh Starters
  • Sinnoh Fossil Pokemon
  • Drifloon line
  • Glameow line
  • Stunky line
  • Magnezone
  • Leafeon
  • Glaceon
  • Probopass
  • Rotom
  • Sinnoh Psychic Trio
  • Heatran
  • Regigigas
  • Cresselia
  • Darkrai
  • Phione & Manaphy
  • Shaymin
  • Arceus
  • Darkrai

Breeding Differences

As GSC added breeding as a new feature, HGSS brought some new breeding features.

Firstly, there is a new way to pass down IVs from parents to the offspring, which is down via the Power items. If a parent holds one (or both parents hold two), then the stat that corresponds to power item will be passed down. The list:
  • Power Weights: HP
  • Power Bracers: Attack
  • Power Belt: Defense
  • Power Lens: Sp. Attack
  • Power Band: Sp. Defense
  • Power Anklet: Speed
Note that the other breeding features (such as natures being passed down on the mother's side via the Everstone) still applies here.

Furthermore, there are new egg moves for Pokemon hatched in HGSS and HGSS only. A notable one is Togepi, who can come with Extrasensory. A full list of new egg moves can be found here: Click here to see the entire list of new egg moves.

Tips and Guides

Voltorb Flip -compiled by Tim09
Anyone else get addicted to plaything this? I got to 50,000 coins and at that point it doesn't let you play anymore until you spend some. Apparently the game can not go passed lvl 7 and once you beat lvl 7 you have beat the game and simply get the option to play lvl 7 again. I played this a ton but only managed to beat lvl 7 twice and got ~1,480 ounce once and ~1,150 the second time.

Anyways when I first started doing this I had no idea what I was doing so I may as well leave some tips here for anyone that was like me when I first started. The goal is to find all the hidden 2's and 3's without hitting and voltorbs. 1's are insignificant.

1. The first thing you do is look for any columns that have zero bombs such as 6/0. You simply reveal all these and with say 6/0 you are really only looking for the 2 that is hidden in there. If you have 5/0 you don't need to bother revealing and can just mark them cause they will all be 1's, which aren't important, but if it visually helps then reveal them. After lvl 2 you don't see many columns or rows with zero bombs in them.

2. The next thing to do is look for any column or row with 4/1, 1/4, 3/2, or 2/3 in them. Since there are 5 panels per row/column they will all be 1's or bombs and revealing them will just run the risk of hitting a bomb unnecessarily. I personally mark them with the little circle bomb marker to save time but some people get into more depth and mark them with the bomb marker and the 1 marker to signify that they are a bomb or a 1. You should never touch any of these panels and they are extremely useful for narrowing down where you actually have to look for the 2's and 3's at. On the early levels you sometimes have the entire thing revealed to you without any guessing between all the zero point rows/columns and 4/1, 1/4, 3/2, and 2/3 rows/columns.

3. Now that all the starting stuff is out of the way you logically follow the row/column combination that is most likely to yield you a number while avoiding bombs. An example would be the intersection between 7/1 row and 8/1 column being very likely to yield either 3 or sometimes a 2. You should avoid revealing more than 3 panels on a 1 bomb row/column and often stop at 2 and work elsewhere if possible. You'll want to avoid doing any guessing using probability on rows or columns that have 3 or 4 bombs in them as long as you can. If it has 4 bombs in it and more than 1 point then leave it a lone until you are sure you have narrowed down where the needed number is at.

4. Once you have found some 2's or 3's from zero bomb rows and guessing through probability look around to see what you can mark off. For example if you find a 2 in a 7/1 row that intersects with a 5/1 column you know everything else in that 5/1 column is a 1 or a bomb. If you have a 6/1 column and have found a 2 in it and have 3 panels marked as a bomb and/or 1 then you know that last, unknown spot must be another 2 and can click it without worry. If you have that same 6/1 column but with nothing revealed and 4 panels marked as bomb and/or 1 then you know that last spot must be a 3.

5. Things to look for: If you have a 6/1 row/column you will often want to find something with a combination with a high amount of points and low amount of bombs to pair with it to dig for a 3 or a 2. If you find the 3 you can mark all the spots along that row/column with a bomb and/or 1 marker and ignore them the rest of the level. If you find a 1 though you will need to keep looking and if you find a 2 you know that there is still one other 2 you need to find for that row/column. The same logic applies to 5/2 and 4/3. However at 3/4 you know that there are 4 bombs and only need to find the hidden 3 (or hidden 2 with 2/4). If you find a bomb you were just really unlucky since intersections with high amounts of numbers and low bomb count tend to share numbers with eachother.

If you have 5/1 you only need to find the 2 that is hidden in there then mark them all bomb and/or 1's. If you have 4/2 you only need to find a 2 as well since the rest will be 1's and bombs. The same logic applies to 3/3.

For a 7/1 you need to find three 2's or a 3 & 2. For 8/1 you find two 3's, a 3 & two 2's, or four 2's. When you get to things like 10/1, 11/1, and 9/2 you'll find there are lots of 3's to reveal. On 9/2 you know there will always be three 3's and 2 bombs which can be very useful information just like how 3/4 will always have 4 bombs and one 3 in it. You'll get used to these and when you see something like 7/2 you'll automatically realize that there MUST be two hidden 3's to find.

When it comes to guessing on the more difficult parts you should always try to follow the best probabilities based on bomb counts and what you have already revealed. Along the way though you should be aware of any possible sharing that you see. For example a 4/2 that intersect with a 5/1 might be sharing a 2 and everything else in that colum/row intersection is a bomb or a 1. That is often somewhat risky but it can pay off in difficult situations.

A 7/2 intersection with 6/1, 7/1, or 8/1 is a good place to dig for a 3 if you have no place better to look. If you have a 7/1 row with one unrevealed spot marked as bomb and/or 1 and you have already revealed a 2 and two 1's then you can safely reveal the last spot knowing that it must be a 3. It is nice to quickly search for a 2 in a 5/1 or 4/2 row/column since then you can mark all the remaining spots and narrow your search quickly.

Sometimes you have to stop and thing logically about the possible remaining combinations in a row/column and how they might correspond to another row/column to avoid making silly mistakes.

6. If you know there is a bomb at a specific row or that there is a high probability of it being there you can reveal every spot on a one bomb row or column that intersect that "bomb" to fish for 2's or 3's. The quickest way to find bombs is to spot the rare 0/5 row/column. Those are all bombs. You can take a risk with a 4 bomb row/column that intersect a 1 bomb row/column since you only have a 20% chance of choosing the one incorrect row/column.

7. Around lvl 4 and onward you'll find that you are more often running into situations where you have narrowed everything down to four final panels that form a square or rectangle with each other and you have no farther way of proceeding but a blind guess. You can follow the probability BUT you will be forced to guess between two panels along the same row or column regardless, so your guess is entirely 50/50 at this point. Usually two of these last points are bombs (Sometimes 1's but this isn't the case in the later levels where there are more bombs) and they are diagonal from each other and the other two are the points that you need to find that are also diagonal from each other. It's a 50% chance and if you guess right you win the level but if you guess wrong you lose. There is no other way but to hope for the best (you might want to flip a coin to save yourself the frustration of second guessing yourself when you hit a bomb).

Strangely in this situation you don't necessarily have to follow the probability since on the row or column that should have worse probably you still have a 50% chance of finding the necessary number that you can then use to win the level. It will cancel out the rest and you should find the last number to be diagonal to (or the opposite corner if you must) from the revealed number (assuming you didn't find a 1 in the earlier levels). However, it is still best to go with the probability and in early levels it can save you since you have a chance of finding a 1 where you would instead find a bomb in the later levels. If you've narrowed it down to 4 spots and find a 1 you got lucky due to there not being as many bombs. In such a situation you'll probably find that the number you need to find in the 2 unrevealed panels on the same row/column (one on the same row and one on the same column).

This is probably really confusing but it's not that hard and hope this helps a little. I don't often bother using the markers along a row to indicate that there is a bomb, a 1, and 2 cause I feel that just clutters things and I find it better to just mentally/visually contemplate things as I go while only marking spots that could be a 1 or a bomb with the bomb marker.

Compiled by the very sexy, awesome and modest fellows named Artemis, bobandbill and Curious.. Credit to for info/links for some of the above.

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