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I need help with a "moral" question regarding Rom hacks.

Hi, I'm new to Rom Hacks and I'm trying to learn and read a lot of stuff before starting to try my own game. I'm also learning how to sprite over images. The thing is, I finished my first fakemon sprite, but it's not my art, I just made the sprite.

I found it somewhere but I can find the original image as I resized it to start my spriting, so I can't ask the original artist if I can use it or not.

Mostly of those fakemon never make to an actual hack or even get a proper sprite, so my question is:

If I use it only for me, there's some kind of a problem? and if a manage to make a good game and decide to share with people, would I need to remove it from my game?

The sprite is below, not finished though.

Spritzee branch evo

Edit: It seems like I'm not allowed to post links yet, as this is my first post. :s
Edit 2: imgur. com/ a / XwNVLQS


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Okay, so your question is that whether or not you can use this sprite without the permission of the creator?
If so, then it really depends on the creator himself/herself. If they have said somewhere from where you downloaded that it is okay to use it without credits, than it's fine. If they said it is not okay, then you have to credit. If you do not remember from where you got it, you can do something like this:

  • PotatoMan - Tiles
  • DudeBro - Tiles
  • ManPower - Logo
If I have forgotten anyone, please let me know! [←Note this.]
And that's that. Hope this helps!
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Yeah, I have no idea from where I get this image from because I unrealistic downloaded A LOT of stuff when I started my idea of rom hacking two months ago. I had no idea that you need to give credit to people back then.

But now that understand what is viable and possible, I'm deleting all this stuff from my computer and saving what I really need.

I'll try to do like you said. Thanks!
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I don't know who is the artist, if I could find him/her, of course I would ask for permission. The reason I wanted to ask here first is because I'm not stealing anything, I spent several hours doing it. There's no sprite made for this before. I don't want people accusing me of stealing, 'cause this is awful.

I'm not an artist, I know that I could never make a pokemon design from the scratch by myself. Maybe if a study design, but I don't plan to do it. On other hand, I'm getting decent into making sprites, something that very few could do.

In fact, two things make me very confused with the hacking community.

1 - Nintendo doesn't want people hacking their games and they created all the designs that we use for our rom hacks, so everyone who made a rom hack are "stealing" something too. They even have been taking down a lot of Pokemon fan games and rom hacks in a recent past. This could be hard to read, but that is the truth. I think they should cool down, as we are just fans who love their work and are doing this for free, but the truth is that they don't want it, we just pretend that they don't care.

2 - This is more like an opinion that I have, but sometimes I think the hacking community could work together to make more things avaiable for everyone. But people do exactly the opposite, like they are always saying "this is mine, don't steal", "I made this, don't use it". I know all those sprites and arts take a long time to be made, but I really think that we could work together to make a lot of amazing fakemons, sprites and other assets avaiable for everyone. That's the sense of community after all.