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Old September 27th, 2017 (10:50 PM).
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    (keep in mind that this is a FANfiction, not canon by any means. inspiration taken from... *looks around* uh... i don't know what honestly. also pokemon is copyrighted to gamefreak and nintendo also keep in mind that this is experimental and i might not finish the idea)
    (the poochyena was my friend’s on white, and the litten was mine on sun just for clarification)

    Chapter 1, i guess.
    The unnamed Litten was napping in a large box. He yawned loudly, lazily lifting his muzzle to the sky. Cloudy, again. He grumbled, slowly making his way to his paws. Flicking his tail, ‘Litten’ made his way outside of the alleyway onto the main sidewalk. He looked around, gazing back up. As he did this, he noticed a flash of something dimly lit. He shook his head. Just playing tricks on myself like a Meowth.

    Rose, the Poochyena was trotting down the other sidewalk before she noticed a Litten. She grinned in mischief, making her way back to a crosswalk. Bolting across, she sneakily strode over while the starter payed no attention.

    The fire starter gazed out into the sky, seeing if he could spot another flash of black. Before he knew it, a Poochyena had already pounced onto him. He thrashed around wildly, throwing her off. He huffed, turning back to the full sidewalk.

    Rose sighed. “Littens never bring fun.” She spat mockingly, trotting off. She looked around the town. The Litten rolled his eyes, sprinting back up to her. “I see no point in traveling alone. What brings you to me, Pooch?” He tilted his head up at the “hyena”. Rose snorted. “Looking for something proper entertaining, you know? Nothing ever happens out here. Also, it’s Rose. What do you call yourself?” “I don’t care much for a name. It’s a waste of time.” The Litten rolled his eyes once again. “I think a good name for you is… Leo!” Rose yipped. Leo snorted, turning his head to the ground. “It’s good enough for me I suppose. Anyways, should we-”

    Leo was suddenly cut off by a distant cry of some unrecognizable Pokemon. “...Check that out?” Rose cleared her throat, tilting her head towards the sound. “I’d rather not risk my life, thanks.” Leo growled, picking up his pace into a brisk trot. He cleared his throat, tail lowering behind him.

    After what seemed like ages and ages of running and running, they both finally stopped. Rose fell to her side in exhaust. Leo sat down, glancing back to the sound. He looked back at Rose. “We should keep moving. Take a breath.” He growled. “Once you regain the energy you’ve lost, we’re gonna keep moving, no exceptions.” He glared at her, then looked to his side.

    After a long nap, Rose finally woke up to Leo pacing. “What’s with the walking…?” She yawned. “Pacing. Anyways, there was another cry, but not from the same thing. It sounded like a distressed Pikipek.” He stopped pacing and turned back to Rose. “I don’t know about you, but I’m leaving.” He looked back into the sky, but nothing flashed in reply. Leo shrugged again, turning away towards Route 9. He began stalking towards the entrance. Rose scrambled over.

    It was nightfall by the time that Leo and Rose had collapsed by a fence blocking off the ocean. The Litten huffed, curling up around one of the fence posts. Before Rose could ramble about something, Leo had already fallen asleep.
    Old September 27th, 2017 (11:14 PM).
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      i forgot to name this are you serious lol
      Old September 28th, 2017 (8:37 PM).
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      Hey, since you reposted this story in a new thread and with the correct title, I'll go ahead and close this. However, you can always ask me to retitle the thread for you next time (and I think you can retitle the thread yourself, I'll need to check on that).

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