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    (rated E for Everyone)

    This is a bit different than your traditional story--rather than being one long coherent story, this is a collection of Pokemonized folktales told around the frame of the heroes (and heroines) of Pokemon getting together to swap stories every week. I will include the real tale I Pokemonized and explain who is telling at the beginning of each episode.


    Tale 1: The Legend of Paperarello (Brock)

    (real tale: Paperarelloo)

    Welcome to the Circle of Stories!


    --Don't come in the room while a story is in progress, out of respect for the teller, the others in the circle, and the audience.
    --If you would like to join in the storytelling, just find an empty seat in the circle, and be ready to share a story when your turn comes up!
    --Any type of story is welcome--folktale, fairy tale, personal story, you name it!
    --You can tell as long of a story as you like, but the leader may cut a story short if it runs for too long
    --Try to keep your story family friendly--if you're not sure, check with the leader before you tell
    --When it is your turn to tell, at least tell us the title or the memory you are telling about before you begin.
    --Have fun!

    A black haired boy looks over his rules sheet as a brown haired woman finishes arranging some chairs in a circle. "What do you think?" he asks

    The woman takes the sheet and looks it over for a moment. "I think you've covered everything, Ash--I'm interested in what tales you and your friends plan to tell."

    "I know what I'm planning to tell..." Ash grins. "I'm gonna tell a tale Brock taught me about a boy that saved a girl trapped in a Cheri tree."

    "Pika Pipika chu?" a yellow mouse Pokemon asks as it climbs aboard Ash's shoulder.

    "You'll find out when everyone gets here, okay?" Ash smiles as he posts the rules sheet on the rec room door.


    Ash takes his place in the circle next to Brock, who is in the leader's seat at the northern end of the room tuning a crescent moon shaped silver harp decorated in jewels and flower inlays. "Okay..." he begins as the other participants take their seats in the circle. "I'll start the telling, and then we'll go around the circle from the right--so Ash will be next. We should have enough time to make it completely around the circle once, maybe twice if no one tells anything terribly long--although like it says in the rules, I do reserve the right to cut a story short if it goes on for TOO long."

    "How will we know if we need to hurry it up?" a dull blonde haired girl asks.

    "If I make a gesture that looks like pointing at a clock, then you need to hurry up." Brock explains. "If you go on too long after you see that, then I'll cut you off."

    He then runs a finger over the harp strings. "Any other questions or concerns before we start?"

    When no one says anything, Brock plays a quiet melody to compose his thoughts. "Hear now the legend of Paperello..."

    With that, he begins "Once upon a time there lived a king and a queen who had one son. The king loved the boy very much, but the queen, who was a wicked woman, hated the very sight of him. It didn't help that his father joined Arceus in the heavens when he was twelve, leaving him very much alone in the world."

    He plays a foreboding chord as he goes on "Now, the queen was very angry because the people, who knew how evil she was, chose the boy to rule instead of her, and she vowed she would never rest until she had formed a plot to get him out of the way. Fortunately, however, the young king was wise and prudent, and knew her too well to trust her."

    Nervous giggles fill the air as Brock goes on "One day, he gave orders that everything should be prepared for a grand hunt. The queen pretended to be greatly delighted that he was going to have some fun, and pleaded to come with him."

    "No, mother, I cannot let you come," he answers in a mimic of Ash; "The ground is rough, and you are not strong enough." But it went in one ear and out the other: when the horns were sounded at dawn the next day, the queen was there with the rest of the grand party."

    A blue haired girl swallows hard as Brock intones over a deceptively happy melody "All that day they rode, for game was plentiful, but towards evening the mother and son found themselves alone in a part of the country that was unfamiliar to them. They wandered on for some time, without knowing where they were going, till they met a man and asked him to give them shelter. Little did they know that their savior was really an ogre in disguise as human, and he ate human flesh; and the king and his mother went with him, and he led them to his house. When they got there they realized where they had come, and, falling on their knees, they offered him great sums of money, if he would only spare their lives. The ogre's heart was moved at the sight of the queen's beauty, and he promised that he would do her no harm; but before he could stab the boy, he ran, jumped on the first Ponyta he could find, and fled into the forest."

    Everyone is on the edge of their seats as Brock continues "Little did the ogre know that the Ponyta the boy had escaped on was really a mage in disguise. The Ponyta galloped through the forest straight to the land of the fae, and knocked at the door with its hoof. The fairies heard the knock, but were afraid to open till they had peeked from an upper window to see that it was no monster who could hurt them. When they saw the Ponyta and its very frightened rider, they ran to open the door, and let in the Ponyta. The boy told the fairies everything that had happened. The fairies, after hearing what happened, felt sorry for the boy, and invited him to stay, and for many years they all lived together as brothers and sisters."

    After playing "The Fairy's Waltz" for effect, Brock continues "The years passed, and the boy grew up. When he came of age, the eldest of the fairies--we'll call her Aslinn--confessed her love for him, and asked if he would marry her. So the young king and Aslinn were married, and they lived happily together in the castle; but though he loved his wife he still longed to see the world. Finally, this longing grew so strong that he couldn't bear it any longer; so he called the fairies together and said to them...

    As Ash again, Brock explains "Dear wife and sisters, I must leave you for a time, and go out and see the world. But I shall think of you often, and one day I will return to you."

    As himself, he continues over a sad melody "Understandably, the fairies begged him to stay, but he would not listen. Aslinn gave him a magical ruby as a token of her love, saying only to invoke its magic when he really needed it."

    "And then?" a brown haired girl asks as she readjusts the red Poke Ball print bandanna on her head.

    "The next morning, the boy mounted his Ponyta, and rode on all day." Brock replies. "As night fell, he found himself in a desert, and, no matter where he looked, there was no sign of civilization to be seen. 'What am I to do now?' he thought. 'If I go to sleep here, wild Pokemon will come and eat me! Yet both I and my Ponyta are worn out, and can go no further.' Then suddenly he remembered Aslinn's gift, and taking out the ruby he sang to it...."

    Smiles form in the audience as Brock sings over a D major chord as Ash Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

    Awed and excited chatter fills the air at the gibberish song. "In a flash of red light, a castle, complete with servants, and dinner, and anything else he needed for the night, as well as a stable and fodder for his Ponyta, appeared right there on the sand." Brock goes on "he traveled through many countries like this, till he came to a land that was ruled over by a great king. Leaving his Ponyta outside the gate, he disguised himself as a poor man, and went up to the palace. The queen, who was looking out the window, saw him approaching, and filled with pity sent a servant to ask who he was and what he wanted. The servant replied that the only position open was the Swanna-boy. The boy answered that he was quite content to be Swanna-boy; and eventually he was so well known and well liked, everyone in the palace started calling him Paperarello, and the name stuck."

    After playing a calm interlude, he continues "Now, one day, there was no bread to be had, and the king's army had to go hungry. When the king heard of it, he sent for the cook, and told him that by the next morning he must have all the bread that the oven, heated seven times over, could bake. The cook was dumbfounded-- how could he heat the oven seven times in one night? The king would not take no for an answer, and told the cook that if he succeeded in baking the bread, he could have the hand of his daughter, Princess Robin, in marriage; but if he failed, it would be his life in exchange."

    "Azu!" a tiny blue mouse Pokemon gasps.

    "Don't worry, the cook's gonna be okay." an orange haired girl assures the little Pokemon.

    "Now, Paperarello happened to be passing through the hall, and heard every word the king said." Brock goes on. "He volunteered to take the challenge in the cook's place, and the king agreed. The cook was still trembling with the thought of what he had escaped, but to his surprise Paperarello did not seem afraid at all, and when night came he went to bed as usual, despite the servants waking him up and bugging him to get baking and telling him that toying with the king was a bad idea."

    Laughter goes up at this. "Early in the morning, he took his ruby, went into the kitchen, and sang Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... again. In a flash of light, the bread was piled high—four, five, six ovens full, and the seventh still cooking." Brock goes on. "The servants stood and stared in surprise, and the king figured that he had to be a mage, or least taught by one."

    He notices Ash giving him the hurry signal, so he pares his story down. "But when Princess Robin heard what was in store for her she wept bitterly, and declared that she would not marry that dirty Paperarello!" But imagine everyone's surprise when Paperarello revealed his true identity a king's son, and no Swanna-boy as they all though. He washed himself, and dressed himself in fine clothes and entered the hall again, looking so handsome that Princess Robin fell in love with him right then. But Paperarello took no notice of her, and said to the king..."

    "It was kind of you to offer me your daughter in marriage, and for that I thank you;" he explains as Ash. "but I have a wife at home whom I love better, and it is to her that I'm going."

    He concludes as himself over a happy song "With that, he bade them all goodbye, and returned to his home and his beloved Aslinn, and they all lived happily ever after."

    "Nice job!" a red haired boy raves as he applauds.

    "Now you know why Brock is the circle leader!" the orange haired girl agrees as Ash gets up to take his turn...
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      Tale 2: The Speaking Cheri Tree (Ash)

      (real tale: Amedeo and the Talking Tree)

      "Before I begin, may I have Melody join the circle to help me?" Ash asks Brock.

      "Sure--she can even tell a story herself after you finish, if she wants." Brock replies before informing the circle's other participants of some new rules. "If anyone steps in the circle, they are encouraged, but not required, to tell a story of their own. Likewise, if you can't think of a good story when your turn comes up, just pass your turn, and we'll come back to you on the next trip around. Second, even if it is not your turn, you are welcome to help out by performing a voice in the current teller's tale, or join in on some repetition, or if you have an instrument, play some appropriate music."

      A small sprite Pokemon materializes by Ash's shoulder, to some oohs and ahs. "Everyone, this is Melody." Ash smiles. "I rescued her from Team Rocket during my Unova journey--she's gonna help tell my story, which is called 'The Speaking Cheri Tree'"

      With that, he begins "Once upon a time, there lived a wealthy man named Aidan who liked to collect rare and wondrous things. One day, a stranger came and asked to see his collection."

      "What kind of stuff did Aidan have?" The orange haired girl is interested.

      "Just wait and see, Misty." the brown haired girl whispers.

      "Aidan loved to show off his glassware and jewelry and rugs and lamps, but as the stranger studied these, she shook her head and looked quizzically at Aidan." Ash explains.

      “You’re missing the best thing of all,” Melody interjects as the girl.

      “What could I possibly have missed?” Ash asks as Aidan.

      “You do not have the Speaking Cheri Tree, one of the rarest and finest things of all,” Melody replies.

      "Well, That night, Aidan could think of nothing but the Speaking Cheri Tree." Ash goes on. "He hired men to scour the world, but his explorers and adventurers returned empty-handed. Some of them said there was no such thing."

      "So what did Aidan do?" Even Brock is intrigued.

      "Aidan thought the woman had been making fun of him." Ash explains. "He called her to his home, but she looked him in the eye and said..."

      “I’ve seen the Speaking Cheri Tree with my own eyes. I’ve heard it speak with my own ears.” Melody pleads as the girl.

      “What did it say?” Ash asks as Aidan.

      “Ever to wait for what will never be is the plight of he who does not see.” Melody replies.

      The Pokemon and the others giggle at Ash's confused look, but he continues "Aidan sent another team of adventurers and a year went by, but they too returned with nothing. By now, Aidan was furious, and ordered the police to arrest the woman."

      Everyone gasps, but Ash assures his friends "Now, Aidan was an important man, and the police did not wish to upset him, but the woman said..."

      "It is not my fault if Aidan’s men do not know how to search." Melody muses.

      “'Why else would she persist so?' Aidan wondered." Ash continues. "He decided he would find this treasure himself, so he set off early the next morning when it was still dark."

      "Cue the adventure..." Misty smiles.

      "After many days, he came to a valley where birdsong filled the earth and the air was thick with the scent of rich soil and leaves." Ash continues. "He lay down to rest, and just as he was falling asleep, he heard a voice call out..."

      “Ever to wait for what will never be is the plight of he who does not see.” Melody intones.

      "Was this a dream?" Ash grins at his friends. "Aidan looked around and again heard..."

      “Ever to wait for what will never be is the plight of he who does not see.” Melody interjects.

      “Who are you?” Ash calls as Aidan.

      Everyone giggles as he continues as himself "But nobody answered, and again he fell asleep, but when he woke at dawn he noticed a beautiful Cheri tree with its branches bending to the earth. He picked one petal of the soft pink flowers, and a voice said..."

      “Why do you hurt me?” Melody pleads.

      “Who are you?” Ash asks as Aidan.

      “My name is Holly--I am the daughter of the king of a far away land, and a warlock has me under his spell,” Melody explains. "I will not be freed until someone swears to marry me, learns a magical song guarded by an ogre, and then sings it while laying his hands on the tree trunk."

      Then, she freezes in fear, as if something or someone is there in the room. “Shh,” she suddenly whispers, “the witch is near.”

      "Suddenly, the warlock appeared and asked Aidan..." Ash narrates.

      “Who were you talking to?” Brock asks as the warlock.

      “Only the wind,” Ash replies as Aidan.

      As himself, he continues. "The warlock did not believe him, but he could not prove him wrong, so Aidan decided to try to break the spell. Just as he was falling asleep in the woods, he heard thundering footsteps. An ogre was storming toward home, and Aidan knew ogres ate people. He quickly climbed a tree and hid, and the ogre passed by like nothing was there. At dawn, Aidan slid down the tree, and at the bottom stood the ogre’s daughter, a beautiful girl named Rana.

      As Aidan, Ash tells Misty “Help me break the warlock’s spell, and keep me safe from your father.”

      “If you wish to break the spell,” Misty cautions as Rana, “you must marry me.”

      Ash interjects as himself "Now, Rana was lovely, but Aidan wanted to marry Holly, the girl of the Speaking Cheri Tree."

      “I’m promised to another,” he sighs as Aidan.

      “Very well,” Misty replies as Rana, “I’ll protect you and teach you the magic song.”

      Everyone applauds the interplay as Ash continues "She led him through the forest, and when they reached its edge, she reached into a tree hollow and brought out a scroll and some magical powder. This she sprinkled upon his face and said...

      “Close your eyes and wish and you shall be back at the tree.” Misty explains as Rana.

      "He did just that, and sure enough, he was transported back to the tree in a second." Ash continues. "He laid his hands on the tree trunk, but just before he could sing the song written on the scroll, the warlock appeared."

      Pikachu holds a pink humanoid Pokemon close as Ash tells Brock as Aidan “I’m merely blessing the tree, and nothing more.”

      “Very well,” Brock replies as the warlock, “but only say what I tell you to say.”

      "Aidan knew he must not follow his directions." Ash continues as himself. "So when he told him to say words that he knew formed a curse, he sang the song written on the scroll..."

      With that, he sings Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul....

      The Pokemon cheer at the gibberish song. "Before the warlock could protest, he disappeared in a flash of light, never to be seen again." Ash goes on. And in that moment a beautiful girl stepped out of the tree--Holly!"

      Everyone cheers as Ash concludes "They returned to Aidan's homeland, where they both lived happily for many years."

      He turns to Melody as the group applauds. "How bout it? Do you want to tell a story or not?"

      Melody smiles. "I would be honored to lend a story to the circle."
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        Tale 3: Victini's Gift (Melody)

        (real tale: The Divine Mischief Maker)

        "Ever since Arceus created Victini, he always was a bit of a prankster." Melody begins. "In fact, I want to tell you about a prank he once played on me."

        "Really?" Ash asks, intrigued in Melody's tale.

        "So one day, he left his little grotto on what is now Liberty Island in hopes of playing a prank on one of the other Legendaries--like he did most every day." Melody replied. "On this particular day, he happened to find me keeping watch over a herd of Tauros as a favor to Xerneas."

        She then catches herself. "But as I had been watching them all that morning, I soon fell asleep. Victini saw I was sleeping, and got the brilliant idea to try and take a few of the Tauros for himself."

        "Pini pini?" Happini asks.

        "Yeah, how did he do it?" Misty agrees.

        "After choosing a few Tauros to take, he covered their hooves with bark so they wouldn't leave any tracks." Melody explains. "Then he tied a few branches to their tails, which would wipe away whatever tracks were left behind. He worked quickly and quietly, hoping all the while I wouldn't wake up and cast a spellsong on him."

        Nervous giggles go up at this. "Thankfully, I had no idea what Victini was doing, nor did I know Victini was even there." Melody assures the audience. "When Victini arrived home, he decided to sacrifice two of the Tauros to Arceus. He had some of the meat for dinner, then used some of the bones, some Spinarak string, and a Squirtle shell to fashion the world's first harp." Brock shows the audience his own harp for effect.

        After waiting for Brock to put on some fingerpicks on his right hand, Melody continues. "Victini nervously plucked a few of the strings of his new instrument, and was enthralled at the sound they made." With that, Brock begins plucking out a four note melody.

        The audience listens as Brock builds on the simple four note melody into a lavish opus with multiple parts and beautiful harmonies. After playing the mostly improvised song for a moment, the different parts begin to disappear until Brock is back to the four note melody he started with. When the last note dies, they roar with applause, never mind the story isn't over yet.

        "Thanks, Brock." Melody beams. "That was actually a pretty good recreation of what the song probably sounded like." She continues as Brock sets the harp aside. "It wasn't until the next morning that I figured out what Victini did. And when I did, I flew to the heavens and complained to Arceus about what had happened. But Arceus, with all his wisdom, already knew what had transpired the day before, and called Victini to the heavens. I demanded Victini return the Tauros, but Victini decided to play dumb."

        Brock interjects in character as Victini "Who, me? I didn't take any Tauros."

        Laughter goes up at this. "This made me even madder, and I chased Victini all over the heavens trying to cast a spellsong on him." With that, Melody darts around the tent for a moment, singing gibberish "spellsongs" every once in a while. Retapa, esebi ine.... Etime posse ine.... Sienon paifi ire... Temelo, quilami eno...

        She continues "Finally, Arceus broke up the fighting and told Victini to return the Tauros." as she settles back on Ash's shoulder and watches Brock retrieve the harp. "Victini returned the remaining Tauros, but when I saw that two Tauros were missing, he showed me the harp he had made. I was piqued in the new instrument, and decided to play it myself."

        She motions for Brock to play, so he plays the waltz "Starry Night" for effect. "I was delighted with the new harp, and so I told Victini I would forgive him for taking the Tauros if he would let me have the harp in return. Victini agreed, and never again stole from anyone."

        She concludes "From that day on, the other Legendaries shared their talents and gifts with each other--I taught the mortals of the earth how to make harps and other instruments of their own, and Victini served as a guardian and guide to many a great hero, leading them on to victory with a playful glint in his eye."

        The crowd roars with applause as Melody and Brock take a bow...
        The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

        Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

        Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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          Tale 4: How the Fletchling Got Named (Serena)

          (real tale: Heart of Ice)

          "Okay, Serena, you're next." Brock notes after the applause dies down for Melody's tale.

          The dull blonde haired girl gets up from her seat. "The tale I want to tell explains how Fletching got its name, but it's a bit on the long side..."

          "Just tell as much as you can for now, and tell the rest on your next turn if I have to call time." Brock suggests.

          Serena nods, then begins "Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a king and queen who were foolish as all get out, but nevertheless very fond of one another. In those days, the one thing to remember in governing a kingdom was to be on good terms with all the fairies and mages, pay them their due when requested, and, above all, whenever there was a christening, to remember to invite every single one, whether they were good, evil, or neutral, to the ceremony."

          "Hm..."Ash muses.

          "I have a feeling I know where this is going..." Misty agrees.

          "Now, the foolish queen had a son who was due to be christened that year, and for several months she had been hard at work preparing a massive guest list, but she forgot that it would take nearly as long to read it as it had taken to write it." Serena explains, to some laughter. "So, when the day of the christening arrived the king--who would serve as witness to the ceremony--had barely reached the end of the second page and his tongue was tripping with fatigue as he repeated the usual formula: 'I ask of you, Light Fairy A'--or 'Fire Mage B' --'to honor me with a visit, and graciously bestow your gifts upon my son.'" Everyone laughs again.

          "As if that wasn't enough..." Serena intones to even more laughter. "word was brought to him that the first party of fairies had already arrived and were waiting impatiently in the great hall, grumbling that nobody was there to receive them. The king finally gave up on the list in despair and hurried to greet those that had arrived, imploring their goodwill so humbly that most of them were touched, and promised that they would not harm the boy. But there happened to be among them a dark fairy from a far away land they knew nothing about, though her name had been written on the first page of the list. This fairy was annoyed that after having taken the trouble to come so quickly, there had been no one to receive her, much less escort her inside the castle."

          "Uh oh..." Even Brock is afraid.

          "So she started muttering about ten or twelve different curses, each one more terrifying than the last one, and would have said even more had Hikari, the light fairy that guarded the kingdom, not intervened." Serena goes on. "When she had calmed the unknown dark fairy down, she hinted that now was the time to pass out the presents. When all the presents had been given out, they all took their leave, save for Hikari, who went to see the queen. She said to her...."

          "A fine mass you seem to have made of this business, madam." Misty fills in Hikari's dialogue. "Why did you not consult me? But foolish people like you always think they can do without help or advice, and I observe that, in spite of all my goodness to you, you had not even the civility to invite me!"

          "Ah, dear lady...," Brock pleads as the king. "I was hoping to get to your name! I even marked it before I abandoned the hopeless undertaking which I had just begun!'

          "It's okay!" Misty assures Brock as Hikari. "I am not offended... we light fairies don't allow ourselves to let trifles like that get in the way of people we favor. But as for your son: I have saved him from a great many terrifying things, but you must let me take him and take care of him as my own, and you will not see him again until he as come of age."

          Serena acknowledges the interplay before continuing "At these words, the king and queen burst into tears, for they knew that would not get to see their son grow up. However, Hikari told them not to despair."

          "If I left him to you to bring up,"' Misty explains as Hikari. "you would probably make him as foolish as yourselves. I do not even intend to tell him that he is your son. As for you, you had better learn to govern your kingdom properly."

          "With that, she opened the window, and took the cradle with her as she glided away in the air as if she were ice skating." Serena continues. "She took the little prince to her own castle, and placed him under the care of a young woman, and cast a spell that made her think that this new baby was one of her own. So the prince--who was named Liam--grew up healthy and strong, leading the simple life of a young peasant, for Hikari thought that he could have no better training; only as he grew older she kept him more and more with her, so that his mind would be trained as well as his body. But her care did not stop there: she resolved that he would be tried by hardships and disappointments and the knowledge of his fellow people; for indeed she knew that Prince Liam would need every advantage that she could give him, even though he looked no different from millions of other princes.
          Like most boys, he was exceedingly active and well built, and so handsome and agreeable that he was well loved and well liked by everyone he met."

          "And then?" a brown haired girl asks.

          "Hikari sent Prince Liam all kinds of wonderful dreams of adventure by land, sea, and air." Serena replies. "In these adventures, he was always the hero. Sometimes he rescued a lovely princess from some terrible danger, sometimes he earned a kingdom by some brave deed, until he finally longed to go into the world and seek his fortune in a far off country where his humble birth would not prevent his gaining honor and riches by his courage."

          "This is getting good--then what happened?" Ash asks.

          "He rode one day into a great city not far from Hikari's castle." Serena replies "He had left intending to hunt in the surrounding forest, so he was simply dressed, and carried a bow, arrows and a small sword; but even then he looked graceful and distinguished. As he entered the city he saw that the inhabitants were all racing towards the marketplace, and he too turned his Ponyta in the same direction, curious to know what was going on."

          "So, what was going on?" a second black haired boy asks as he pets a dozing shrew-like Pokemon in his lap.

          "When he got there, he found that some festively dressed heralds from another land were about to make a proclamation to the assembled citizens." Serena explains. He quickly pushed his way into the crowd until he was close enough to hear what the lead herald had to say."

          "Make it good!" Misty whispers to Brock--she knows that Brock has a powerful voice that projects well.

          Brock clears his throat, then proclaims in character as a herald "Hear ye! Let all the world know that whoever can reach the summit of Mt. Kori shall receive as his reward, not only the incomparable Yumi, fairest of the fair, but also all the realms of which she is queen!"

          Everyone cheers with excitement at Brock's realistic performance, but Serena just nods in approval of the princess' name. "Prince Liam wanted to volunteer for the dangerous quest, but his appearance and his lack of wealth made him think otherwise. "But as he was thinking about it, the lead herald, with many respectful ceremonies, unveiled a portrait of the lovely Yumi, and after one look at it, Prince Liam rushed forward and almost demanded permission to attempt the harrowing quest. When the townsfolk saw his simple attire the heralds looked at each other doubtfully, not knowing whether to accept or refuse his. But Prince Liam said....

          "Give me the scroll so I may sign it," Ash requests as Prince Liam.

          "But when he simply wrote he name on the scroll, the heralds howled with laughter." Serena goes on. "Prince Liam thought seriously about tearing the heralds limb from limb. But he suddenly remembered that, after all, it was a simple name, and that he had not yet had time to make it famous; so he was calm, and asked how to get to Princess Yumi's country."

          She adds as an aside "Though his heart did not fail him in the least, he felt there were many difficulties ahead of him, and he resolved to set out right away, without even asking Hikari, for fear she might try to stop him. Everybody in the town who knew him made fun of the idea of Prince Liam undertaking such an expedition, and it even came to the ears of the foolish king and queen, who laughed over it more than any of the others, without having a clue that Liam was their only son!"

          "Ooh"s fill the air as Serena continues "Anyway, Prince Liam set out, though the directions he had received for his journey were not very good."

          "What did they say?" Melody is intrigued

          "1200 miles north of Mt. Moon you will receive your orders and instructions for the conquest of Mt. Kori." Serena explains. "Keep in mind Prince Liam was starting from what is today Lumiose City all the way in Kalos!"

          "Wows" waft through the room as Serena goes on "Prince Liam traveled eastward, steering clear of any town, lest the people should laugh at his name. It didn't help that he was not a very experienced traveler, and had not yet learned to take a joke. At night he slept in the forest, and at first he lived upon wild Berries; but Hikari, who was keeping a watchful eye upon him, felt that he would be half-starved if he kept eating those, so she left him all kinds of food while he was asleep. True to her plan, Hikari sent him on various adventures to prove his courage, and he handled them all with aplomb, never mind that he lost his Ponyta while fighting a Raikou. However, not one to be deterred, he walked until he reached a port town."

          "Did the people laugh at him there?" a black haired girl asks.

          "Actually, he found a boat sailing for the coast, and had just enough to come aboard." Serena assures her audience. "But after a while, a great storm blew up, which completely wrecked the ship, and Prince Liam ended up swimming a long, long way to the only land that was in sight, which turned out to be a desert island."

          She is about to continue when Brock gives her the "hurry" signal. "As for what happened to Prince Liam on the island? I'll tell you more on my next turn!"
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            Tale 5: The Azure Flute (Dawn)

            (real tale: Ivan the Fool and St. Peter's Fife)

            "All right, you're next, Dawn." Brock smiles.

            A black haired girl gets up from her chair. "This is called 'The Azure Flute'" she explains.

            Once the reshuffling has quieted, she begins "There was once a man who had three sons. The elder two were clever, but the third--we'll call him Jack--wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed."

            Giggles go up at the wry comment. "Their father had divided all his possessions among them before joining Arceus in the heavens, and not long after the funeral, the three brothers went out into the world to seek their fortunes." Dawn continues. "Now, the two wise brothers left all their stuff at home, but Jack, who had only inherited a large rock, took it along with him."

            Serena's laughter is the loudest as the group pictures Jack with the rock. "They went on and on and on till it began to get dark, when they came to a large forest." Dawn continues. "The wise brothers decided to climb up to the top of an oak tree and spend the night there. This way, they would know if bandits were coming. They jeered and taunted Jack and his rock, but were quite surprised when Jack climbed up in the tree with them, albeit only on the lower branches."

            "Uh oh..." Misty giggles in anticipation.

            "Some hours later, some bandits passed that way, fresh from a heist in town, and they too decided to spend the night under the tree." Dawn goes on. "So they cut them some firewood, and made them a roaring fire beneath a huge pot, and in this pot they began to make their dinner. When the food was ready, they were about to dig in when Jack let his big rock fall smack dab in the middle of the pot, so that the food got in their eyes."

            Everyone howls with laughter at the chaotic scene. "The bandits were so terrified that they ran away through the forest, forgetting all their ill-gotten gains." Dawn continues when the laughter quiets. Jack climbed down from the tree and called for his brothers to divvy up the treasure. So the wise brothers came down, put all the stuff on the backs of the robbers’ Ponytas, and went home with it; but the only thing that Jack was able to get for himself was a bag of incense. Inspired, he took the incense to the nearest shrine, placed some in the burner on one of the altars. and lit it."

            "And then?" Ash is intrigued.

            "Suddenly, Arceus appeared to him and said..." Dawn narrates.

            “What are you doing, young man?” Brock fills in Arceus' dialogue in a gentle deep voice--his standard "Arceus" voice.

            “I am burning this incense in hopes one of the Legendaries will hear my prayer and give me guidance on what to do next." Ash explains as Jack.

            “Well, young man, I will advise you: I accept your offering. You may take from me whatever you'd like in return." Brock replies as Arceus.

            “Very well, Lord Arceus,” Ash explains as Jack; “I would like a little flute, a flute that makes any that hears it dance."

            "But do you know how to play a flute?" Brock as as Arceus.

            "No, but I can learn.” Ash assures Brock as Jack.

            Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... Brock sings as Arceus.

            "With that, Arceus and the incense vanished, and a little silver flute was left on the altar." Dawn continues as Ash digs out a silver whistle from his bag. "Then he picked up his new flute and began to play..."

            Ash starts playing the tune "The Meowth's Call" as Dawn continues "The moment he started playing, everything around him began to dance--the Mightyenas, and the Bunearies, and the Ninetales, and the Ursarings--even the bird Pokemon started to dance, and Jack went on laughing and playing all the time. Even the Ursarings danced and danced till their legs throbbed in pain. Then they clutched the trees in an attempt to stop dancing; but it was no use, they just had to dance." Ash finishes the tune at this point.

            Dawn waits for the applause to die down before continuing "Finally, Jack got tired, and lay down to rest, and after he had rested a little, he got up again and went on into town. There were tons of people in the marketplace, buying and selling. Some were buying pancakes, others baskets of brightly colored eggs, and still others pitchers of milk. Jack started playing his flute again..."

            Ash joins in with a set of tunes as Dawn goes on "..and they all started dancing in spite of themselves.. One man who had a whole basket of eggs on his head danced them into bits, and danced and danced till he looked like the yolk of an egg himself. Those who were asleep woke up and danced; there were some who danced half dressed, and there were some who danced with nothing on at all. The whole town was turned upside down: the Growlithes, the Tepigs, the Combuskens, everything that breathed came out and danced."

            Brock leads the applause before Dawn continues "Finally, Jack got bored playing and decided to go looking for a job. The miko of that town offered him five gold pieces--a day's wage in that land--and Jack agreed."

            Giggles fill the air as Dawn goes on "The next morning, the miko sent him out into the fields to tend the Tauros. So Jack drove the Tauros out to pasture, while he kept watch from a haystack. He got bored after a few hours, then remembered he had his flute--so he decided to play a little to pass the time."

            Ash plays a set of jigs for effect. "...and all the Tauros started dancing." Dawn continues over the whistle. "Not just the Tauros, but all the Ninetales, and the Bunearies, and the Mightyenas, and millions more Pokemon danced too. They danced and danced till they were exhausted."

            More applause goes up at the set's end. "That night, Jack drove them home, but they were so hungry that they tugged at the dirty straw roofs of the houses they passed, and so got a few choice words I'm not going to repeat here.".

            Everyone chuckles at the comment. "But Jack went in and had dinner and a comfortable night’s rest." Dawn goes on. "The next day he again drove the Tauros out to pasture. They began grazing till he took out his flute again..."

            Ash starts another set as Dawn continues. "and they all started dancing like crazy. He played on and on till evening, when he drove the Tauros home again, and they were all as hungry as could be, and tired from dancing. Even the miko couldn't resist joining in as Jack approached--and as far as I know, she's still dancing and Jack's still playing to this day."

            She acknowledges Ash and Brock, who take a bow...
            The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

            Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

            Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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              Tale 6: The Legend of Princess Hana (May)

              (real tale: The Princess Bella-Flor)

              "All right, May is next." Brock begins.

              After making sure her bandanna looks presentable, May stands up and addresses the group. "This was one of Max and I's favorite bedtime stories growing up--it's called 'The Legend of Princess Hana'."

              With that, she begins "Once upon a time, there lived a man who had two sons. When they grew up, the elder son went to seek his fortune in a far away land, and for many years no one heard a peep from him."

              "So what became of him?" Ash wonders.

              "I'm getting to that." May assures her friend. "Meanwhile, the younger son stayed at home with his father, who left a good portion of his wealth to him. For some time the younger son spent his father's wealth freely, believing that he alone remained to enjoy it. But, one day, as he was coming downstairs, he was surprised to see a stranger enter the hall, looking about as if the house belonged to him."

              'Have you forgotten me?' Ash asks as the boy.

              "I can't forget a person I have never known," a deep brown haired boy snaps in reply as the younger brother.

              "I am your brother," Ash explains as the elder brother. "and I have returned home without the money I hoped to have made. What's worse, they tell me that my father is dead. I would have counted my lost gold as nothing if I could have seen him one last time."

              "He died six months ago." the brown haired boy replies as rich brother. "and he left you, as your portion, the old wooden chest that stands in the loft. You had better go there and look for it; I have no more time to waste here."

              The group applauds the interplay before May continues "With that, he went on his way. So the wanderer went up to the loft, which was at the top of the storehouse, and he found the wooden chest, so old that it looked as if it could fall apart at any moment. 'What use is this old thing to me?' he said to himself. 'Oh, well, it will serve to light a fire at which I can warm myself; at least'"

              She pauses for a moment before going on "After placing the chest on his back, the boy--we'll call him Jody--set out for the inn, and, after borrowing an axe, began to cut up the box. As he was working, he discovered a secret drawer, and in it lay a paper. He opened the paper, not knowing what was on it, and was astonished to find that it was the acknowledgment of a large debt that his father owed. He put the note in his pocket, and asked the innkeeper where he could find the man whose name was written inside, and he ran out to start looking for him."

              "Did he find him?" Brock is intrigued.

              "The person in question proved to be an old miser who lived at the other end of town." May replies. "He had hoped for many months that the paper he had written had been lost or destroyed. When he saw it, he was very unwilling to pay what he owed. However, Jody threatened to drag him before the king, and when the miser saw that there was no way out, he counted out the coins one by one. Jody picked them up and put them in his pocket, and went back to the inn feeling that he was now a rich man."

              "And then?" Dawn asks.

              "A few weeks later he was walking through the streets of the nearest town, when he met a poor woman crying bitterly." May replies. "He stopped and asked her what was the matter, and she answered between her sobs that her husband was dying, and, to make matters worse, a creditor whom he could not pay was eager to have him thrown in jail."

              "Calm yourself," Ash fills in Jody's dialogue "They will not send your husband to jail nor sell your possessions. I will not only pay his debts but, if he dies, the cost of his funeral too. Try to take care of him as best as you can."

              "And so she did; but, in spite of her care, the husband died, and Jody buried him." May sighs as she delivers the bad news. "But everything cost more than he expected, and when all was paid he found that only three gold pieces remained. He panicked at first, but then he got the idea to enter into the service of the king."

              "Pini?" Happini gasps--if there's a king, a princess isn't far away!

              "Well, at first he was only a servant who gave the king the water for his bath, and saw that his bed was made in a particular fashion." May assures Happini. "But he did his duties so well that his master soon took notice of him, and in a short time he rose to be a gentleman of the bedchamber."

              "Whoa..." Dawn is impressed.

              "Meanwhile, the younger brother had spent all the money he had inherited, and did not know how to make any for himself." May continues. "He then remembered the servant known as the king's favorite, and went pleading to the palace to beg that his brother, who he had so ill-used, would give him his protection, and find him a place. Jody was always ready to help everyone spoke to the king on his behalf, and the next day the young man started his work at court."

              Giggles of anticipation go up at this "Unfortunately, the newcomer was by nature spiteful and envious, and could not bear anyone to have better luck than him." May explains. "By peeking through keyholes and listening at doors, he learned that the king, old and ugly though he was, had fallen in love with a princess named Hana, who would have nothing to say to him, and had hidden herself in a hidden castle in the mountains. 'That will do nicely,' thought the scoundrel, rubbing his hands. 'It will be quite easy to get the king to send my brother in search of her, and if he returns without finding her, it will be his life in exchange. Either way, he will be out of MY path.'"

              'Ooh's' fill the room as May goes on "So he went to the Lord High Chamberlain and asked for an audience with the king, saying he had urgent news. The king admitted him into the throne room right then, and told him to tell him the news, stat!"

              "Oh, sire! the Princess Hana..." The brown haired boy pleads.

              "What about the Princess Hana?" Brock asks as the king. They continue like this for a moment:

              "I have heard that your majesty desires to know where she is hiding."

              "I would give half my kingdom to the man who will bring her to me, 'Speak on, knave; has a bird of the air revealed to you the secret?"

              "It is not I, but my brother, who knows," "if your majesty would ask him--"

              May then interjects "But before the words were out of his mouth the king had rang a great bell that hung on the wall." She rings a small silver bell for effect.

              "Order Jody to appear before me right now!" Brock demands as the king, nearly startling everyone.

              "When Jody entered the hall, wondering what in the world could be the matter, the king was nearly insane from rage and excitement." May goes on.

              "Bring me Princess Hana now! If you return without her I will have you drowned!" Brock continues his feigned rant as the king.

              Everyone is silent, not knowing if Brock's rant is real or an act. "With that, he left the hall, leaving Jody staring with surprise and horror." May finally breaks the uneasy silence. "'How can I find Princess Hana when I have never even seen her?' he thought. 'But it is no use staying here, for I'll only be put to death if I do' And he trudged to the stables to choose himself a Ponyta. There were rows upon rows of fine Pokemon with their names written in gold above their stalls, and Jody was looking uncertainly from one to the other, wondering which one to choose, when an old Ponyta turned its head and motioned for him to approach.

              Misty interjects as the Ponyta "Take me, and all will go well."

              "Jody still felt so confused with the mission that the king had given him that he forgot to be astonished at hearing a Ponyta talk." May continues, to some laughter. "He obediently laid his hand on the bridle and led the Ponyta out of the stable. He was about to mount the Ponyta, when the Ponyta spoke again."

              "Pick up those three loaves of bread which you see there, and put them in your pocket." Misty instructs as the Ponyta.

              "Jody did as he was told, and being in a great hurry to get away, asked no questions, but swung himself into the saddle." May continues. "They rode a long way, their travels being relatively uneventful. They finally came to an Durant hill, and the Ponyta stopped."

              "Crumble those three loaves for the Durants," Misty instructs as the Ponyta again.

              "But Jody hesitated." May interjects.

              'Why? We may want them ourselves!" Ash protests as Jody.

              "Never mind that; give them to the Durants all the same." Misty assures Ash. "Do not lose a chance of helping others."

              "When the loaves lay in crumbs on the road, the Ponyta galloped on." May continues. "Then they entered a rocky pass between two mountains, where they saw a Braviary which had been caught in a hunter's net."

              "Get down and cut the meshes of the net, and set the poor Pokemon free," Misty instructs as the Ponyta.

              "But it will take so long," Ash complains as Jody, "and we may miss the princess."

              "Never mind that; do not lose a chance of helping others,' Misty answers as the Ponyta.

              "When the meshes were cut, and the Braviary soared skyward, the Ponyta galloped on." May continues. "They rode many miles, until they came to a river, where they found a little Goldeen lying gasping on the sand, and the Ponyta said..."

              "Do you see that little Goldeen?" Misty interjects as the Ponyta, pointing out a spot on the floor. "It will die if you do not put it back in the water."

              "But, really, we will never find Princess Hana if we waste our time like this!" Ash cries as Jody.

              "We never waste time when we are helping others," Misty assures him as the Ponyta.

              "And soon the little Goldeen was swimming happily like nothing had happened." May continues. "A little while later they reached a castle, which was built in the middle of a very thick forest, and right in front was Princess Hana feeding her Torchics."

              "Now listen," Misty explains as the Ponyta. "I am going to dance, which will amuse Princess Hana. Then she will tell you that she would like to ride a little, and you must help her to mount. When she is seated I will begin to neigh and kick, and you must say that I have never carried a woman before, and that you had better get up behind so as to be able to manage me. Once on my back we will return to the king's palace."

              "Jody did as he was told, and everything happened as the Ponyta said; so that it was not until they were galloping breathlessly towards the palace that Princess Hana realized what had happened. She said nothing, however, but quietly opened her apron which contained the Cornn for the Torchics, and in a moment it lay scattered on the ground." May goes on. "But when she asked to stop and pick it up, Jody only answered...

              "We will find plenty of Cornn where we are going." Ash replies as Jody

              "They were now passing through a forest, and Princess Hana tossed her hanky into the topmost branches of a tree. But when she asked Jody to get it, Jody said..." May continues.

              'We will find plenty of handkerchiefs where we are going." Ash replies as Jody.

              "After they emerged from the forest they reached a river, and Princess Hana deliberately threw her favorite sapphire ring in the water." May goes on, to some nervous murmurs. "But Jody answered..."

              You will find plenty of rings where you are going." Ash replies as Jody.

              "At last they entered the palace gates, and the king's heart bounded with joy at beholding his beloved Princess Hana. But the princess brushed him aside as if he had been a Venonat, and locked herself into the nearest room, which she would not open despite his pleas." May goes on "'Bring me the three things I lost on the way, and perhaps I may think about it,' was all she would say. And, in despair, the king was driven to ask Jody what to do."

              "There is no remedy that I can see, except for you, who know where they are, to go and bring them back, or else." Brock intones as the king.

              "Poor Jody was troubled at these words. He thought that he had done all that was required of him, and that his life was safe. However, he bowed low, and went out to consult his friend the Ponyta." May narrates.

              "Don't worry"' Misty assures the audience as the Ponyta, "Come on, and we will go and look for the things."

              "They rode on till they came to the Durant hill, and then the Ponyta said..." May narrates.

              "Call the ants with the song 'Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo...', and they will find the Cornn for you. If some of it has been scattered by the wind, to bring in its stead the grains that were in the cakes you gave them." Misty suggests as the Ponyta

              "Jody listened in surprise. He didn't believe in the Ponyta's plan; but he could not think of anything better, so he sang...." May narrates.

              Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo... Ash sings as Jody.

              "When the Durants asked what he needed, Jody asked them to collect the Cornn as fast as they could."May continues. "A few minutes later, there was a little mountain of Cornn at his feet, which he put into his saddlebag. Then they rode to the forest. When they arrived at the tree, they saw the hanky fluttering like a flag from the topmost branch, and Jody's spirits sank again--he was not very good at climbing trees."

              "Do not be frightened; sing 'Karuto, iichiida shou....' to summon the Braviary you set free from the net, he will bring it to you." Misty explains as the Ponyta.

              Karuto, iichiida shou... Ash sings as Jody.

              "...and the Braviary flew to the top of the tree and brought back the hanky in its beak. Jody thanked him, and they rode on to the river." May continues. "A great deal of rain had fallen that night, and the river, instead of being clear as it was before, was dark and foreboding. On top of that, how was Jody going to find the ring when he did not know where it was dropped, and couldn't even see it?"

              Misty quiets the concerned murmurs as the Ponyta. "Don't worry, sing 'Rou iitsa ron selga vichii' to summon the little Goldeen you saved, and she will bring it to you."

              Rou iitsa ron selga vichii...... Ash sings as Jody.

              "...and the Goldeen dove to the bottom and slipped behind big rocks, and moved little ones with her tail till she found the ring, and brought it to Jody." May continues. "Well pleased with all he had done, Jody returned to the palace; but when the king took the precious objects to Princess Hana, she told him that she would never open her door till the bandit who had carried her off had been fried in oil."

              Gasps go up at the turn of events. "While the oil was being heated in the great cauldron, Jody went to the stables to ask his friend the Ponyta if there was any way for him to escape." May continues.

              "Do not be frightened," Misty assures the crowd as the Ponyta. "Get on my back, and I will gallop till my whole body is soaked in sweat, then lay your hands on my fur and sing 'Leishu shun ji, lei si' to absorb it. No matter how hot the oil may be, you will never feel it."

              "Jody did not ask any more questions, but did as the Ponyta told him; and everyone wondered at his cheerful face as they lowered him into the cauldron of boiling oil." May continues. "He was left there till Hana figured he was cooked enough. Imagine her shock when she saw Jody was just fine!"

              Laughter goes up at Princess Hana's likely reaction. "As for the old king, he saw that the game was up; and in despair he flung himself into the cauldron, and was fried in Jody's place." May continues. "Jody was proclaimed king, on condition that he took Princess Hana in marriage, which he promised to do the next day. But first he went to the stables and sought out the Ponyta, and said to her..."

              "It is to you that I owe my life and my crown. Why have you done all this for me?" Ash asks as Jody.

              "It was only then that the Ponyta revealed herself as the spirit of the unhappy woman he had spent his fortune for before!" May announces. "When she had saw him in danger of death she was compelled to help him in return."

              She concludes with a grin "The moral of the story? Good deeds bear their own fruit!"

              Everyone applauds as May and the tale's participants take a bow...
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              Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

              Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                Tale 7: The Vespiquen (Lucas)

                (real tale: The Queen Bee)

                "Lucas, you're up..." Brock smiles as a brown haired boy gets up from his chair.

                Lucas pauses to get rid of the Beautiflies in his stomach before telling the others "The tale I'm gonna tell is simply called 'The Vespiquen'"

                With that, he begins "Once two princes went into the world in search of adventures, started living it up constantly, and gave up any thought of going home again. Their third and youngest brother, who I'm going to call Todd, decided to go look for them. When he finally found them, their taunts and jeers didn't faze Todd at all. They all continued on together until they came to an Durant hill, which the two eldest brothers wanted to set fire to, but Todd told them to leave them alone."

                "Hm..." Ash contemplates what happens next

                "So they went on a little farther until they came to a lake, where a number of Duckletts were swimming about." Lucas continues. "The two eldest brothers wanted to catch a few for dinner, but Todd told them to leave them alone. Then they came to a Combee hive in a tree, and there was so much honey in it that it overflowed and ran down the trunk. The two eldest brothers then wanted to make a fire beneath the tree, that the Combees might be calmed by the smoke, and then they could get at the honey...."

                "But Todd told them to leave them alone." everyone repeats with Lucas.

                Lucas grins, pleased the others have caught on to the refrain. "The three brothers eventually came to a castle where there were millions of stone Ponytas in the stables, The brothers went through all the rooms until they came to a door at the end secured with three locks, and in the middle of the door a small opening through which they could look into the room."

                "What was in there?" May asks, concerned.

                "They saw an old man sitting at a table." Lucas assures May "They called to him, but he did not hear them, but on the third time he got up, undid the locks, and came out. Without speaking a word he led them to a table loaded with food and drink. When they had eaten and drank their fill, he showed them to their rooms for the night."

                "A-and then?" Serena swallows hard, fearful for what the old man really is.

                "The next morning the old man came to the eldest brother, brought him to a table of stone, which detailed the three things that had to be done to break the spell the castle was under." Lucas explains. "First, they had to find a thousand of the princess' pearls by sundown, and if even one was missing, he would be turned to stone."

                "Cue the magic..." Brock smiles

                "So the eldest brother went out, and looked all day, but as evening approached, he had only found a hundred; and so he was turned to stone." Lucas sighs. The second brother tried the next day, but he only found two hundred pearls, and was turned into stone as well."

                "What did Todd do?" Ash asks, interested.

                "Finally, it was Todd's's turn, and he started looking in the moss; but it was a very tedious job to find the pearls." Lucas explains "Eventually he got so frustrated that he sat down on a stone and began to cry. As he was sitting there, the Durant queen arrived with five thousand Durants, and as Todd looked on in awe, the Durants had collected all the pearls and put them in a neat little heap."

                Lucas pauses to savor his friends' enthralled looks, then continues "The second challenge was to get the key of the princess's bedroom out of the lake. So when Todd came to the lake, the Duckletts he had saved came swimming up, and dove below, and brought up the key from the bottom."

                He interjects "The third challenge was the most difficult, and that was to choose the youngest and loveliest of the three princesses as they lay sleeping. All bore a perfect resemblance to each other, and only differed in what treat they had before bedtime. The eldest had a piece of sugar, the middle a little syrup, and the youngest a spoonful of honey. Now the Vespiquen of those Combess Todd had saved before arrived to help, and after tasting the lips of all three, settled on those of the one that had eaten honey, and so it was that Todd knew which one to choose. The spell was broken; and everyone was healed."

                He concludes "Todd married the youngest and loveliest princess, and eventually succeeded to the throne. But his two brothers had to put up with the two other sisters!"

                Everyone laughs and applauds as Lucas takes a shaky bow...
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                  Tale 8: Jack's Flying Ship (Misty)

                  (real tale: The Flying Ship)

                  "You're up, Misty." Brock smiles.

                  "Well, I have a Jack tale for you..." the orange haired girl grins. "It's called 'Jack's Flying Ship'

                  Once all is quiet, she begins "Once upon a time there lived an old couple who had three sons. Now, the two elder ones were pretty clever, but the third, who was named Jack, wasn't exactly the brightest star in the sky. The clever sons were very fond of their mother, gave her pretty clothes, and always had something nice to say to her; but Jack was always getting in her way, and she had no patience with him."

                  The boys chuckle in anticipation of what crazy adventures this Jack tale will entail. "Now, one day it was proclaimed in the village that the king was offering his daughter, Princess Meredith, in marriage to whoever could build a ship that could fly." Misty explains. "The two elder brothers jumped at the chance to try their luck, and asked their parents' blessing. So the old mother gave them some nice clothes, and gave them some supplies for their journey, not forgetting to add a bottle of wine. When they had left, Jack began to ask his mother to let him try his luck too."

                  "What would become of a dolt like you?" she gasps as the mother. "Why, you would be eaten up by Mightyenas!"

                  Ash just turns his cap back, then replies as Jack "I will go, I will go, I will go!"

                  "Seeing that she could do nothing to talk him out of it, the mother gave him a little bread and a bottle of water, and saw Jack on his way." Misty continues. "After he had gone a little ways, he met Meloetta on the road. They said hello, and Meloetta asked him where he was going."

                  "I am off to the royal court," Ash answers as Jack. "He has promised to give his daughter Princess Meredith to whoever can make a flying ship."

                  "And can you make such a ship?" Melody challenges Ash.

                  "No...." Ash hangs his head in shame.

                  "Then why in the world are you going?" Melody asks.

                  "Because I can." Ash replies as Jack.

                  "Well, if that is the case," Melody replies, "come sit down beside me--we can rest for a little and have something to eat. Why don't you give me what you've got in your bag."

                  "Now, poor Jack was ashamed to show Meloetta what was in his bag." Misty explains. "However, he figured it best not to make a fuss, so he opened his bag, and could hardly believe his eyes!"

                  Ash balks in feigned surprise as Misty continues "Instead of the hard bread, he saw two beautiful fresh rolls and some fresh meat and cheese. He happily shared them with Meloetta, and they talked and laughed for hours. When lunch was over, she told him..."

                  "Go into that forest, and stop in front of the first tree you see." Melody instructs Ash. "Bow before it, then lay your hands on it and sing 'Seios, higarima laisido'. You will then find a ship on the ground--step into it and fly to the royal palace. If you meet anyone on the way, take them with you."

                  "Jack thanked Meloetta very kindly, bade her farewell, and went on his way." Misty continues. "When he got to the first tree he stopped in front of it, did everything he had been told, and sang...."

                  Seios, higarima laisido... Ash sings the oddly beautiful gibberish song as Jack.

                  "Just then, a bright flash of light prompted him to shield his eyes, and when it was safe to look again, he saw a beautiful ship on the ground, and immediately climbed into it. Misty continues. "The ship rose and rose, and in in a few seconds was flying through the air, when Jack, who was looking out at the clouds, looked down on the ground and met many new friends on his journey. There was Kani, a girl with razor sharp hearing, Alida, who could outrun even the Legendary Beasts, Yumi, who was so skilled with a bow she could hit a target hundreds of miles away, Tabe, who had an appetite rivaling a Munchlax, Lana, who could hold immense amounts of water like a Camerupt, Silvana,who could summon heroes from the forest with her voice, and Neva, who could call down snow with her voice."

                  Brock sighs dreamily as he pictures Jack's harem, but Ash squeezes his hand as a reminder to pay attention. "Finally, the ship, with its strange crew, arrived at the royal court." Misty continues. "The king was having dinner, but when he saw the ship in the sky, he quickly dispatched one of his courtiers to find out what this huge, strange new bird could be. The courtier peered into the ship, and, seeing what it was, went back to the King and told him that it was a flying ship, and that it was manned by a few peasants."

                  "And then?" Lucas wonders.

                  "The king remembered his royal oath; but he made up his mind that he would not let Princess Meredith marry a poor peasant." Misty intones. "So he thought for a moment, then got the idea to give him some impossible tasks to perform--that would get Jack out of his hair for sure!'

                  Giggles fill the air as Misty goes on "So he sent one of his courtiers to Jack, with the command to bring the king some healing water from the world's end before dinner was over. However, he didn't know that Kani heard everything he had said, and had already told Jack.

                  "Alas, alas!" Ash strikes a melodramatic pose, much to the group's delight. "What am I gonna do now? It would take me a year, no, my whole life, to find the water."

                  "Alida was quick to assure him that she would get what the King wanted." Misty narrates. "Just then, the courtier arrived, bearing the king's command."

                  "Tell His Majesty," Ash explains as Jack, "that his orders will be obeyed to the letter."

                  "With that, Alida raced off in the blink of an eye, and in less than no time had reached the world's end and drawn the healing water from the well." Misty continues. "But running all that way was pretty tiring! She decided to rest for a few minutes, and in a few seconds had fallen fast asleep. Meanwhile, all the ship's crew were anxiously awaiting Alida's return; and the dessert course was about to be served. So Kani listened, and heard Alida snoring!"

                  The boys laugh at this. "At this Yumi took her bow, took aim, and fired an arrow with a note saying 'Wake up, will ya?' in the direction of the world's end, in order to wake Alida up." Misty continues. "Alida returned a few seconds later, and, stepping on board the ship, handed the healing water to Jack. So while the king was still sitting at the table finishing a slice of Nanab cream pie news was brought to him that his orders had been obeyed to the letter."

                  "So what did the king do next?" Melody smiles.

                  "He wasted no time in thinking up another impossible task." Misty replies. "So he told another courtier to go to Jack with the command that he and his comrades were to eat a total of twelve Tauros and twelve tons of bread between them. Kani overheard the king's words while he was still talking to the courtier, and reported them to Jack.

                  "Alas, alas!" Ash sighs as Jack; "what in the world shall I do? Why, it would take us a year, possibly our whole lives, to eat twelve Tauros and twelve tons of bread."

                  "But that was quite the easy task for Tabe." Misty assures Ash. "So when the courtier arrived with the royal message he was told to tell the king that his orders would be obeyed. Then twelve roasted Tauros and twelve tons of bread were brought on board ship, and Tabe easily polished it off like it was a snack--and she was eager for more!"

                  Ash's laughter is the loudest at this. "Next, the king ordered that forty barrels of wine, containing forty gallons each, were to be drank between Jack and his party." Misty continues.

                  '"Lana easily finished that off, right?" Brock grins.

                  "That, and she wasn't tipsy in the least--it was only like a single glass of wine to her." Misty smiles. "Then the king sent an order to Jack that he was to have a bath, in one of the palace bathrooms, and then he would consider letting Jack marry Princess Meredith. The bathroom in question was made out of iron, and the king ordered that it be heated so hot that Jack would burn to a crisp. So when Jack entered the room, he discovered that the iron walls were ruby red hot."

                  Gasps fill the air, but Misty assures the group "Luckily, Neva had gone in behind him, and when the door was closed behind them, she sang Furiya, shuru shamato... and suddenly the red hot walls cooled down. However, it became so very cold that Jack could scarcely bear to take a bath, and all the water in the room froze. So Jack climbed up on the stove, and, wrapping himself up in his towels, lay there the whole night. In the morning when they opened the door there he lay safe and sound, singing cheerfully to himself."

                  Brock's laughter is the hardest as the group pictures the court's reaction. "Now when this strange tale was told to the king he became quite sad, not knowing what to do to get rid of so undesirable a son-in-law, when suddenly a brilliant idea occurred to him--surely Jack couldn't raise an army right then and there, could he?"

                  "Kani had overheard the king's command and told Jack right then." Ash fills in the blank without being prompted.

                  Misty nods, pleased Ash is paying attention. "Jack agreed to the proposal, but warned the courtier that if, after that, the king refused to accept him as his son-in-law, he would wage war against him, and carry Princess Meredith off by force."

                  She continues "During the night, Jack and Silvana went together into a huge field. Once they were in the very middle, Silvana sang Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo...--and in a moment a mighty army stood upon the spot, regiment upon regiment of swordsmen and knights; the trumpets sounded and the drums rolled, the Rapidashes neighed, and the dragoons put their lances at rest, the archers nocked their bows, and the mages readied their strongest spells."

                  "I bet the king panicked..." Serena grins.

                  "In the morning, when the king woke up, he was startled by the trumpets and the drums, and the clatter of the Rapidashes, and the war cries of the soldiers." Misty replies. "When he came to the window, he saw the lances gleam in the sunlight and the armor and weapons glitter. And the proud king said to himself, 'I am powerless in comparison with this man.' So he sent him royal robes and glittering jewels, and commanded him to come to the palace to be married to Princess Meredith. Jack put on the royal robes, and he looked so grand and stately that it was impossible to recognize him. In fact, Princess Meredith fell madly in love with him as soon as she saw him."

                  She concludes "Never before had so grand a wedding been seen, and there was so much food and wine that even Tabe and Lana had enough to eat and drink."

                  "Aw"s and applause fill the air at the story ends...
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                    Tale 9: The Dragon King, part 1 (Blair)

                    (real tale: King Lindorm)

                    As the applause from Misty's tale dies down, a deep brown haired boy gets up to share his tale. "This is called 'The Dragon King'" he explains.

                    "Go ahead, Blair." the girl next to him coaxes

                    Once all is quiet, Blair begins. "There once lived a king and a queen who ruled over a very great kingdom. They were rich, and lived happily with each other; but, as the years went by, the king's heart grew heavy, because the queen had no children. She also felt bad over it, because, although the king said nothing to her about it, she could see that it troubled him that they had no heir to the kingdom; and she wished every day that she might have one."

                    "Aw"s fill the room as Blair continues "One day a poor woman came to the castle and asked to speak with the queen. The royal servants initially thought her unfit to see their royal mistress. They offered her a gold piece, and told her be on her way. Then the woman told them to tell the queen that there stood at the palace gate one who could help with her secret sorrow. This message was taken to the queen, who gave orders to bring the woman to her. This was done, and the woman said to her..."

                    "I know your secret sorrow, my queen, and have come to help you." Misty fills in the woman's dialogue. "You wish to have a child; you will have two if you follow my instructions."

                    "The queen was greatly surprised that the woman knew her secret wish so well, and promised to follow her advice." Blair narrates

                    'You must have a bath prepared with hot water. When you have bathed and the water is drained, you will find two berries. These you must carefully peel and eat, and in time your wish will be fulfilled." Misty instructs as the woman.

                    "The queen did as the poor woman told her; and after she had bathed she found the two berries in the tub, the same in size and appearance. When she saw these she knew that the woman had been something more than she seemed to be, and in her delight she ate up one of the berries, skin and all." Blair intones. "Then she remembered that the woman had told her to peel them carefully before she ate them. It was now too late for the one of them, but she peeled the other and then ate it too."

                    "Uh oh..." Ash swallows hard at what will happen because the instructions were not followed completely.

                    "Everything happened as the woman had said; but first, the queen gave birth to a hideous Hydreigon." Blair intones. "No one saw it but her maid, who threw it out of the window into the forest beside the castle. The next that came into the world was the most beautiful little boy, and he was shown to the king and queen, who knew nothing about his brother the Hydreigon."

                    He then continues "There was great joy in all the palace and over the whole kingdom on account of the beautiful prince--who was named Devon; but no one knew that the queen's first born--we'll call him Kanan--was a Hydreigon, and lurked in the wild forest. Time passed with the king, the queen, and the young prince in all happiness and prosperity, until he was twenty years old."

                    "What happened then?" Brock is intrigued.

                    "His parents said to him that he should journey to another kingdom and seek for himself a bride, for they were beginning to grow old, and wanted to see their son married before they joined Arceus in the heavens." Blair explains "Prince Devon agreed, had his Ponytas harnessed to his gilded coach, and set out in search of a bride. But when he came to the first fork in the road, there was a huge and terrible Hydreigon sprawled across the road, so that his Ponytas screeched to a halt."

                    "Where are you going?" Brock intones in a deep and gentle voice--one of his go to "dragon" voices.

                    "That does not concern you," Ash retorts as Prince Devon. "I am the prince, and can go where I please.:

                    "Turn back," Brock cautions as the Hydreigon. "I know your quest, but you will get no bride until I have a mate of my own."

                    "Prince Devon returned, and told the king and the queen what he had met at the fork; but they thought that he should try again the next day." Blair continues. "But on the second and a third day, Prince Devon got no further than the fork--the Hydreigon always demanded a mate of his own."

                    "So what did Their Majesties do?" Serena wonders.

                    "When the king and queen heard this for the third time they could think of no better plan than to invite the Hydreigon to the palace, and they would find him a mate." Blair goes on. "They thought that a Hydreigon would be quite well satisfied with anyone that they might give him, and so they would get some servant girl to marry the monster. The Hydreigon Kanan came to the palace and received a bride of this type, but in the morning she lay torn in pieces. So it happened every time that the king and queen compelled any woman to be his bride."

                    Dawn swallows hard as Blair intones "Word of this soon spread all over the kingdom. Now it happened that there was a man who had married a second time, and his wife heard of the Hydreigon with great delight. Her husband had a daughter by his first wife who was more beautiful than all other maidens, and so gentle and good that she won the heart of all who knew her--we'll call her Rica. His second wife, however, had a grown-up daughter of her own, who by herself would have been ugly and disagreeable enough, but beside her good and beautiful stepsister seemed still more ugly and wicked, so that all were repulsed by her presence--we'll call her Corvina."

                    Brock nods in approval of the names. "The stepmother had long been annoyed that her husband's daughter was so much more beautiful than her own, and in her heart she conceived a bitter hatred for her stepdaughter." Blair continues. "When she heard that there was in the king's palace a Hydreigon which tore in pieces all the women that were married to him, and demanded a beautiful maiden for his bride, she went to the king, and said that her stepdaughter Rica wished to wed the Hydreigon, so that the country's only prince might travel and seek a bride. At this the king was greatly delighted, and gave orders for the young girl to be brought to the palace."

                    "And then?" Ash is worried now.

                    "When the messengers came, she was terribly frightened, for she knew that it was her wicked stepmother trying to kill her." Blair goes on. "She pleaded that she might be allowed to spend another night in her father's house. This was granted to her, and she went to her mother's grave. There she vented about her hard fate in being given over to the Hydreigon, and earnestly prayed to Arceus for counsel. How long she lay there by the grave and cried, I don't know, but she fell asleep there. "

                    Blair glances over at Brock, but Brock beckons him to continue. "The next morning, Rica went to walk in the fields. On the way, she found a ruby, a sapphire, and an emerald, which she carefully tucked away in her pocket."

                    "When I am in danger I must invoke the holy song of power contained in these gems." Dawn fills in Rica's dialogue.

                    "Then she went home, and went with the king's messengers." Blair continues. "When they arrived at the palace with Rica everyone pitied her fate; but she herself was very brave, and asked the queen for another bridal chamber than the one the Hydreigon had had before. She got this, and then she requested them to put a pot full of strong lye on the fire and lay down three new scrubbing brushes, just in case. The queen gave orders that everything should be done as she desired; and then Rica dressed herself in a seven layer dress, and held her wedding with the Hydreigon."

                    Nervous giggles fill the room at this. "When they were alone in the bridal chamber, Rica heard the Hydreigon mutter some words--what they were, she didn't know, and blew it off as gibberish at first. She knew that if she asked what they meant, she too would be dead like all the other maidens." Blair goes on. "But when she listened very closely, she could make out the words 'Seios, higarima laisido' Whether it was part of a prayer, a song of power, or a curse, she didn't know, but she had to find out. So she sang..."

                    Seios, higarima laisido... Dawn sings as Rica.

                    "The Hydreigon was engulfed in a flash of rainbow light, and when it faded, there stood the loveliest boy in the world--Kanan's true form." Blair explains to his cheering friends. " He thanked her for saving him from his curse, and told her that he was the king and queen's eldest son, and heir to the kingdom. Then he asked her if she would keep the promise she had made while he was still a Hydreigon, to share everything with him, and she agreed."

                    He explains "Each time that the Hydreigon had held his wedding, one of the king's retainers was sent the next morning to open the door of the bridal chamber and see whether the bride was alive. This next morning. he peeped in the door, but what he saw there surprised him so much that he shut the door in a hurry, and hurried to the king and queen, who were waiting for his report. He told them of the wonderful sight he had seen--a beautiful young man was lying asleep beside Rica.

                    The king and queen were amazed, and wondered what this could mean; but just then the woman from before was again brought in to the queen. She reminded her how she had not followed her instructions, but had eaten the first berry with all its skins, which explained why her first-born had been a Hydreigon. The maid was then summoned, and she admitted that she had thrown it out through the window into the forest. The king and queen next sent for their eldest son Kanan and his young bride. They took them both in their arms, and asked him to tell all that had happened during the twenty years he had lived in the forest as a hideous Hydreigon. Kanan told everything from start to finish, and his parents had it proclaimed over the whole kingdom that he was their eldest son, and along with his bride Rica, would inherit the country and kingdom after them."

                    Blair then notices Brock giving him the hurry signal. "Kanan and Rica had even more adventures after this, but I'll tell you about them on my next turn."
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                    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

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                      Tale 10: The Three Shining Oran Berries, part 1 (Whitlea)

                      (real tale: The Three Citrons)

                      Blair's partner, a deep brown haired girl gets up from her seats as the applause for Blair's tale quiets. "I first heard this story when I was little--it's called 'The Three Shining Oran Berries'

                      "Good luck, Whitlea." Blair whispers to the girl.

                      Whitlea just begins "Once upon a time there was an old king who had a son he loved very much--we'll call him David. One day, he called Prince David to him and said..."

                      "My son, you see that my head is white as snow." Brock fills in the king's dialogue. "Soon I shall be joining Arceus in the heavens, and you are not yet settled in life. Find a lady to love so that I can bless you before I die."

                      "Prince David did not answer, but he took the king's words to heart and pondered them." Whitlea continues. "He would gladly have done as his father wished but there was no young girl he liked."

                      "So what did he do?" Ash wonders.

                      "One day, as he was sitting in the garden wondering what to do, Mew suddenly appeared before him in the form of a young lady." Whitlea replies.

                      "Go to the top of the Glass Hill, pick the Three Shining Oran Berries, and you will find a wife in whom your heart will delight." Misty fills in Mew's dialogue.

                      "With that, she disappeared as mysteriously as she had come." Whitlea continues. "Her words went through Prince David's soul like an arrow. He resolved, come what may, to find the Glass Hill and to pick the Three Shining Oran Berries. So he told his father his plans, and the old king gave him supplies for the long journey and his blessing."

                      "What adventures did he get into?" Now Serena is interested.

                      "For a long time, Prince David wandered over high mountains and desert plains without seeing or even hearing anything of the Glass Hill and the Three Shining Oran Berries." Whitlea explains. "One day, as he was resting deom his long journey, he threw himself down in the shade of a tree. As his father's sword, which he wore at his side, clanked on the ground, twelve Murkrows began screeching from the top of the tree. Frightened by the clanking of the sword, they flew off. Prince David jumped to his feet in surprise--'Those are the first living creatures I have seen in some time. I'll go in the direction they fled,' he said to himself, 'and perhaps I'll have better luck.' So he travelled on and after three days and three nights a high castle came into view."

                      "I have a bad feeling about this..." Ash shudders.

                      "The castle was built entirely of crystal." Whitlea explains The twelve Murkrows circled above it and in front of it stood an old woman leaning on a long crystal staff. She was an ugly old witch with a hooked nose, a bristly face, and long scrawny hands. Now, normally such witches are people to run away from very fast, but sometimes, if you win her favor, she'll be nice."

                      "S-so what did she do?" Dawn is shaking in fear over the prince's fate.

                      "She looked Prince David over and shook her head at him in a friendly way." Whitlea assures the jittery group.

                      "Yi, yi, my boy, how did you get here?" Serena fills in the witch's dialogue. "Why, not even a little Fletchling or a tiny Beautifly comes here, much less a human being! You'd better run if life is dear to you, or my son, when he comes home, will eat you!"

                      "No, no, old mother, don't make me go," Ash pleads as Prince David. "I have come to you for advice about the Glass Hill and the Three Shining Oran Berries."

                      "No, I have never heard a word about the Glass Hill," Serena replies as the witch. "But wait till my son comes. He may be able to tell you something. Go hide under the bed and stay there till I tell you it's safe."

                      "The mountains rumbled, and the castle trembled, and the witch whispered to Prince David that her son, a young ogre, was coming." Whitlea continues. "As he ranted and raved, the witch's son struck the ground with his leaden club and the whole castle shook like an earthquake. Prince David was shaking like a leaf under the witch's bed, for when he peeked through the sheets he saw an ogre so huge that he figured he would reach up only to his knees. After calming her son down, the witch told Prince David it was safe to come out."

                      "I have been wandering in these mountains a long time and I can't find what I'm seeking." Ash explains as Prince David. "So I've come to you to ask whether you can tell me something about the Glass Hill and the Three Shining Oran Berries."

                      Brock whispers in a deep gentle voice "I've never heard of any Glass Hill around here. But I can tell you what to do--go on to my brother who lives in the Silver Castle and ask him. Maybe he'll be able to tell you."

                      "So at the witch's insistence, Prince David received a ruby as a good luck gift." Whitlea continues He went on and on for three days and three nights. The farther he went, the more inhospitable the conditions got. Before him stretched a wasteland as far as the eye could see.
                      Wearied with his long journey, he threw himself on the ground in exhaustion. His silver sword clanked sharply and at its sound twenty-four Murkrows circled above him, cawed in fright, and flew away. So he followed the Murkrows as fast as he could go till he came to a tall castle. It was still far away, but even at that distance it shone and flashed, since it was built of pure silver. In front of the castle stood an old woman, bent with age, and leaning on a silver staff. This was the witch's sister."

                      "Did he get help there?" May wonders.

                      "He was told to see the witch of the Golden Castle." Whitlea replies. "So Prince David received a sapphire as a gift of luck, and departed. He journeyed on from the Silver Castle three days and three nights, through dense forests and over rough mountains, not knowing where he was or which way to turn. At last, he threw himself down in the shade of a tree to rest. As the sword clanked on the ground, its silver voice rang out and a flock of thirty-six Murkrows circled over his head. He hurried off in the direction the Murkrows had taken. As he left a valley and climbed a little hill he saw before him a beautiful wide meadow in the midst of which stood the Golden Castle shining like the sun. Before the gate of the castle stood the witch's second sister, leaning on a golden staff."

                      "What did the prince learn?" Lucas asks

                      "Do you see that sparkling lump over over there?" Brock asks in character in his friendly giant being voice. "That is the Glass Hill. On that hill stands a tree. From that tree hang the Three Shining Oran Berries which you can smell from seven miles away. You will climb the Glass Hill, kneel beneath the tree, and reach up your hands. If the Berries are destined for you they will fall into your hands by their choice. If they are not destined for you, you will not be able to pick them no matter what you do. As you return, if you are hungry or thirsty, cut open one of the Berries and you will have bountiful food and drink. Go now with Arceus' blessing."

                      "So after receiving an emerald as a good luck gift, Prince David trudged quickly on the hill to dale, from dale to hill again, and never stopped till he reached the Glass Hill itself." Whitlea continues. "Then he stood still as if turned into stone. The hill was high and steep and smooth with not so much as a scratch on its surface. Over its top spread out the branches of the magic tree on which hung the Three Shining Oran Berries. Their fragrance was so powerful that Prince David almost fainted. 'Let it be as Arceus wills!' he thought to himself. 'But however the adventure is to end, now that I'm here I must at least make the attempt.'"

                      "Did he make it?" May worries

                      "So he began to claw his way up the smooth glass, but he hadn't gone very far before his foot slipped and down he went so hard that he didn't know where he was or what had happened to him till he found himself sitting on the ground."

                      "Aw"s fill the room as Brock gives Whitlea the "hurry"signal. "As to whether Prince David got the Berries, and his equally exciting journey home, I'll tell you about on my next turn." Whitlea assures the group.
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                        Tale 10: The Legend of Riordan the Spellsinger (Ethan)

                        (real tale: The Ashlad and the Beasts)

                        "Okay...only three more people before I start around the circle again..." Brock muses as he looks to see who has yet to take their turn. "Ethan, you're next"

                        A black haired boy shoos his Cyndaquil from his lap before getting up. "Lance told Lyra and I this tale as we explored Team Rocket's base in Mahogany Town." he explains. "I have chosen to adapt it as 'The Legend of Riordan the Spellsinger'"

                        With that, he begins "Once upon a time, there was a man who had an only son named Riordan, but as he was very poor, when he lay on his deathbed, he told his son he had nothing in the world but a sword, a bit of coarse linen, and a few crusts of bread to leave him."

                        "Aw"s fill the room at this. "Well, after his father joined Arceus in the heavens, Riordan decided to go out into the world to seek his fortune; so he set the sword at his side, and took the crusts and laid them in the bit of linen for food on his journey."

                        He adds as an aside "You have to understand that they lived way up on a hillside in the forest, far from any villages or towns."

                        "Oh..." Misty replies.

                        "His route took him over a high hill, and when he had got up high enough to see most of the land, he spotted an Entei, a Talonflame, and a Sandslash all fighting over a dead Ponyta." Ethan continues. "Understandably, Riordan was afraid when he saw the Entei, but the Entei asked him to figure out how best to divide the Ponyta between the three of them. So Riordan took his sword and cut the Ponyta into three even pieces as best as he could."

                        Everyone waits to hear what will happen next. "When he had finished, he explained why he had divided the Ponyta as he did." Ethan explains. "The Entei would have the most, because he is the king of the beast Pokemon; the Talonflame would have the best, because she is both beautiful and strong; and the Sandslash would have the skull, because he makes his keep digging in holes and crannies."

                        "That sounds fair..." Serena muses

                        "All three Pokemon were pleased with this arrangement; and they asked him what he would like to have for settling their dispute." Ethan continues. "Riordan was touched, but said he didn't need to be paid. But the three Pokemon insisted he receive something for his trouble, so the Entei gave him a magical ruby, invoked by the song 'Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...' The Talonflame gave him a sapphire, invoked by the song 'Karuto, iichiida shou...', and the Sandslash gave him an emerald, invoked by the song 'Seios, higarima laisido...'"

                        "Sing when he mentions those." Misty whispers to Brock. He nods to show he understands.

                        "After thanking the three Pokemon and bidding them goodbye, he threw aside his sword and bag, took the sapphire, sang..." Ethan narrates.

                        Karuto, iichiida shou.... Brock fills in the spellsong.

                        "and transformed into a Talonflame." Ethan continues "He flew a long way, till he came over a great lake. But when he had almost flown across it he got so tired he couldn't fly anymore; and as he saw a steep rock that rose out of the water, he landed there to rest. After resting in his human form for a while, he invoked the sapphire again to transform into a Talonflame...."

                        Karuto, iichiida shou.... Brock fills in the spellsong.

                        "and flew away till he came to the king's castle in the capital city." Ethan goes on. "He landed on a tree, just outside the windows of the princess' bedroom. When the princess--we'll call her Briana--saw the Talonflame, she got the idea to catch it. So she lured it to her; and as soon as the Talonflame came inside, she shut the window, and put him in a cage."

                        "That's not nice!" Ash protests.

                        "She should've used the equivalent of Poke Balls in fantasyland." Serena agrees.

                        "That night, Roirdan invoked the emerald..." Ethan narrates

                        Seios, higarima laisido... Brock fills in the spellsong on cue.

                        "...turned himself into a Sandslash, and used his powerful claws to climb out of the cage, return to his true form, and sit down by Princess Briana's bed." Ethan continues. "She was so surprised to see him there that she screamed, which woke the king up. Fearing his daughter was in danger, he raced into her room and asked what the matter was."

                        "Oh!" May fills in Princess Briana's dialogue, "there is someone here."

                        "But in all the confusion he had become a Sandshrew, climbed into the cage, and turned himself into a Talonflame, without either of them hearing the holy spellsongs of power." Ethan explains. "The king could see nothing for her to be afraid of; so he assured Princess Briana that it was just a bad dream and nothing more."

                        "Uh oh..." Dawn giggles as she anticipates what will happen next.

                        "But he was hardly out the door before it was the same story all over again." Ethan adds to some giggles. "By about the third or fourth time this happened, the king was annoyed at not getting any sleep, and told Princess Briana not to scream like that again, or else."

                        More nervous giggles fill the air. "The king's back was hardly turned before Riordan was by Princess Briana's side again. This time she did not scream, although she was so afraid she did not know what to do. So Riordan asked why she was so afraid."

                        "So why was she scared?" Misty wonders.

                        "Princess Briana explained that she was promised to a great ogre, and the very first time she came outside he was to come and take her." Ethan explains. "So when Riordan came she thought it was the ogre."

                        "I see..." Misty replies.

                        "Makes sense." Ash agrees.

                        "On top of that, every week on the fourth day, a Hydreigon in the ogre's service came, demanding nine Emboars in tribute." Ethan continues. "The king had proclaimed that the one who could free him from the Hydreigon would get half the kingdom, and if the hero was male, Princess Briana too."

                        He smiles as he sees his Cyndaquil puffing out some excited white plumes of smoke. "Riordan assured her he would do anything in his power to help; The next morning, Princess Briana went to her father the king and told him that there was a man in her room who would free him from the Hydreigon and his tribute. As soon as the king heard that, he was ecstatic, for the Hydreigon had eaten up so many Emboars as tribute that there would soon be no more left in the whole kingdom. It happened that day was the fourth day of the week, and so Riordan went to the spot where the Hydreigon demanded his weekly tribute."

                        Everyone waits to hear how the battle plays out. "The Hydreigon came right on schedule, and fire and flames flared out of his nostrils when he did not see his tribute. He flew down on Riordan as though he would eat him alive. But Riordan took the ruby and sang...

                        Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... Brock fillsin the spellsong.

                        "...turned himself into an Entei, and fought with the Hydreigon, and tore one head off him after another." Ethan goes on. "The Hydreigon was strong, and spat fire and venom. But as the fight went on he hadn't more than one head left, though that was the toughest. Riordan got that torn off too, which killed the Hydreigon. But Riordan wasn't done yet--he went and slew the ogre in the same manner."

                        He concludes "You can imagine the joy and happiness when they returned to the castle. Riordan and Princess Briana were married, and they say the celebration lasted seven whole weeks, if not more."
                        The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                        Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                        Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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