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Hello Everyone! I am looking to build a small team to help with my hacked rom. I am only looking for 1-3 people. The rom is currently set to be a recreation and modernization and of Fire Red but with a difficulty unseen in rom hacking. There will be no illegal moves, illegal item uses or crazy level jumps to accomplish this added difficulty. Please look at the "features" section to see what has/will be changed. Thank you!

My Skills:
  • Hex Editing & Disassembly
  • ASM Insertion & Debugging
  • PGE, G3T, BSP

What skills I am looking for:
  • A-Map
    - Tile Insertion
    - Map Editing
    - Basic Scripting
  • Asmagician
    - Create custom routines
  • Beta-testing


The story will not be changed during this time. I am hoping we can add content to each city in the future.

  • Level Scaling (Done)
    - Explaination
    Wild pokemon and trainers now scale. It is based off your highest level pokemon in your party. If your highest is 20, trainers will have level 21(This number changes based off certain criteria) pokemon.
  • Inverse Battles, reverses type chart effectiveness (Inserted, ready to flag trainers)
  • EV's for trainer pokemon, trainers pokemon are now ev trained (Done)
  • Natures for trainer pokemon, trainers pokemon now have natures (Done)
  • Increase AI Intelligence (Not Started)
  • The Physical / Special / Status split (Done)
    - In-game icons (Done)
  • 150 added moves with animations (Done)
    - Effects for all added moves (30ish effects left to add)
  • ORAS Learnsets (Done)
  • Modern items (Added 10 so far)
  • 50 new abilities (5 left)
  • Fairy-type and the new type chart (Done)
  • Updated Pokmon sprites (Done)
  • Updated Trainer sprites (50% Done)
  • Accurate over world sprites (Not Started)
  • DNS (Done)
  • Weather ([B]Not Started)
  • B2W2 Music (Done)
  • QOL'S
    - BW Repel (Done)
    - XY Catch XP (Done)
    - Indoor Running (Done)
    - Reusable TM's (Done)
    - Deletable HM'S (Done)

What I would like to accomplish:
  • Graphic updates
  • Increase Route, Forest and Cave sizes
  • Changed trainer pokemon sets
  • Add new rival
  • Add more content
  • Asm routines (like only allowing X amount of potions to be used in a single battle)


Copy & Paste spoiler. Pm or post in thread.


Proof of Work:
Past Experience:
Time Zone:
OPTIONAL: Notes (Any questions, concerns, opinions, etc.)