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    Oh that's very nice to know! Could you link it for me please? :)
    Sorry for replying so late and Nah man, my pc kinda malfunctioned so my hack is on pause. But i wasn't able to fix that glitch, its a bummer!
    The benefit of pointing to an existing script is that ypu don't risk forgetting something, changes to how a move ends will be more consistent, and you save space by not recompiling the same code multiple times when you can simply reuse it. In terms of function, though, no, there's no real difference.

    Yeah, Gaia can be used as a ROM base provided you credit whoever I have and the other clause is I'm too lazy to share relevant. ini files haha

    But yeah, go ahead. fwiw a lot of those items' effects are documented here on PC.
    Yeah it works just like BSP when adding new commands. I've done AI editing, just not in the version that's posted on PC.
    Whoops, sorry about that. You're not doing anything wrong. When I made the program capable of compilation, it seems like I also broke the decompilation feature. I uploaded a new file that should allow you to decompile scripts properly.
    Because the first one points to a battle script with the rest of the needed battle commands like attackcanceler and so on, whereas the second script already has some and just points to the final 'end' part of a battle script.
    The 1Dxxxx ones are existing battle scripts which you should be able to take a look at if you decompile them in Battle Script Pro. If, for example, I wanted to branch to an existing move's effect, I would select that move and decompile it in BSP and then take its offset. I hope that explains it a little.
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