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Ok, finally I don't know what to do ...

I use the last version of Pokemon Essentials, in addition to the EBS and Following Pokemon script and I definitely can't make black out after a specific battle.

I have a battle with the rival, in which I need something to happen and my opponent heals my Pokemon, I have everything programmed correctly ... But it is time to lose the fight, the black out occurs and I get home with mom. .. And then ... The event of my rival continues!!! Although it is no longer on the map !!!

I've tried it anyway and I can't make it ...

Whatever happens, it takes me home with mom, even being there at home, the event continues ... But I can't stop the BLACKOUT.

Something similar has happened to someone?? :C

Hi guys.

I am using the following main scripts in my project, with a few more add ons...:
  • Essentials V17
  • Elite Battle System
  • Following Pokemon

Yesterday I discovered that something is causing conflict so that the battle with the enemu trainer was not respecting my call "rules" to continue the event after losing the match, avoiding blackout ...

Today I try to make a battle with a wild Pokemon in which you can not run away and is not respecting the call either. It's something extremely strange, because I am making the calls just as indicate in the wiki through the conditional branch ...

pbWildBattle (PBSpecies :: SPEAROW, 2, false, false)
Is there a possibility that any of my scripts is causing conflict? Will it be the version of Pokemon Essentials?


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You'll need to set the canlose variable for the battle to keep the event progressing regardless of outcome.
the order is
You will need to make an else branch and set a self switch there too, so the event doesn't retrigger itself, though that bit of advice might just only be for regular trainers and not event trainers? Do make sure that the event doesn't activate again when you lose, that's the main point you need to remember.


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This is how i call that fight...

(It´s not a trainer, it´s an event that goes to a fight...)

and also i try with the "false"

This is my event...

I don't know what i'm doing wrong :C

Maybe is a new bug :C
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