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Team Aqua Destruction

Started by .:God:. April 12th, 2008 11:20 AM
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Pokemon Team Aqua Destruction


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Age: Age:

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Description: Description:

Personality: Personality:

History: History:

Pokemon: Pokemon:




Name: Archie

Age: 35

Region: Hoenn

Town: Lilycove City

Description: Archie is a about 6’02” and always wears a blue toque with a white Pokeball on it. His eyebrows are a dark brown color, while his eyes are light blue. His beard is very full, and turns into little crusties. His beard is grey. He wears a distinctive white necklace, while also wearing his dark blue vest, which also has a white Pokeball on it. His pants are dark grey, and he wears black shoes.

Personality: He is VERY aggressive. He will not ever be an outgoing person… consider him evil. He would never do anything for anyone, and his docility is always hid inside. He releases much of his anger during battle.

History: Archie always loved the water. He grew up in Lilycove, always swimming with the Wailmer. He had a lot of fun, until some land-lovers moved in. They started getting rid of the water, and they very evily didn’t care what anyone else said. Archie was very sad. He found out their name, Team Magma, and took on their leader, Maxie, with his 4 Wailmers, a Goldeen, and a Seaking. His pokemon lost, and were stolen. Archie was furious. He wanted his water Pokemon back, and he wanted his love of water to be fulfilled, so he invented a Team called Team Water. Eventually, many aquatic fans joined, and later became an evil team- Team Aqua.


Name: Mightyena
Species: Mightyena
Boy or Girl: Boy
Personality: Low Key, docile, and very aggressive. Releases much anger in battle, just like Archie. He is a loyal companion to Archie.
Obtained: His first real Pokemon, Archie and his Poochyena were always playful. One day, Poochyena was stolen by Team Magma, and was used by Maxie in a battle. Archie won, and won back his Poochyena. Poochyena was quiet from then on out. He evolved while in a battle against a pack of fire Pokemon including Growlithe and Numel.
Moves (Up to 10): Sucker Punch, Sand-Attack, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Poison Fang, Astonish, Rock Smash, Rest, Rain Dance

Name: Crobat
Species: Crobat
Boy of Girl: Boy
Personality: Playful, fun to be around. He is always flying around and is not very powerful during intense battles.
Obtained: After defeating the pack of fire Pokemon, a lone Zubat was perched on a cliff. It looked lonely, but fun to be around, so Archie caught it. It was always fun, and evolved to Golbat while trying to rescue his Caravahna (below). It evolved to Crobat after battling against a Steelix sent out by Team Magma.
Moves: Air Slash, Haze, Poison Fang, Mean Look, Confuse Ray, Bite, Leech Life, Zen Headbutt, Curse

Name: Sharpedo
Species: Sharpedo
Boy or Girl: Boy
Personality: Calm, very much like a normal Gardevoir would be. Unlike normal Sharpedo, it uses thoughts and wits instead of power and stupidity.
Obtained: When he though Team Magma was done for good, Archie went surfing on the shore of Lilycove, when something scary- almost exactly like a piranha- jumped out of the water. It looked cool, and Archie wanted to catch it. He did, and it evolved when he was out of Pokemon against Maxie.
Moves: Night Slash, Skull Bash, Agility, Aqua Jet, Ice Fang, Ancientpower, Rock Smash, Poison Jab, Rest, Earthquake

Job: Commander

Rank: Commander/Boss

Thank you so much Super~Sonic!
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