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This story was my submission to Get-Together 2019's Small Writing Contest. This year's prompt was “mystery”, which I decided to incorporate in a horror story. Entry you see here is the exact same as the one I sent in. I hope you enjoy it!

by Janp

Oliver stood in front of the old abandoned house in the middle of the street. He couldn't miss it. It's the only house that is made out of wood on this street full of modern houses with smart doors, smart kitchens, smart televisions and stupid people. And probably more importantly, this house wasn't there yesterday. It just appeared out of nowhere on this land. There was a house under construction, but that was one of those modern houses with smart doors, smart kitchens, smart televisions and stupid people.

Oliver himself lives in one of those houses, only few streets from this one and was going around the construction site for the last year to get to school.

The old house (more ruin than house) had two floors, making it almost as tall as the other houses. There was weird red light coming from the upper floors, which caught Oliver's attention in the first place.

The light shined through the broken windows and projected spooky shadows on the street. It looked like dancing shadows want to catch Oliver, but each time they got near, they transform into something new. Shadows started as two - headed something with many, many arms, which then transformed into tentacles, only for them to disappear and be replaced by the third head with long neck.

Oliver didn't pay attention to the shadows. His eyes were locked on the window in the top right corner. Pair of the golden eyes were watching him. The darkness around them covered whatever it was watching him. But he was sure it wasn't anything friendly.

He did one step forward the house. He had no idea why is he doing it. Curiosity killed the cat, they say. Did he want to die? And if he die, will it be considered as suicide since he went there on his own will? Or will it be murder? Can they even put the pair of golden eyes and shadows to the court?

Another step. Shadows stopped moving. They were waiting on their victim's next move.

Oliver made it to the door with another step. The door were made or of have wood. They had five big scratches on this side and the top left corner was missing.

Oliver grabbed the cold rusty doorknob, opened the door and made first step in this house.

He was in the lobby. It was dark, with only light sources being the light from the street and the mysterious red light coming from upstairs. He noticed old bronze armchair sitting in the corner of the room. It was half eaten by the bugs living in there, but still stand and someone could probably rest in it, if they were really tired.

There was something sticked to it. A note. Oliver pick it up, but he had no idea what the gibberish written on it means. It wasn't any of the languages he knew. Was it even language from this world? Could this be an alien message? Is he on a alien spaceship? If so, why does it look like an old house?

Little did Oliver know that what was he holding was an ancient summoning spell. Someone long before he was alive used it in this house, back in days when it was considered modern. Someone powerful and foolish summoned something that was far more powerful and less foolish. And that something was lurking in this house, luring less powerful and more foolish beings inside. And now Oliver was its prey.

The red lighting was calling for Oliver. He heard its voice on the street and that voice was stronger now. Irresistible. It reminds him of something. Love and friendship, but there's is dark tone hidden underneath. Oliver knows about it. But he doesn't care.

He takes the old stairs, each of his step is followed by the scary creak of wood. The red light was stronger now. It was coming from the room at the other side of the house. But the floor between stairs and the source of the light was separated by a hole.

The red light changed. It was still red, but it was no longer lovely or friendly. It was now mocking Oliver. It dared him to jump. It called him a loser.
Oliver snapped out of the hypnosis or whatever he was in before. Not the red light, but the pair of golden eyes was the thing he went in for. He had no idea why, it just seems like the right thing to do. Could he be influenced by this red light from the start? But if it wanted him here, why does its behavior changed?

He moved to the edge of the hole. He could see a dining table in the room beneath him. Five chairs were all over the place, some missing leg or two. There was no kitchen equipment visible from this angle, but the shadows moved here, like they were stalking him. They had a form of the cat with two snakes as head and long claws instead paws. One of the golden eyes were looking at him from the shadows. It closed itself and instantly opened on different shadow.

Oliver was freaked out by this. No longer in transe that brought him here, he started feeling fear. Why was he here? What stupid idea was that? He had to get out of here!

He quickly made it part the stairs back down. The red lights changed their tone once again. They were sorry this time. They didn't want Oliver to leave them. They loved him.

Oliver run to the exit, ignoring them. He run past the writing on the wall in the same language as the one on the note. But this now told the story of someone really powerful and maybe a little bit foolish creating something. This something just climbed out of the hole in the kitchen and followed Oliver to the lobby. It had no form and was everything at the same time. It opened several of its eyes, all looking at Oliver. All of them golden. All of them hypnotizing.

Oliver sprinted to the door, but they were not here. Shadows, now in the form of demonic owls, formed a wall covering exit.

Oliver jumped right through them and tried to find the doorknob. It wasn't there. Shadows took it. He turned and faced hundreds of golden eyes. They were shining in the dark formless mass. Oliver saw something that could be head, body and several arms or claws. But then the head turned into body, body disappeared and arms were eyeless heads now. Claws fused into one big beak. It was really Something. Nothing and everything at the same time. Grave enemy and unfailing friend. The Ying and Yang. But now, Something was pure evil. The sinister hunter. Hungry and willing to do everything to get its prey.

Something launched its beak towards Oliver. It transformed into several small tentacles, which all caught him. His sight went black. Oliver started panicking. He couldn’t move. Something tighten the grip. Now he couldn’t even breath. He closed his eyes, expecting the worse. Something absorbed him.

And then the house fell back in silence. Shadows were running all over the place, playing in the street light that got in the house, Something returned to the room in the upper floor it claimed for its own and the red light was now singing a sad song as another victim fell to its captor.

Little did it know that the victim was lucky. The note that Oliver found earlier wasn’t just a summoning spell. There was another spell written in hurry on the other side. Written not by the same person as the summoning spell, but having the same or even bigger power, this spell was meant to protect whoever was holding the note from Something. Its creator finished it at the moment of their death and the note, digested by Something several times, was waiting for someone to pick it for centuries.

The note shined in the bright purple light. The energy from the spell created an orb around the paper. It grew exponentially fast, slowly tearing Something. It tried to fight it. It tried to expand itself, but the spell was stronger.

Oliver fell on the ground. He saw hundreds of golden eyes all over the room, swimming in the darkness, as his sight returned. They all looked at him. The note, now powerless again slowly dropped on the ground. Parts of the darkness formed into all kind of shapes, fusing together to return to its previous form of Something. Tentacles, claws, beaks, heads and hands were all over the place.

Oliver did not waste any more time and quickly made his way to the window, since the door was blocked by those horrors. Something, now divided into several small creatures, launched against him, but it was too slow. Oliver jumped out of the window, breaking the rest of the glass in it, just as one of the tentacles touched his foot.

Oliver landed on the ground and turned to protect himself from Something. But it wasn’t there. He was looking at the almost build modern house with smart doors, smart kitchens, smart televisions and stupid people. The old house was gone. What just happened? What was that? A dream? Why did he go inside in the first place? Those were the questions running through his head, while he was sitting on the street in front of the place where the old house appeared and disappeared in the matter of hours.

And while was he sitting there, on the other side of the world Laurel was standing in front of the old abandoned house that appeared only few houses from her own house on an empty plot. She was sure it wasn’t there earlier today, but that was the least thing that was interesting about it. There was weird red light coming from the upper floors. She noticed a hole in the top right corner. It looked pretty fresh. Maybe there was window before? Pair of the golden eyes lighted up in that hole.

Laurel slowly walked to the house and opened the door, determined to figure out what’s the deal with this house.