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Theory Multiple Mewtwo Theory

Started by Dark_Fire_Soldier September 2nd, 2015 4:53 PM
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Posted April 11th, 2017
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So, I only just now saw the Genesect movie (yes, I am very far behind, thank you for noticing), and there were a few things about the Mewtwo in it that I want to discuss. I say they are different Mewtwo, simply because the origin stories are so different. And other reasons, but I'll go into those later.

The original Mewtwo from Mewtwo Strikes Back is shown as being created, then promptly getting angry and destroying the lab. Then Giovanni comes and "trains" Mewtwo to use its power, and Mewtwo describes the armor that Giovanni puts him in as suppressing its powers. Giovanni said they weren't being suppressed, but hey, he's a dirty liar (as shown by the offer to be partners with Mewtwo). That Mewtwo, even in the armor that I believe really did suppress his power, at least somewhat, was shown to be completely untouchable by any other Pokemon. He defeats tons of other Pokemon with what seemed to be no effort. He later destroys Giovanni's lab and all that stuff out there and goes to an island, where he plans on taking over the world and destroying all humans.

The Genesect Mewtwo is shown to be created in a similar fashion, but its creators clearing had time to run some serious tests on it. It is shown being tortured and abused. Eventually, it destroys the lab and flees, but not necessarily out of anger. Given what was going on, I'd say that the Genesect Mewtwo escaped just to get away from all the pain and torture it had been abusing. It then, injured, flees into the wilderness and finds a cave of Pokemon. A lightning strike knocks it down, and the other Pokemon heal it.

So, those are the big differences in origin stories. I will now address the topic of personality. The original Mewtwo was very angry. It destroyed everything out of rage, because it had no purpose. Genesect Mewtwo doesn't seem particularly angry. It has serious trust issues with humans, and really doesn't like them, but it seems a bit more... calm, I guess is a good word for it. Original Mewtwo was also obsessed with finding out its purpose in life, and that seemed to be a large contribution to its motivation. It denied the destiny that Giovanni gave it, and instead created its own destiny. A somewhat genocidal destiny, true, but one nonetheless. Genesect Mewtwo didn't feel like it belonged anywhere, and it very much wanted to belong, but it didn't seem obsessed with its purpose in life. It found a home with the wild Pokemon, and that alone was enough for it. Also, original Mewtwo didn't have such a huge problem with humans by the end of Mewtwo Returns, but Genesect Mewtwo did. And, lastly (for this section), Genesect Mewtwo didn't want to fight the Genesect, and had a huge desire to protect the other Pokemon. Original Mewtwo only really cared about its clones. It even said that the trainers' Pokemon were corrupted and impure (or something to that effect). Original Mewtwo was also rather hostile, and very violent. It clearly had no qualms about beating other Pokemon.

Lastly, I want to discuss powers. Yes, Genesect Mewtwo can Mega Evolve. Without a trainer or a stone, which is very impressive. But, aside from that, its powers seemed weaker than original Mewtwo's. As mentioned above, original Mewtwo was able to easily defeat tons of other Pokemon. The only sign of taking damage that it showed was from Mew's attack, and only because (in my opinion) it wasn't expecting it. Afterwards, Mew and Mewtwo fought on relatively equal ground, with neither really taking any serious damage. Original Mewtwo was also able to easily tank a Flamethrower attack from Ash's very powerful Charizard, whereas Genesect Mewtwo got knocked around a bit by the red Genesect, even in its Mega Evolved form.

Now, why are there two Mewtwo's? Good question! I believe that between the events of Mewtwo Strikes Back and Mewtwo Returns Giovanni commissioned another group of scientist to recreate Mewtwo, but with a few changes. Giovanni didn't want a Mewtwo he couldn't control; he learned how well that went with the last Mewtwo. So, he had the scientists created a more docile, more gentle Mewtwo. And one with a lot less anger. The result was a weaker Mewtwo, which Giovanni was NOT okay with! So, he had his scientists conduct a series of painful and awful tests on the new Mewtwo to either a) get it to gain powers like the original or b) to test the limits of its power. While the original Mewtwo was more powerful, they were identical in that they were the same species. Giovanni tried to get an idea of what Mewtwo's limits were so he could later go and try and capture the original Mewtwo. And to some degree, he nearly succeeded. He had machines that were built with the intent of capturing Mewtwo, as seen in Mewtwo Returns. I don't think he would have built something unless he had some way of knowing it would work. So, I imagine he got the data from the other Mewtwo, the Genesect Mewtwo, and used that data to create the machines he uses in Mewtwo Returns to capture Mewtwo. I know I wouldn't go up against the most powerful Pokemon in the world, one that had a rather violent and destructive history, with some machines that I thought might work, according to what little math I could actually perform. I don't doubt that Giovanni still had some leftover data on the original Mewtwo, but I imagine a lot of it was lost. Hence the testing on Genesect Mewtwo; they needed data to be able to create those machines. Now, we don't know how long Genesect Mewtwo was with the wild Pokemon before encountering the Genesect and Ash and the gang, but it could very easily been a number of years. In fact, I imagine it probably was quite some time, since Genesect Mewtwo learned how to Mega Evolve and push the limits of its power.

Now, I just really wanted to discuss this with someone, so here it is.

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Yeah, I like to call Genesect Mewtwo "Mewthree." For years fans have tried to imagine a Mewthree. I think there was even a rumor of glitching the game to make one evolve. Well, there it is. Genesect Mewtwo is just so different from the original, she may as well be the third mew.

I really liked the original Mewtwo, so I was pretty disappointed on how different Mewtwo was in the Genesect movie. I agree with you that this is likely a different Mewtwo, although it wouldn't be the first time a character was seemingly forgotten about only for them to show up later on as if their past appearances never happened.
But if they are different, I think it would be neat if Original Mewtwo showed up with the ability to mega evolve into Mega Mewtwo X.


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I maybe new here, but I couldn't ignore this post >_<" ... even though it's "old".

Since I love the Original Mewtwo, this "Newtwo" or "Mewthree" in the Genesect movie was quite a shock. So I do agree that there must be 2 Mewtwos and totally agree with this theory.

1. How on earth would Giovanni know as he said in the movie Mewtwo returns to Mewtwo; "Your powers has no effect on machines", if he hadn't been testing it somehow. And how would he have been able to test it, if he didn't have Mewtwo? And how he would had knew that those machines can hurt Mewtwo and be able to capture it by them?

2. In the Genesect Movie, not only that the origin stories are different, Ash seemed to reconize as he said to Mewthree; "You are...?" but the Genesect Mewtwo ignored it, as it didn't even know who this kid was. And after that, Ash suddenly didn't know this pokémon anymore. But he DID reconize Mewtwo, but not this one. Plus, the original Mewtwo knows Ash, that kid saved his life after all and he said in the end of the movie Mewtwo Returns to Ash; "I will never forget you". So he does remember Ash.

(Or at least that's what they said in the Finnish dup)

And 3. not only that their powers and natures are different, their appearances are too. Yes the animation has changed quite a bit during all these years, but they do look different.
The original one is more masculine than the Genesect one, which has a lot of femine features. Also their chest looks different.

Plus, the original Mewtwo does not need mega evolution xP he's already mega <3 But I suppose since the mega Mewtwo X is more masculine than Y, his mega evolution would be the X one.
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NO NO and NO
In the first movie mewtwo is angry AND sad. And mewtwo last gets friendly but still dont seems to Think of human. Only pokemon Like in the genesect movie. And ash IS regonicing mewtwo. AND IF "mewthree" really eksisted i dont Think it Will look precisely Like mewtwo. AND it is the same scientist that makes mewtwo in the first movie Like in genesect. And they dies in the first movie so Two mewtwos is just NOT possible.



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1. How on earth would Giovanni know as he said in the movie Mewtwo returns to Mewtwo; "Your powers has no effect on machines", if he hadn't been testing it somehow. And how would he have been able to test it, if he didn't have Mewtwo? And how he would had knew that those machines can hurt Mewtwo and be able to capture it by them?
He knew that because he used machines to suppress his powers in the first movie.

What comes to the Mewtwo in the Genesect movie, you should read this, the origin stories aren't so different after all. Otherwise your second and third point are good. I believe that there's more than one Mewtwo as well, let's not forget the shiny Mewtwo.

Btw, it's interesting to see Mewtwo's Pokédex entries in USUM.
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