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Theory What If Canada were a Pokemon Region?

Started by theLman October 21st, 2016 9:25 PM
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Posted November 30th, 2016
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So as a Canadian I have thought about Canada being a Pokemon Region... so i figured that maybe people can help me build this region. So as for which part of Canada this region would span, i'm thinking probably
it could either span all across each of the provinces or maybe just one province and have areas that pay homage to all the rest of them. If we go for a mono province, i'd say the best province to base the region off of would be Ontario. It's home to the country's capital city and it is also home to the largest city in the country, which brings me to the next topic, the central hub city of the region, its become a trend among generations, Saffron, Goldenrod, Lilycove (rse) Mauville (remakes) Jubilife, Castelia, and recently Lumious (alola's hub city is TBD) so there are two candidate's for the regions hub city, Vancover, and the most likely candidate and the largest city in Canada: Toronto. As for Legendaries: We've got the Ogopogo lake monster, Saskquatch, The Wendigo, that's all i can come up with... so, think you can build upon it?


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While the idea of Canada as a whole being a region is fun, it would have to be ridiculously condensed, and that's one of the reasons I wasn't a huge fan of Kalos. And because of the size of the country and the way the major cities are located, it would end up being a pretty linear map, as there isn't a whole lot to do up north; you'd just be travelling east to west.

I'd prefer to split it into smaller chunks, with Atlantic Canada, the Great Lakes area (including parts of the U.S.), and B.C./Yukon (and Alaska?) being my three top choices for individual regions. I'm a bit biased towards the latter being from the west coast, but B.C. alone has great diversity with water, beaches, forests, mountains, major cities, farming communities, warm and cold climates, etc. Seeing it adapted to the Pokemon world would be great!
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