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So it appears that right now, there is a distribution of Hidden Ability Oranguru and Passimian that is taking place over Pokemon Bank. These Hidden Abilities are Symbiosis and Defiant, respectively. What do you think about this? I have a feeling that Defiant Passimian is going to be really good.

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That's awesome. Nintendo hasn't forgotten those of us who are still on the 3ds.

I personally like both of the monkeys, so I am excited to have an event about them.

Though receiver can be cool, I agree that Defiant is definitely an exciting new development for Passimian. Even though Oranguru's my favorite just design-wise, his hidden ability sounds more situational, and perhaps the old telepathy with instruct combo will be the more reliable choice. But its still great news that all options are on the table now.

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I'm not sure if I want to renew my subscription of Pokémon Bank (that I haven't used for ages) for this. It's nice to get something, but I don't like the idea of spending money just to get them. I'll probably wait a while and then get them from someone here on forum.

But as VisionofMilotic said, it's good to have them released.
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