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Old January 21st, 2018 (6:48 PM). Edited February 3rd, 2018 by wolf.
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Tournament Bonanza
Hello everyone! PokeCommunity's battle server will be hosting live tournaments all day on February 10th, which will begin at 10 AM and end at midnight (GMT -5 / EST). You can use this site for converting time zones. There will be two new Random Battle formats that are themed after the New Year and Valentine's Day. We may hold side events like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe races depending on the demand.

If you win one tournament during the Tournament Bonanza, you will be granted the choice of having any one Pokemon next to your name on the user list (e.g. see PokeCommBot on the battle server).

We hope to see you there. :)
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Old January 21st, 2018 (6:57 PM).
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Im in it to win it this time


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Old January 22nd, 2018 (2:40 AM).
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Ohhh it will be on the last day of my exams. I will be there! (if I'm not out haha)
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Old January 28th, 2018 (7:52 PM).
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    I'll be there to win this time! (unless I have school work to do)

    Welcome to the rhythm of the night

    Credits to Ben for these Beautiful Templates!
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    Old January 29th, 2018 (9:18 AM).
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      Oh damn 3rd,... 4th is my exams.. still gonna try to peek in :) Its gonna be great fun :)
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      Old January 29th, 2018 (11:01 PM).
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        Oh yeah i have waited for this moment for a long time
        I am in the game!
        "Feel The Power Burning In Your Heart"
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        Old January 30th, 2018 (2:58 PM).
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        i suppose i'll join in, seems like it will be fun

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        Old January 31st, 2018 (7:04 AM).
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          I will try my best!
          My first time to join any Tournament in Lobby!

          ^ Join this Discord server (Click the image) and Let the battle begin!
          "Never Give up until everything is finished", Ash
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          Old January 31st, 2018 (11:44 AM).
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            I want to Participate in this tournament.
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            Old February 1st, 2018 (4:43 PM). Edited February 2nd, 2018 by littlebrother.
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            aw yiss. expect this peep to be there if the server is even working
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            Old February 3rd, 2018 (8:30 AM).
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            Sorry everyone, Rukario is sick and unable to restart the battle server. We're changing the date to February 10th.
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            Old March 8th, 2018 (2:14 AM).
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              I'm in.(not sure, will try to be there.)
              If you want a beta tester or some hacking advice, I am your guy!

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              And many more.....

              A small hack by me:-
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