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Question Mega Evolution Essential v17.2 + EBS v4.4.8

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Old February 19th, 2018 (7:53 AM).
raki07 raki07 is offline
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    Can someone help me with MegaEvolution in Pokemon Essential v17.2 with Elite Battle system v4.4.8 by Luka S.J? I tried follow tutorial on, but it doesn't work. YT tutorial - too doesn't work. Thank you for help and answer.
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    Old February 19th, 2018 (1:20 PM).
    Hoshidan679 Hoshidan679 is offline
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      What's wrong?
      Are you having troubles making one?
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      Old February 19th, 2018 (2:19 PM). Edited February 19th, 2018 by raki07.
      raki07 raki07 is offline
        Join Date: Apr 2016
        Posts: 32
        Well, My real problem is that I haven't option megaevolve during fight.
        Gyarados holds GYARADOSITE
        I have in my bag Mega Ring.
        Sprites are in folder, like in YT video.

        I have define items in items.txt:
        596,MEGARING,Mega Ring,Mega Rings,8,0,A mega ring.,0,0,6,

        536,GYARADOSITE,Gyaradosite,Gyaradosites,1,1000,"One of the mysterious Mega Stones. Have Gyarados hold it, and this stone will enable it to Mega Evolve in battle.",0,0,0,

        In Pokemon_MegaEvolution like in YT video:

        ###############Mega Evolution XY###############

        next 1 if isConst?(pokemon.item,PBItems,:GYARADOSITE)
        next [95,155,109,81,70,130] if pokemon.form==1
        next [[getID(PBAbilities,:MOLDBREAKER),0]] if pokemon.form==1
        next 305 if pokemon.form==1

        In PokeBattle_Battle in line 224

        Really don't know where is mistake. Primal form is working
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        Old February 19th, 2018 (4:54 PM).
        Vendily's Avatar
        Vendily Vendily is offline
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          In v17+, all Mega Forms are defined in the PBS file pokemonforms.txt.
          Here's a quick example for a mega Venusaur.
          The wiki has far more information on setting up your mega pokemon in the PBS file.
          Resources for ROM hackers has moved.

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          Old February 20th, 2018 (4:42 PM).
          raki07 raki07 is offline
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            Posts: 32
            Thank you!
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