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Interest Check Arcaea Chronicles

Started by Shadowchaos1010 August 3rd, 2016 3:29 PM
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The world of Pokémon is a large and wonderful place. Far and wide, Pokémon roam, the kings of the earth. For millennia, humans and Pokémon have lived together in harmony, playing together, working together, and battling together. Starting at the tender age of ten, people are allowed to begin journeying around the world with a Pokémon at their side. For some, their goal is to simply travel and see the world, while others seek for glory through Pokémon Contests and their regional Pokémon League. Being side by side like this helps Pokémon and their trainers grow into better individuals, the best examples being Top Coordinators and Pokémon League Champions.
Kinsei is one of the five regions in the world, with the others being Monteir, Regulus, Natura and Heiwa. However, Kinsei is where your story will unfold.

The International Human and Pokémon Health Association (IHPHA), The International Pokémon Combat and Tournament Association (IPCTA), The Regional Domestic Defense Force (RDDF), The Church of Arceus and the regional governments are all the forces that hold our world in balance.
Then there is the Hundred Eyes, the mysterious gang that has operated for several decades without being dissolved.
And the people called Philosophers, humans with the ability to use the powers of Pokémon. As well as the Legend Chaser, people who travel the world investigating legendary Pokémon to find out how they affected the ancient world.

The region of Kinsei is your playground. What will you be?

Will you be a trainer and go for the annual League Conference?

A coordinator aiming to win the Grand Festival?

An IHPHA worker working to better the lives of people and Pokémon alike?

An IPCTA worker helping getting things ready for the League Conference and Grand Festivals?

An Officer in the Kinsei Domestic Defense Force protecting the peace?

A member of the Church, spreading the word of Arceus?

A Philosopher, traveling the world to discover its secrets?

A Legend Chaser, hot on the trail of any news relating to Legendary Pokémon?

Maybe you want to turn to the dark side and ride with the Hundred Eyes.

Or perhaps be a politician.

The choice is yours.

Before going to the rules, here are the terms mentioned above for clarification:
Annual League Conference - The most anticipated event of the year for many people is the Annual League Conference, which determines the strongest person in the region. Kinsei's Conference is held during the first week of July, lasting five days. The winner of the conference has the option of taking on the Elite Four and Champion. If they do, the five battle are spread over two days, making the conference last a week total. Each one is a single elimination tournament.

Pokemon Contests/ Grand Festival - Pokémon Contests are tournaments that are very different from normal battles. People who participate in these are known as "Pokémon Coordinators". Contests are divided into the Introduction Round and and the Talent Round. During the Introduction Round, Pokémon are judged on their condition. During the Talent Round, Pokémon are judged on their ability to use moves with flair to impress the judge. Contests are split into Cool, Cute, Beautiful, Tough and Smart. Coordinators need to win any combination of five to participate in the Grand Festival. The Grand Festival is the Pokémon Contest equivalent of a League Conference.

International Human and Pokémon Health Association - The International Human and Pokémon Health Association, or IHPHA, in an international organization that handles matters related to the well being of Pokémon and humans. It mainly contributed Pokémon Centers and hospitals to society. They also investigate occurrences that could be viewed as harmful to well being, like certain Pokémon labs, in case their work could be considered inhumane.

International Pokémon Combat and Tournament Association - The International Pokémon Combat and Tournament Association, or the IPCTA, is an organization that handles matters related to Pokémon combat. The fund Pokémon Gyms, the regional conferences, and contests. They set the policy that trainers should pay the victor after a battle.

Regional Domestic Defense Force - The Regional Domestic Defense Force is a regional organization that defends the people and Pokémon of each region, as well as enforce laws. They are essentially the police.

Church of Arceus - The Church of Arceus is the central religious organization in the world. Started and maintained widely by the Kraos, the Church encourages people to place their faith in Arceus and follow his ways, with the promise of entering Paradise after death. The Church is headed by both a Pope and Aura Guardian. The Aura Guardian is the Church's military leader, and handles any affairs related to war in the Pope's stead. The Church is based in the capital of Regulus, Seraphia.

The Way of One - The Way of One is a philosophy that stems from the belief that Arceus created all life. Some believed that this meant that Pokémon and humans were one and the same. People who pondered this and truly understood its meaning transcended their humanity and became capable of doing things only Pokémon could do, like use special abilities. People who follow this path are known as "Philosophers". In the eyes of the Church, Arceus intended for the power gained by Philosophers to be used only by Pokémon, and that their ambitions are against his will and that all who would go down such a path is a heretic. When Sir Aaron, an ancient Aura Guardian from Regulus, came to power some began to question whether or not a human's ability to use aura was related to the way of one.

Kraos/ Legend Chasers - The Kraos are a race of people who generally have tan skin and copper hair. People who have either one of these traits is mostly likely of Kraos descent while people with both are definitely of Kraos descent. They are among the most religious people, having founded the Church. Most Legend Chasers are also Kraos. Legend Chasers are people who travel around the world, investigating ancient texts and ruins attempting to find out about how legendary Pokémon affected society long ago.

Hundred Eyes Mafia - The Hundred Eyes are a notorious gang that operate throughout the world. Their name comes from a rumor that there are only 100 actual members, and that most work is done by hired thugs. They've operated for several decades and have avoided being snuffed out by authorities. The five leaders of the Hundred Eyes are known as the "Five Eyes of Chaos".

Kinsei Region - Kinsei is a representative democracy, and a very modern nation. It is mostly plains and valleys and full of greenery.
Here is a (not so good) drawing of the Kinsei Region to give people an idea of what it looks like:

To Explain the numbers, the numbers next to the circles coincide with the numbers in the first part of the key with the city and town names. The numbers in the boxes coincide with the Special Areas on the right. The numbers in circles next to Bs are the badges. While there are numbers there, there is no specific order. The numbers on the roads are the route numbers.

Now, onto the rules of the RP.

I would like this to be a Sandbox RP, which players having free reign in terms of what they do, as long as it makes sense. Every once and a while, I (I hope this doesn't sound crazy, but I would appreciate people who would be willing to work with me as GM to help keep everything in order. I ask that anyone interested should PM their reason for wanting to be an assistant GM and how they can help) will be directing people towards their goals occasionally, likely through updates on what day it is in context of the game so players know when they need to go to a gym, or in the form of events leading to a big heist for any and all Hundred Eyes Members.

Obtaining Pokémon

There are no restrictions on how many Pokémonone can catch. The PC System is up and running and you can switch out whenever you're at a Pokémon Center. As one can guess,you can only have six on you at a time. Since you can start wherever you want, just about all routes are open from the start. If you want to enter a certain route a GM will make a post listing all Pokémon available in the route. If one attempts to catch a Pokémon, they must end their post with the ball shaking. A GM will decide whether or not is failed. If you do fail, feel free to try again. Upon capture, you decide the Pokémon's moveset (things it can naturally learn up to that level) and nature. Trades can only be made between players, unless a GM makes an event in which an NPC offers a trade. If that is the case, the first person to make a post relating to the trade is the one who receives the Pokémon.

Moves and Evolution

Levels do not apply in this RP, so the order in which a Pokemon learns its moves are irrelevant, as long as they make sense (A Starly you just caught can't learn Brave Bird immediately). The point of evolution shall also be determined by the player, but must make sense and approved by a GM. If a Pokémon takes a long time to evolve, you should have it for a long time before it does so.

Pokémon can have a total of 6 moves, and TMs and HMs do not exist. If a Pokémon can learn it, it can do so naturally.

Trade and Happiness Evolutions do not apply, but evolutions that require items do.

I am not decided as of right now, but if Mega Evolution is present, I will make a post about it.


When a user who would like to challenge a gym leader, please PM me or an Assistant GM. I will create the leader's team for anyone who needs to beat them for their first badge or their eighth. Battles will be three on three, so each leader will have a total of 24 Pokémon. Due to this, I apologize if it takes a while to post a gym leader's team. You are only restricted from challenging them until the list is posted. You are free to do whatever else. I ask that Assistant GMs help in this process.


All players will begin with 3000 Pokédollars. You are allowed to challenge trainers whenever you want and upon victory, you win money, with the amount dependent on the number Pokémon they had and their class. A Youngster with six Pokémon would give 60, while a Lady with six would give 6000. Trainer classes will have a cool down of five battles, so you can't constantly battle Lady or Rich Boys, and the same number of Pokémon can't be used twice in a row. Items like the Amulet Coin can only be obtained in events specified by a GM. Please pay close attention to how much money you have at all times. Lists of Trainer classes and their money reward multipliers will be posted at a later date.

Communicating With Other Players

Normally, player characters would only be able to interact if they are near each other. However, every user will be given a PokéNav Plus, Xtransceiver, Pokétch, or Pokégear at the beginning of their journey. If you are in the same area as another player, you may interact with them. At any point before you both move on, you can exchange contact information. Once this happens, you can contact them whenever. Whether or not they answer your call is up to them.

Suggesting Story Ideas
Some people might have ideas for story events. I will allow players to PM a GM with their idea to see if it is approved. Your idea must:
-Relate to your faction (A Hundred Eyes Member can't suggest something related to the Domestic Defense Force)
-Be generalized (Not mention the names of any specific characters unless you are given permission)
-Be impartial (No events that clearly give you some kind of advantage or huge reward)
If your idea is approved, you will be credited when it is posted.

General Rules

-This RP is Rated T, and all posts should be appropriate for said rating. Anyone who posts something that might be considered higher than T, they will be asked to stop.
-New RPers can enter at anytime.
-Follow the general rules of Pokécommunity's RPs.
-You must be nice to fellow RPers, but your characters don't need to be.
-Unless given permission, you are only allowed to write for your character.
-I ask that all Assistant GMs notify me when they do something such as approve a story event, evolution, or make a list of Pokémon that appear on a route.

Sign Up Sheet


Age: 13 and above



Faction: If you are a Philosopher, specify what type of moves you use (fire, water, etc.) You are restricted to one type.

Appearance: Mention if they are a Kraos or of Kraos Descent and what kind of device you use (mentioned in Communicating Other Players) The devices can be any color you like.

History: Optional


Starter Pokémon: Must be a basic Pokemon

Fun Facts: Other random things you would like people to know about your characters.

As a note, I personally pronounce Arceus "Ar-see-us", but the planet's name, Arcaea is pronounced "Ar-kay-a" with the 'kay' being like 'chaos'.
I'm currently writing a story titled Pokémon Anthology. Here it is if anyone wants to check it out:

I made an RP named Arcaea Chronicles, but still waiting for character submissions. If anyone wants to check it out and see if they'd want to join, here it is:
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Posted January 21st, 2017
59 posts
4.7 Years
I'm happy to hear that, Claire. Truth be told, this RP already exists; it's in my signature. There's another character submitted, but I'm not sure whether or not the person who made him is still interested.
I'm currently writing a story titled Pokémon Anthology. Here it is if anyone wants to check it out:

I made an RP named Arcaea Chronicles, but still waiting for character submissions. If anyone wants to check it out and see if they'd want to join, here it is:
Seen June 11th, 2017
Posted January 21st, 2017
59 posts
4.7 Years
Don't worry, I am. I got a little bummed out when the RP fell under, and I'm glad you're bringing it back.
Well, I'm glad you're glad. Hopefully we'll get enough people to start the game up soon.
I'm currently writing a story titled Pokémon Anthology. Here it is if anyone wants to check it out:

I made an RP named Arcaea Chronicles, but still waiting for character submissions. If anyone wants to check it out and see if they'd want to join, here it is:
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