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Started by Sheep November 12th, 2020 11:01 AM
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Aside from watching random parts of Dragon Ball Z with my brother, yes Pokemon was my first anime.
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Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh. Because they were both on in a block with Power Rangers and as a kid I didn't need an alarm clock, I just got excited before bed and woke up on time! Obviously watched loads of other cartoons, none religiously until I got a decent broadband connection and binged Pokémon up to the end of the Sinnoh series (before "binge" referred to TV haha). X-Men, Batman, Yvon of the Yukon, Transformers...all the classic kids' stuff. Saw a bit of Ghibli, but the only ones I ever watched through (and only ones I've ever revisited) are Castle of Cagliostro and Porco Rosso.


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I’m fairly certain I had seen something like Astro Boy as my first anime, since I had cousins that were kids in the mid 80s when it came out in the US. But watching an episode or two hardly counts as being engaged in a show’s content. Pokémon was definitely the first anime I was invested in.

Though.. I do have memories of walking to my local film rental store and renting anime as a tiny child, but I’m not sure what anime it even was or whether or not those came before, during, or after Pokémon entered my life. I think my child-lizard brain just saw bright colors and went yay, lol.
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I could recall it was either beyblade or digimon, there's not much anime is shown in localized channels back then and only a handful
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I am not sure either, but I think so. I remember that I used to watch a lot of DVDs and TV cassettes that had a lot of different movies or cartoons. I remember my grandma's had a couple of pokemon anime and a pokemon movie, maybe. SO yeah that was my first anime but def not my first cartoon. The episodes were old, they were still in Kanto but I was playing Pokemon Diamond for the first time and I remember I was super confused because the gym leaders didn't mach. I was like: "wait what? but that isn't a gym leader!" lol.

Then later when I started watching cartoons on the TV, it was already Pokemon Diamond and Pearl arch but that happened like a couple of years later, maybe. In the meanwjile I started watching some other anime too, the famous ones lol. Mainly Dragon Ball tho. Some Naruto and One Piece. Ngl, those ones got me more than Pokemon. I liked the anime and watched almost all the Diamond and Pearl arch and the movies, then slowly with gen 5 anime I got a bit less interested and I stopped following it. I watched just the Unima League episodes and then the first episodes of the X and Y arch but like after 3/4 episodes I stopped again. The last episode I watched was the final episode of Ash in the Kalos League, because they created much hype about Ash winning. Idk why, but I always kinda liked the League part of the anime. However, there was a time, when I was about 12/13, (before X and Y, I think) in which I was a lot into the pokemon anime, but not the current episodes but the older ones. I had a device that could record the episode so I did that daily, because it was on while I was at school and when I came back I used to watch it. It was the Jhoto arch.

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For me, Pokémon was the first anime series I watched, then I watched Sonic X, and more!
I remember watching the early seasons of Pokémon up until Diamond and Pearl, got back into it with Black and White, and the last one I watched was Sun and Moon. I mainly watch Kanto-Hoenm, nowadays


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It was for sure one of my first anime but Toonami got me into more stuff. I watched mainly Pokemon and of course DBZ way back along with Sailor Moon.


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although I didnt know what anime was when I first watched pokemon, I consider it to be my first. But the first anime that I knew that was an anime was probably... InuYasha. Or Tenchi Muyo. Maybe Rurouni Kenshin...???? Sailor Moon????????

you see, it gets fuzzy in my mind because all of these (and many more) were being broadcasted at the same time period when I was a kid, so I cant really pinpoint the first. But I have a strong feeling that it was pokemon lol

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I don't remember the first ever anime I watched to be exact, but if I had to guess, then it was probably Pokémon. I say that because I used to refer to other anime I watched after Pokémon as "cartoons made by the creators of Pokémon" until I learned the term "anime." I just assumed that they were made by the same creator because the art style was similar. I know better now. lol

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