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Hello, fellow humans!

Repost because I posted in the wrong sub..

I try to hack Fire Red and so far the only things I can make work are basics like editing Pokemon types in PGE or YAPE, but I want to do more!


First and foremost I wanted to add a Phys/Spec split, which I did via MrDollSteak's IPS Patch but now I cant edit Fairy types in PGE (error message pops up) (already read that YAPE doesnt work with that patch). If I change the data from 17 to 11 via Hex Editor (using Cygnus FREE EDITION), I can access the Pokemon's data's page in PGE without an error message, but it fails to load any data on said page. Editing the ini was hard enough to do as the Clefairy code in MrDollSteak's readme was 254B5E, which was non-existent in the ini, instead the closest thing I could find that also featured a 17 in the code was 254B50. Which made me be able to avoid the error message, so I guess it was the right place, I just did something wrong....
I can access (both in game and via editors) all other Pokemon and moves, and everything works, including changing damage types, so it isnt like the patch didnt work or something...
What do I have to do that I missed or did I do something wrong???


How do I edit the natures of standard in game trades? I dont need more trades, so it would be enough to edit the existing trades via trade editor in PGE, but I cannot find an option to change the predefined nature of the traded Pokemon.


Sprite editing... I want to replace a few Pokemon's sprites (mostly flavour, some for more in depth things like exchanging the pokemon for another and adding mega evolutions). I actually have no idea how I would even get started. unLZ does not let me replace existing sprites with new ones, always tells me a random error about 'couldnt access file' with various reasons.

So yeah, these are my main problems right now, everything else I think I can work out on my own so far...

Any help is much appreciated! :D
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1. What exactly is that 17 you changed to 11? Because I don't understand what you're talking about here. Still, this problem with PGE not supporting Fairy type is familiar to me. Do you have the latest version of PGE installed? I know this has been an issue in older builds, but now it fully supports Fairy type. I suggest downloading the latest version of the tool from Gamer2020's GitHub.
2. Can't help it, sorry.
3. Use Wichu's Advanced Sprite Editor, I'd say it is still the best tool for inserting Pokemon sprites into the game:

A quick tip: I suggest you'd better not use Mr. DollSteak's Rombase alone. Instead use this rom base:
It is built on top of Mr. DollSteak's Rombase and has a lot more features already implemented, as well as Mega Evolutions.

The Delta is coming...
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